FFXIV: Moonfire Faire 2017

Final Fantasy XIV
Version: 4.05
Expansion: Stormblood
Status: Final.
Basic Event Information: At Lodestone

Event Duration: From Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 08:00 to Saturday, August 26, 2017 at 14:59 (GMT)



Starting NPC: Mayaru Moyaru at x11.5 y13.8 Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (closest aetheryte is The Aftcastle)
Minimum Level: 30

  1. Take the quest “The Isle and the Faire” from Mayaru. Proceed to Costa del Sol.
  2. Speak to Haermaga at x36 y31, The Isle of Endless Summer.
  3. After the cutscene, speak to P’obyano nearby.
  4. Speak to Jiriri nearby, behind the Moonfire Faire hut.
  5. Jump into the water and swim out to x37 y29 to light the Fireworks Mortar.
  6. Speak to P’obyano once more to complete the quest. Rewards: 7410 exp, 500 gil, one (1) Faire Voucher XVII
  7. Take the quest “The True Meaning of Summer” from Haermaga.
  8. Give him seven Faire Voucher XVIIs to continue the quest.
  9. Go to the islet south of the Isle of Endless Summer (x35 y34) and wait for Haermaga at the destination.
  10. Go to the northern Isle of Endless Summer (x35 y27) and inspect the destination.
  11. Use the spyglass to look at the group of ladies by the shore, and click them when their names come up on the crosshair. Do not click the men because it will result in a failure.
  12. Present the evidence of Gegeruju’s voyeurism to Haermaga.
  13. Head back to the north Isle of Endless Summer to catch Gegeruju in the act.
  14. Speak with Haermaga to complete the quest. Rewards: 7410 exp, 494 gil, Faire Joi, Faire Kohakama, Faire Zori

Other NPCs:

  • Faire Crier at Limsa Lominsa – For dialogue and information.
  • Ethelia, Faire Crier – Costa del Sol, Isle of Endless Summer. For dialogue and information.
  • Wunthyll, Moonfire Faire Vendor – Costa del Sol, Isle of Endless Summer. Event items
  • Beaudefoin – Costa del Sol, Isle of Endless Summer. Repeatable quest “You Had Me at Haddock”. You must be a Level 5+ Fisher. Reward: One Faire Voucher XVII per quest.
  • P’obyano – Costa del Sol, Isle of Endless Summer. Repeatable quest “These Fireworks Won’t Light Themselves”. You must be Level 30+. Reward: One Faire Voucher XVII per quest.
  • Hildelna- Costa del Sol, Isle of Endless Summer. Repeatable quest “Fried Fish is Best Fish”. You must be Level 30+. Reward: One Faire Voucher XVII per quest. Note: This is the quickest way to obtain many vouchers because one Battered Fish = one Faire Voucher XVII. Just craft many battered fish recipes and repeatedly accept then complete the quest. Battered Fish is a Level 5 culinarian recipe: 1 each of fire shard, water shard, haddock, popoto, olive oil and table salt.

Seasonal Event FATEs (All on the northern Isle of Endless Summer):

  • To Bait a Baiter – Help the Moonfire Faire Chaperone fend off some brutes. Gold Reward: 2 Faire vouchers
  • Adopt a Beach – Gather Unsightly Rubbish and give them to the Moonfire Faire Chaperone. Gold Reward: 2 Faire vouchers (7 Rubbish items are enough to get Gold)
  • The Summer of Ultros – Boss FATE. Just beat up the lewd Ultros. Gold Reward: 2 Faire vouchers
  • Snippers Gonna Snip – Defend crates by defeating the megalocrabs. Gold Reward: 2 Faire vouchers

Event Vendor Items





The last four items in the list are Rat Tail for 4 gil, Goby Ball for 3 gil, Pill Bug for 2 gil and Lugworm for 1 gil.


FFXIV ARR: Eternal Bond “The Twelve”

Game: Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn

Patch: 2.45 as of December 09, 2014

You know those stones with weird markings that have been around forever? It turns out that they aren’t just there for show or backstory. They’re sites to be visited during a pilgrimage for the Eternal Bond ceremony, Eorzea’s version of the marriage system.


Nophica the Matron (8, 10) Old Gridania Conjurer’s Guild


Byregot the Builder (16, 28) South Shroud Camp Tranquil


Althyk the Keeper (23, 25) South Shroud Amdapor Keep


Llymlaen the Navigator (7, 14) Limsa Lominsa Aftcastle (Anchor Yard)


Nymeia the Spinner (26, 37) Lower La Noscea Moraby Drydocks


Oschon the Wanderer (25, 18) Outer La Noscea


Nald’Thal the Dusk Trader (7, 12) Ul’dah Thaumaturge Guild (Arrzaneth Ossuary)


Rhalgr the Destroyer (19, 14) Southern Thanalan Little Ala Mhigo (2nd level)


Azeyma the Warden (23, 29) Eastern Thanalan Burning Wall (Final Prayer)

Halone the Fury (7, 31) Coerthas The Fury's Gaze

Halone the Fury (7, 31) Coerthas The Fury’s Gaze


Mephina the Lover (22, 8) Coerthas Steel Vigil


Thaliak the Scholar (18, 17) Mor Dhona Rathefrost


The Story So Far – FFXIV ARR v2.15

Game: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Conclusion drawn from Main Story quests up to “Build on the Stone”.


