FFXIV 3.0 Free Company Airship – The Diadem Requirements

FFXIV A Realm Reborn

Version: 3.0

Expansion: Heavensward

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The first DIA FC airship, DIA Airlines, was completed through the joint effort of: Neuflune Mochiko, Seed Strife, D’nyamis Spiritus, Quanta Domino, Zero Rien and Jhasperr Preness of the free company Discordia @ Carbuncle.

Update Log:

July 02, 2015 – Repairing airship components, charting voyages.

July 07, 2015 – Minor notes.

July 17, 2015Information: FC Airship 2 unlocked after exploring Sector 8. Requires 3 Flight Credits.

July 21, 2015 – Added list of retrieved items per sector.  This will be continuously updated as we explore sectors.

July 21, 2015 – Recipes for Aetherial Wheel and Airship. This will be continuously updated as we unlock it.

July 29, 2015 – Materials needed for Prototypes. Completed! Thanks T’ai Winterrain!

August 05, 2015 – Rank and Airframe Capacity for outfitting airship parts

August 12, 2015 – Updated recipes in PDF; now includes Odyssey airship parts.

August 13, 2015Information: FC Airship 3 unlocked after exploring Sector 14. Requires 5 Flight Credits.

August 20, 2015 – Information: FC Airship 1 reached Rank 50. Airframe Capacity: 61

August 30, 2015 – Updated recipes in PDF; now includes Grade 3 Wheel Stand and Aetherial Wheels.

September 01, 2015 – Updated recipes in PDF; now includes Tatanora-type airship parts.

September 06, 2015 – Bulleted outfitting requirements; added Airship Stats section

September 12, 2015 – Information: FC Airship 4 unlocked after exploring Sector 18. Requires 7 Flight Credits.

November 10, 2015 – Patch 3.1 Added Workshop Prototypes/Recipes

November 21, 2015 – Added [New Items] in the lists of retrieved.

November 22, 2015 – Added The Diadem requirements.

Quick Guide to Crafting the FC airship:

Step 1: Pick the Airship list in the Fabrication Station’s Crafting Log.

Step 2: Pick an airship part that you will craft. You start at Phase 1.

Step 3: Contribute the required materials to complete the Phase.

Step 4: Move on to the next Phase. There are 3 phases for each part.

Step 5: Take the part from the Fabrication Station upon completion of Phase 3. Only then can you make another airship part.

Step 6: Go to the Flight Coordinator once you have all of the airship parts.

Step 7: Name your airship (and set other preferences).

Step 8: Start your exploration!


Basic FC Airship: Bronco-type

Items required for an Exploration:

  • Airship Parts (Hull, Sail, Forecastle, Aftcastle) for Registration (one-time, can be changed)
  • Flight Credit (10,000 FC points @ Resident Caretaker) for Registration (one-time)
  • Ceruleum Tank (100 FC points @ Resident Caretaker) for every exploration

** The Resident Caretaker is an NPC in each housing area (e.g. Dappled Stalls at Lavender Beds) **



Things to Remember:

  • The order in which you create the airship parts does not matter. You can create Hull first, or Aftcastle first, etc.
  • Phase progress is not time-constrained. If you have all of the materials for each Phase, you can continue to the next phase right away.
  • Phase 2 and 3 require a party of 4 crafters in the company workshop.
  • The party of 4 crafters do not need to be in the same free company.
  • Only the crafter party leader can initiate Progress for the airship project.
  • It is ideal to use high-quality materials because it increases the Part quality. (EDIT July 07, 2015! At the moment, the effect of HQ materials seems to be purely RNG. Use NQ or HQ, it’s up to you!)
  • Airships can be renamed.
  • Explorations are like Ventures; they last for 18 hours or so but can be recalled.
  • Better airship parts (obtained by creating Airship Prototypes) have different/better stats.

Repairing Airship Components:

  • Recipe for Airship Repair Materials are: Crystals (depends on the crafter recipe), Dark Matter Cluster (unspoiled mining nodes) and Grade 6 Dark Matter (120 gil @ Dark Matter-selling NPCs/Tool Merchants)
  • Airship Repair Materials can be crafted by any crafter (including Culinarian) as long as they have obtained the Master 1 Recipe book.