As of writing: Minfilia, despite having the Echo, is clueless regarding the true intentions of Ascians, particularly the white-robed one named Elidibus. The Students of Baldesion cannot be contacted due to a yet-unknown reason, thus the Scions of the Seventh Dawn cannot turn to them for advice.

What do we know about the Ascians (a.k.a Paragons)?
– Their ‘one true god’ is Zodiark.
– There are beast-like Ascians and human-like Ascians.
– They can teleport and possess mortal beings.
– They are aethereal and are thus seemingly immortal.
– Even if ‘killed’, only their host body will die; the Ascian will just possess a different body.
– They acknowledge the existence of Hydaelyn, but consider ‘Her’ a bane to their existence.
– They are the ones who taught the Beast Tribes how to summon primals.
– The summoning method which they taught to the Moogles basically turned their King to a primal.

My observations:

In the last few story quests leading to the end of v2.15, Elidibus mentioned that Ascians cannot be perceived by “unknowledgeable” ones. Although at first it may seem that only those blessed by Hydaelyn’s Echo can see them, it is apparent that Urianger also caught a glimpse of the Ascian Elidibus while Tataru was completely unaware even though she stood right beside the Ascian. Therefore, those who have much knowledge about the workings of the world as a whole (such as Urianger who delves into research and mysteries) may be able to perceived Ascians; but those with The Echo can see them more clearly. Elidibus also mentions that Ascians have the Echo, or a similar gift; and that if Minfilia develops her Echo further, she will come to understand that which the Ascians have been striving for. He then states that everything will go back to ‘how it should be’, after commenting that Hydaelyn’s power wanes.

My conclusion:

Hydaelyn and Zodiark are one and the same. They are different manifestations of “All made one”. As in all other creation myths, darkness came before light. Thus, the Ascians believe Zodiark to be the ‘original’, and His resurrection (activation) is ‘how it should be’ to them. However, I think it is merely a cycle, much like the Astral and Umbral cycle of the years and ages of Eorzea. Zodiark was ‘active’ first, then Hydaelyn became ‘active’ once Zodiark became passive. And in time, Hydaelyn will become passive, then Zodiark becomes active. However, because the Ascians think Zodiark to be the one true god (as opposed to realizing that both are the same god, or rather the manifestation of will of their universe), they strive to do things that will hasten the cycle. Disrupting the aetherial flow by summoning the primals seems to be one of the most effective methods, thus they’ve taught all the Beast Tribes how to summon their primals. Since primals exist in a different plane as Eorzea (but both are within the same ‘universe’ of Hydaelyn/Zodiark), pulling them into Eorzea will cause massive disturbances to the aether… these become cracks on Hydaelyn’s crystal, if you will, which in turn weaken her- hastening the coming of Zodiark’s activation. The Echo is afforded to both Hydaelyn’s children (such as Minfilia and the Warriors of Light), and to Zodiark’s children (the Ascians). As for the Ascians being beast-like and human-like, I think it is only the perception of non-Ascians that make them so. Since they exist beyond Eorzea’s plane, when they manifest themselves in Eorzea, it is different from how they really look like.


Hydaelyn is Zodiark, and Zodiark is Hydaelyn. Zodiark is the dark side, which existed first, served by Ascians; Hydaelyn is the light side, activated after Zodiark became dormant, is the current manifestation of the universe’s will. Ascians disturbed the flow of aether, which weakens Hydaelyn so that Zodiark will awaken and replace her.

Dragonvale: Dragon Checklist

Game: Dragonvale for Android and iOS

Wiki Link: Dragonvale at Wikia

My favorite, the rare and limited Blue Moon Dragon.

My favorite, the rare and limited Blue Moon Dragon.

It is a simulation game where the player breeds dragons. The objective is to collect dragons. It sounds simple enough, but the combination of dragon elements is a  bit tricky. To help keep track of the dragons that you have, here’s an interactive PDF file. I’ve listed the available dragons and I intend to update this file whenever new dragons are released. You can view the file in your browser or download and save it on your computer.

PDF >> Dragonvale Checklist Form << PDF

You may click and check the “Acquired” column.

You may type in the “Confirmed Pairings” column.

You may fill out the “Additional Dragons” list as well.