Minor rant: It’s annoying that the game keeps saying “To repair a component, access the flight control panel and select an airship, followed by Repair airship components. Please note that you cannot do so without the requisite materials.” but does not say how the materials can be obtained. Since the recipe is a Master 1 book, not all crafters will be able to see it in their recipe list even as they level up.

Charting Voyages

  • Upon reaching a higher rank, your airship can explore more areas.
  • You chart each voyage and make the airship explore different areas by clicking the names in the Voyage Details Destination list. Each destination uses up at least one Ceruleum Tank. Distant sectors may use up more tanks.
  • Note that some areas can only be explored in a certain order.
  • Also note that the Return Time changes depending on the combination of areas that you picked. Chart your voyages wisely.


Unlocking Second Airship

As of the moment, “how to unlock second airship” does not have solid information. This is mostly because each FC can unlock the second airship once, and thus cannot repeat/test procedures to find out how they unlocked it. However, based on speculation on the FFXIV forums, Reddit, and how we unlocked our second airship, I hope this information that I provide will be relevant and helpful.

Voyage finalized, Rank 22 achieved, second airship unlocked. I am absolutely sure that this option was not present when the airship was Rank 21 because I was the one who sent it out on a voyage then.

Voyage finalized, Rank 22 achieved, second airship unlocked. I am absolutely sure that this option was not present when the airship was Rank 21 because I was the one who sent it out on a voyage then.


The list of sectors that our first FC airship unlocked until it reached Rank 22. I unlocked different sectors by plotting at least two Destinations per voyage; three if the voyage details allows it. Note that Return Times vary depending on the order of the islands visited. In this example, 17+20+14 is the “optimal” combination at 38 hours and 15 minutes; 20+17+14 is a few minutes more than that, and 14+17+20 is a few hours more than that.

Our FC now has two airships: DIA 1 is an Invincible-type and DIA 2 is a Bronco-type.

Our FC now has two airships: DIA 1 is an Invincible-type and DIA 2 is a Bronco-type. Our second airship used the old parts from the first airship.

The FC activity log which states that a second airship may be registered.

The FC activity log which states that a second airship may be registered.

Items Retrieved

  • Sector 1: Bamboo Weave, Vivianite, Ferberite, Vitality Materia III, Lightning Crystal, Dexterity Materia III, Wind Crystal
  • Sector 2: Bamboo Weave, Vivianite, Gold Ore, Water Crystal, Battledance Materia III, Fire Crystal
  • Sector 3: Balsa Wood Scrap, Red Moko Grass, Earth Crystal, Ice Crystal, Craftsman’s Competence Materia III, Craftsman’s Command Materia III
  • Sector 4: Balsa Wood Scrap, Red Moko Grass, Water Crystal, Gatherer’s Guile Materia III, Gatherer’s Grasp Materia III, Scarlet Sap
  • Sector 5: Empty Crystal, Savage Might Materia III, Vitality Materia III, Wind Crystal, Birch Branch, Deep-red Crystal, Lightning Crystal
  • Sector 6: Empty Crystal, Deep-green Crystal, Quicktongue Materia III, Ice Crystal, Dark Chestnut Branch, Earth Crystal
  • Sector 7: Red Clay, Deep Blue Crystal, Fine Alumen, Water Crystal, Fire Crystal, Craftsman’s Cunning Materia III
  • Sector 8: Balsa Wood Lumber, Iron Giant Core, Raw Celestine, Mind Materia III
  • Sector 9: Balsa Wood Lumber, Wind Crystal, Lightning Crystal, Raw Celestine, Toy Box Schema, Quickarm Materia III
  • Sector 10: Black Clay, Scarlet Sap, Raw Celestine, Fire Crystal, Gatherer’s Guerdon III, Water Crystal, Gatherer’s Guile III, Gatherer’s Guile III
  • Sector 11: Chemically Treated Chimera Hide, Intelligence Materia III, Synthetic Fiber, Magnanimous Mogcrown, Ice Crystal
  • Sector 12: Chemically Treated Chimera Hide, Fire Crystal, Dexterity Materia IV, Water Crystal, Synthetic Fiber, Dark Chestnut Branch, Shrub Seedling
  • Sector 13: Chemically Treated Chimera Hide, Synthetic Resin, Ferberite, Ice Crystal, Earth Crystal
  • Sector 14: Aetherochemical Fiber, Gold Ore, Cassia Log, [Oriental Grass]
  • Sector 15: Vitality Materia IV, Magnanimous Mogcrown, Platinum Ore, Cassia Log, Aetherochemical Fiber
  • Sector 16: Empty Cluster, Cassia Log, Fire Crystal, Scarlet Sap, Far Eastern Coin
  • Sector 17: Birch Branch, Craftsman’s Command III, Deep-red cluster, Craftsman’s Competence IV, Toy Box Schema, Dusk Leather
  • Sector 18:
  • Sector 19: Deep-blue Cluster, Ferberite, Piety IV, Dusk Leather
  • Sector 20: Gold Ore, Dusk Leather, Deep-red Cluster, Battledance Materia IV
  • Sector 21: Savage Might Materia IV, Quicktongue Materia IV, Platinum Ore, Deep-green Cluster, [Wind Silk]
  • Sector 22: Gatherer’s Guile Materia IV, Dusk Leather, Gatherer’s Grasp Materia IV, Deep-blue Cluster, Iron Giant Core, Gatherer’s Grasp Materia III, Cassia Log

Free Company Workshop Crafting Recipes

Partial screenshot of list of recipes

Partial screenshot of list of recipes

Download the PDF: FFXIV Wheel and Airship Recipes Sep 1

In this PDF:

  • Level 2 Aetherial Wheel Stand
  • Level 3 Aetherial Wheel Stand
  • Grade 2 Aetherial Wheels
  • Grade 3 Aetherial Wheels – Do note that not all Company Actions have Grade 3 versions.
  • Bronco-type airship parts
  • Invincible-type airship parts
  • Enterprise-type airship parts
  • Invincible II-type airship parts
  • Odyssey-type airship parts
  • Tatanora-type airship parts
Level 3 Wheel Stand with Grade 1 (green), Grade 2 (yellow) and Grade 3 (blue) wheels

Level 3 Wheel Stand with Grade 1 (green), Grade 2 (yellow) and Grade 3 (blue) wheels

Free Company Crafting Prototypes

  • Airship Projects
    • Prototype II (Invincible): Bamboo Weave x 6
    • Prototype III (Enterprise): Balsa Wood Scrap x 10, Bamboo Weave x 4
    • Prototype IV (Invincible II): Balsa Wood Lumber x 10, Bamboo Weave x 4
    • Prototype V (Odyssey): Synthetic Fiber x 14, Balsa Wood Scrap x 4
    • Prototype VI (Tatanora): Aetherochemical Fiber x 14, Balsa Wood Lumber x 4, Bamboo Weave x 4
  • Housing Projects
    • Restaurant Prototype: Red Clay x 10
    • Armor Shop Prototype: Black Clay x 10
    • Weapon Shop Prototype: Synthetic Resin x 9, Black Clay x 8
    • Patch 3.1: Moghouse Prototype: Synthetic Resin x11, Black Clay x10, Bamboo Weave x8
  • Aetherial Wheel Projects
    • Aetherial Wheel Prototype II: Empty Crystals x 6
    • Aetherial Wheel Prototype III: Empty Crystals x 6
    • Aetherial Wheel Prototype IV: Empty Crystals x 6
    • Aetherial Wheel Prototype V: Empty Cluster x 4, Synthetic Resin x 2
    • Aetherial Wheel Prototype VI: Empty Cluster x 4, Synthetic Resin x 2
    • Aetherial Wheel Prototype VII: Empty Cluster x 4, Synthetic Resin x 2
    • Wheel Stand Prototype II: Empty Cluster x 6, Synthetic Resin x 3, Red Clay x 8
    • Patch 3.1: Wheel Stand Prototype III: Empty Cluster x8, Synthetic Resin x5, Red Clay x10

Outfitting Requirements: Rank and Airframe Capacity

Airship parts can be crafted any time; however, outfitting it onto your airship must fulfill these requirements:

  • Rank depends on the current rank of your airship.
  • Airframe Capacity is the maximum “components” that your airship can be outfitted with. Each airship part has a “Components” value that counts towards this limit. For example, a complete Bronco airship (outfitted with four parts) needs an Airframe Capacity of 12 (3 components per part multiplied by 4). This value increases as your airship ranks up. Listed below are the Ranks and Components required based on their type:
    • Bronco
      • Rank: 1
      • Components: 3
      • Full-Bronco Airframe Capacity Needed: 12
      • Repair Materials Per Part: 1
    • Invincible
      • Rank: 5
      • Components: 6
      • Full-Invincible Airframe Capacity Needed: 24
      • Repair Materials Per Part: 2
    • Enterprise
      • Rank: 15
      • Components: 11
      • Full-Enterprise Airframe Capacity Needed: 44
      • Repair Materials Per Part: 3
    • Invincible II
      • Rank: 25
      • Components: 16
      • Full-Invincible II Airframe Capacity Needed: 64
      • Repair Materials Per Part: 4
    • Odyssey
      • Rank: 35
      • Components: 21
      • Full-Odyssey Airframe Capacity Needed: 84
      • Repair Materials Per Part: 5
    • Tatanora
      • Rank: 45
      • Components: 26
      • Full-Tatanora Airframe Capacity Needed: 104
      • Repair Materials Per Part: 6

Airship Parts and Stats

Airships have five stats: Surveillance (required for exploring sectors, Sectors 17 and higher require at least 90 Surveillance), Retrieval (affects loot retrieval rate), Speed (affects return time), Range (maximum travel distance), Favor (seems to affect weather conditions and loot appearance). Listed below are the stats that each airship part adds to or subtracts from. Any stat that is not listed has a value of “0”.

  • Bronco
    • Hull: Range (+80), Favor (-10)
    • Rigging: Retrieval (-10), Speed (+80), Range (-10)
    • Forecastle: Surveillance (+80), Favor (+80)
    • Aftcastle: Surveillance (-10), Retrieval (+80), Speed (-10)
    • Total Stats if Full-Bronco: Surveillance (70), Retrieval (70), Speed (70), Range (70), Favor (70)
  • Invincible
    • Hull: Range (+94), Favor (-14)
    • Rigging: Retrieval (-14), Speed (+94), Range (-14)
    • Forecastle: Surveillance (+94), Favor (+94)
    • Aftcastle: Surveillance (-14), Retrieval (+94), Speed (-14)
    • Total Stats if Full-Invincible: Surveillance (80), Retrieval (80), Speed (80), Range (80), Favor (80)
  • Enterprise
    • Hull: Range (+108), Favor (-18)
    • Rigging: Retrieval (-18), Speed (+108), Range (-18)
    • Forecastle: Surveillance (+108), Favor (+108)
    • Aftcastle: Surveillance (-18), Retrieval (+108), Speed (-18)
    • Total Stats if Full-Enterprise: Surveillance (90), Retrieval (90), Speed (90), Range (90), Favor (90)
  • Invincible II
    • Hull: Range (+122), Favor (-22)
    • Rigging: Retrieval (-22), Speed (+122), Range (-22)
    • Forecastle: Surveillance (+122), Favor (+122)
    • Aftcastle: Surveillance (-22), Retrieval (+122), Speed (-22)
    • Total Stats if Full-Invincible II: Surveillance (100), Retrieval (100), Speed (100), Range (100), Favor (100)
  • Odyssey
    • Hull: Range (+136), Favor (-26)
    • Rigging: Retrieval (-26), Speed (+136), Range (-26)
    • Forecastle: Surveillance (+136), Favor (+136)
    • Aftcastle: Surveillance (-26), Retrieval (+136), Speed (-26)
    • Total Stats if Full-Odyssey: Surveillance (110), Retrieval (110), Speed (110), Range (110), Favor (110)
  • Tatanora
    • Hull: Range (+150), Favor (-30)
    • Rigging: Retrieval (-30), Speed (+150), Range (-30)
    • Forecastle: Surveillance (+150), Favor (+150)
    • Aftcastle: Surveillance (-30), Retrieval (+150), Speed (-30)
    • Total Stats if Full-Tatanora: Surveillance (120), Retrieval (120), Speed (120), Range (120), Favor (120)

Diadem Requirements

  • All party members must be in the company workshop to engage The Diadem via FC airship.
  • All party members should have a Mission Ceruleum item in their bag. It costs 80 FC credits each.
  • Party members do not have to be in the same FC.
  • Only the party leader can make the airship “Embark”.
  1. The Diadem (Easy)
    • Airship Rank: 10
    • Surveillance: 70
    • Character Level: 60
  2. The Diadem
    • Airship Rank: 25
    • Surveillance: 80
    • Character Level: 60
  3. The Diadem (Hard)
    • Airship Rank: 50
    • Surveillance: 90
    • Character Level: 60

FFXIV 3.0: Flying Chocobos

FFXIV A Realm Reborn

Version: 3.0 Heavensward Expansion

Status: FINAL. This guide will no longer be updated.

Get the Black Chocobo (Flying Mount):

– Level Requirement: 50

– Follow the main story quests that take you to: Ishgard, Falcon’s Nest and the Sea of Clouds.

– See the list of quests below. “Divine Intervention” is the quest that rewards the Black Chocobo Whistle and Aether Compass.


Make Existing Chocobo (including Fat Chocobo) Fly:

– Follow the main scenario quests up to Tailfeather, The Dravanian Forelands. Complete “Where the Chocobos Roam” (Level 52).

– Go to the Holy Stables @ Foundation. Take and complete the quest “I Believe I Can Fly”.

Note: You must have completed all battle-chocobo related quests (such as My Little Chocobo and My Feisty Little Chocobo).

Other Requirements? I’m not sure if you need to unlock any of the Freebird achievements before you can take the “I Believe I Can Fly” quest.

PLDT and SmartBro Termination Woes

On October 2013, due to continuously terrible connection of SmartBro, I inquired about account termination. I was advised that I will have to pay for all the months until the end of my contract (which will end April 2014) so I put up with it for a few more months. I paid all of my bills (sent via email) until the end of my contract.

Come April 2014, I filed a termination request on the 8th and it was accepted by the local branch of the company. I was advised that the termination will be free of charge and if I had already paid my bill up to that point, I was to ignore any succeeding billings. A few days later, I received a call which confirmed my request for termination. I did confirm it and once again, the company’s representative advised me to IGNORE ANY AND ALL SUCCEEDING BILLINGS.

April 16, 2014 I received a bill through email which equated to a full month of the service. Because I was advised to ignore it, I did ignore it.

April 10, 2015 I received a letter via snail mail. The contents of the letter not only irked me but offended me greatly. It stated the following:


Bullshit letter from Smart Bro, signed by the OIC of their Recovery Management Division

I was offended because:

** Not once have I missed paying my bills. Even with my current ISP, I never miss my due dates and in fact have MANY ADVANCE PAYMENTS. Even if they look through my account through the years, they will not be able to find a single missed payment.

** My contract with them has ended a year ago AND THE STATUS OF MY ACCOUNT IS PERMANENTLY DISCONNECTED. And yet this letter states that I still have OBLIGATIONS.

** After the termination confirmation call, which even advised me to wait for their technical people who will retrieved their antenna and other peripherals from my residence, I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED A SINGLE CALL FROM THE COMPANY. The technicians never arrived either.

** There were no “repeated demands” via call, and THERE WAS NONE VIA EMAIL EITHER. One might think that maybe they removed me from their mail list so I never received any emails? I AM STILL IN THEIR MAILING LIST AND I PERIODICALLY RECEIVED THEIR EMAILS. And obviously, I have not blocked PLDT/Smart either:


I settled the small amount that they asked of me after a customer service representative (via the hotline) confirmed that my account was indeed PERMANENTLY DISCONNECTED, and advised me to check with the local branch. A representative at the local branch explained that the bill was “leftover” from the time between my last billing (March 2014) to the disconnection. GOOD RIDDANCE.

Do note that during the time that I applied for disconnection, I REPEATEDLY ASKED IF I STILL HAD ANYTHING TO PAY including termination fees and ANY LEFTOVER BILLING. The representatives that I spoke to at that time REPEATEDLY SAID NO and ADVISED ME TO IGNORE ANY SUCCEEDING BILLINGS.

Why were there no calls or even emails to explain what the bill is for, when they so easily called me for the termination confirmation?

Why did they claim to have made REPEATED DEMANDS when I received NONE AT ALL either via call or email within the past year (aside from the April 2014 bill, which obviously does not count as “repeated”)?


This is the kind of bullshit that made me ditch their company after two or three 24-month contracts! I can stand intermittent disconnection and derpy customer service, but when the SYSTEM ITSELF IS SHITTY, count me out! Good riddance, PLDT and SMART! And don’t ever call me up for offers again!

FFXIV Points to Remember for “The Steps of Faith”

Game: Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn

Version: 2.55 as of March 31, 2015

Duty: The Steps of Faith

Objective: Kill the wyrm Vishap before he destroys the Arc of the Worthy.

Blogger’s Note: I prefer tanking this duty to setup the kills, however the key to victory is for the DPS members to know what they are doing. Stop dying. If you DPS have aggro, take the mobs to the tanks! Don’t run around like headless chicken! Melee DPS, -please- do not take wyrm-feet to the face! Healers should also throw DPS when they can. This isn’t the time to be saying “omg we are already healing, why we gotta DPS too?!” This is a time sensitive duty and if you don’t kill that wyrm fast enough, YOU ALL FAIL.

— For tanks —

– One tank should take the left side and the other should take the right side.

– It does not matter who is “main tank”. Both tanks should be flexible and aware of the situation at all times.

– Tanks must take all adds and pull them beneath Vishap, who is slowly walking towards the Arc. This sets them up for the cannon hits.

– Whenever a Biast or Drake appears, run up to it and Provoke+Stun. It will be fixated on the cannons despite the Provoke so stun it as fast as you can, or the cannons and its user will get damaged. After a while, the aggro will go to you and you can drag it over to Vishap with the other adds.

– Wyverns use Collapse (triangle frontal AOE), just avoid it/make it face away from the rest of the party.

– Mind the “mini boss” adds that appear:

— The Horde Armored Dragon has massive AOE (Hard Stomp) that should be stunned. Don’t spam stuns on it otherwise you won’t be able to stun it during Hard Stomp! The one who stuns should preferably be a Paladin though because their stuns had low cooldowns. Don’t think “oh we’ll just kill it fast enough so stun resistance wouldn’t matter”. Unless you have monster DPS, you’ll have a hard time taking down that turtle so best stun it only when necessary and leave inflicting damage up to DOTs and cannons.

— There will be a Horde Dragon that breathes a straight line of poison (like Aiatar of Brayflox’s Longstop) , so make it face away from the rest of the party or just make it face straight forward (between Vishap’s legs) as you walk along.

Horde Transcendent (?) is like the Stone Vigil Hard final boss. It has a weird aggro pattern and may attack anyone despite the aggro bar’s info. Try to burn it down if you can, or just leave DOTs on it. Priority is still Vishap. Burn the Transcendent only if you are confident that you can take down Vishap before it reaches the Arc.

— For healers —

– Keep everyone at 80% HP or higher. There are very hard hits and DOTs that can quickly kill your party members.

– Use Succor/Medica II whenever it’s already down. Don’t worry about aggro, tanks should deal with it! That said, please do take the adds towards the tanks so as not to give them such a hard time.

– Throw DOTs at Vishap or anything else.

– DO NOT stun-spam the Armored Dragon!

— For DPS —

– The cannons should always be manned. If you can, leave DoTs on Vishap when you don’t have cannon time.

– The third cannon skill drops a slowing AOE on the ground. You can line them up close to one another as Vishap walks. It won’t slow down the wyrm but it will slow down the adds which should be positioned by your tanks beneath the wyrm.

– The second cannon skill is Lightning aspected and can paralyze/stun the adds.

– The first cannon skill is your basic AOE. Fire away whenever the other two skills are on cooldown.

– Don’t use your limit break on a single add… seriously, that was the dumbest thing that I’ve seen so far in this duty.

– DO NOT stun-spam the Armored Dragon. Use Stun only when he is using HARD STOMP which is a massive AOE. The one who stuns should preferably be a Paladin though because their stuns had low cooldowns.

SNARE MECHANISM: This should be triggered when prompted by the NPC (Lucia). Anyone can trigger it.

DRAGON KILLER: A ballista on top of the tower close to the Snares. Once Vishap is Snared, use the Dragon Killer on him. If you miss even one, there’s a bigger chance that you will fail. Preferably manned by DPS.

Ideal HP% for a “win”: Vishap should be around 50% by the time that he tries to destroy the second group of cannons.

LIMIT BREAK USAGE: Limit Break 3 should ideally be used on Vishap as soon as it is full, preferably by a melee class (Final Heaven). There maybe be enough time to change another Limit Break (LB1) as the wyrm walks so don’t shy away from using LB3. If you’re in a pitch or if there is no melee member, it may be used by a caster. Tough luck if you have 4 bards though.

FFXIV: Thorne Dynasty Map Locations – Image Heavy (END)

My server, Carbuncle, has unlocked the final quest. I will no longer update this blog post.

Game: Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn

Patch: 2.51 as of posting

Event: Little Ladies’ Day 2015

Related Quest: Digging for Dolls

Recommended Level: 40

Requirements: Able to Decipher and Dig for maps (Note: You can ask a higher-leveled friend to decipher and dig the maps for you!)

Final Quest: A Father’s Folly (Unlocked after completing the doll set on the stage)

Achievement: Welcome to the Dollhouse

Legend: Coordinates on upper part, actual map area on left side and Thorne Dynasty map on right side

Legend: Coordinates on upper part, actual map area on left side and Thorne Dynasty map on right side

– Thanalan Maps –


Eastern Thanalan near Halatali


Eastern Thanalan near the dead Goobbue


Southern Thanalan near Forgotten Springs

Central Thanalan near Gate of Nald

Central Thanalan near Gate of Nald

– Shroud Maps –


North Shroud south of Fallgourd Float


North Shroud near the Yellow Serpent Gate


South Shroud below Camp Tranquil


South Shroud near No Man’s Hovel


East Shroud near Amarissaix’s Spire


Central Shroud near Tam-tara Deepcroft

– La Noscea Maps –


Middle La Noscea near Seasong Grotto

Middle La Noscea near The Cookpot

Middle La Noscea near The Cookpot


Outer La Noscea at the Kobold Dig

Outer La Noscea south of the Floating City of Nym

Outer La Noscea south of the Floating City of Nym


Upper La Noscea near Jijiroon’s Trading Post


Western La Noscea near Swiftperch


Lower La Noscea at La Thagran Eastroad

Lower La Noscea near The Mist

Lower La Noscea near the residential area, Mist

East La Noscea near Brayflox's Longstop

Eastern La Noscea near Brayflox’s Longstop

Thorne Dynasty Doll Set (bottom to top): The First Paladins, The Twin Bows, The Three Creators, Princess Edvya and her husband.

Thorne Dynasty Doll Set (bottom to top): The First Paladins, The Twin Bows, The Three Creators, Princess Edvya and her husband.

FFXIV: Quick Guide to [ The World of Darkness ] Bosses

Edit April 25, 2015: Doing a quick edit because people keep posting “y ur info incomplete/inaccurate?!” comments on this. This was a [quick guide] created right in the week that [the duty was first released]. Look at the last content edit [ JANUARY 26 2015]. I don’t know how to put it any other way but it seems that some people don’t really read things through before spouting crap. As such, I will be closing comments on this.



Game: FFXIV A Realm Reborn

Patch: 2.5

Important Note: I just finished this duty and I’d like to quickly write what our Alliances did to clear the bosses. I may miss out on some details but the important points will be here. Edited Jan 26 2015 : Added more info.

>> As I have written on my note above, this was just a quick write-up for when the duty was new. It’s the same as what I did with the Sastasha Hard duty when it was new to help fellow players out. Now that the content has been around for a while, I will no longer update this. <<

First Boss: Angra Mainyu

– Ahriman-type boss.

– Doom Debuff: When you get this, go to an illuminated circle. The circle moves you be wary of where it’s positioned. Doom will be removed. Otherwise, you die.

Red/Grey Debuff: The room occasionally becomes half-red and half-grey. If you have the red debuff, stand on the grey side of the room. If you have the grey debuff, stand on the red side of the room. Otherwise, you get massive damage/die. The debuff changes when you successfully survive it; grey will change to red, and red to grey, etc.

– Kill the Hourglass mobs. Move out of the quarter of the room wherein the “roulette” triangle stops.

Second Boss: Five-headed Dragon

– Hydra-type boss.

– Kill any adds that show up. For unattackable mobs, try to heal through it.

– Occasionally there is a fire DoT. This needs quick and strong healing. Edit: As DPS or subtank, you can stop attacking to prevent damage. It only lasts a few seconds.

– Whenever the Dragon’s heads appear (targettable as Head of Fire, Head of Poison, etc.) kill them ASAP otherwise each head will drop an AoE that may cause a wipe.

– Stay away from the fire and ice AoE on the floor. The ice AoE expands and freezes people so run away from it.

– Dragonfly: It is unkillable and its attack works like “Prey” in Sastasha HM. If the target of this mob is taking too much damage, take the Prey line from him by running past it.

Third Boss: Cerberus

– 90% HP, Cerberus will break from his chains.

– Two kinds of targets will appear: Gastric Juice and Wolfsbane. One group of people at a time, preferably an Alliance, should stand in Gastric Juice and get hit by the Mini debuff. Once they are Minimized, run to the purple AoE that was left by the Wolfsbane. The AoE will “seize” you and Cerberus will eat you. Inside Cerberus’ stomach, quickly destroy his stomach walls then leave through the exit that appears. This will make Cerberus writhe in pain.

– While Cerberus is immobile due to pain, use the Magicked Fetters on two of the columns. Proceed to beat down the boss. If Cerberus is not fettered, he will gain stacks of Haste and will be able to kill players almost instantly.

– Gastric Juice and Wolfsbane can be killed as soon as they have served their purpose (after minimize and going into Cerberus).

– Repeat the Minimize + kill Stomach Walls as soon as Cerberus breaks out of his fetters.

– When fettered, Cerberus has some laser adds. Avoid them.

– Alliance A is usually on “Minimize” duty. They are minimized by Gastric Juice, eaten by Cerberus when they walk on Wolfsbane AoE, and then they kill the Stomach Walls.

– Alliance C is usually on Wolfsbane-clean up duty. They kill the Wolfsbane adds that appear and kill Gastric Juice when it has served its purpose.

Final Boss: Cloud of Darkness

– Appears on three parts of the circular stage. Whenever it disappears and reappears, stay away from its direct line of sight because it will throw one frontal laser attack. This laser debuffs and damages what it hits.

– Tanks should switch because this boss has a painful debuff.

– A person with a target on him should stay AWAY from others and KEEP RUNNING until lasers drop on him and stop. Just run!

– When meteors drop from the sky, go to the bottom of the meteor. At least one person per meteor, or put in as many people as necessary to make the circle barrier appear. People who have the debuff from the laser should avoid going in the meteor circle.

– When Dark Clouds and Dark Storms appear, do not allow them to get close to the boss. Kill them quickly or you will wipe.

– When Hypercharged Clouds appear, move close to them because they will soon be enclosed by barriers. Kill these very quickly or they will emit a strong AoE.

– Some snake-like adds will appear. Just avoid and ignore them.

– The rest of the fight is a rinse, repeat and mix of all these phases.

FFXIV ARR: Eternal Bond “The Twelve”

Game: Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn

Patch: 2.45 as of December 09, 2014

You know those stones with weird markings that have been around forever? It turns out that they aren’t just there for show or backstory. They’re sites to be visited during a pilgrimage for the Eternal Bond ceremony, Eorzea’s version of the marriage system.


Nophica the Matron (8, 10) Old Gridania Conjurer’s Guild


Byregot the Builder (16, 28) South Shroud Camp Tranquil


Althyk the Keeper (23, 25) South Shroud Amdapor Keep


Llymlaen the Navigator (7, 14) Limsa Lominsa Aftcastle (Anchor Yard)


Nymeia the Spinner (26, 37) Lower La Noscea Moraby Drydocks


Oschon the Wanderer (25, 18) Outer La Noscea


Nald’Thal the Dusk Trader (7, 12) Ul’dah Thaumaturge Guild (Arrzaneth Ossuary)


Rhalgr the Destroyer (19, 14) Southern Thanalan Little Ala Mhigo (2nd level)


Azeyma the Warden (23, 29) Eastern Thanalan Burning Wall (Final Prayer)

Halone the Fury (7, 31) Coerthas The Fury's Gaze

Halone the Fury (7, 31) Coerthas The Fury’s Gaze


Mephina the Lover (22, 8) Coerthas Steel Vigil


Thaliak the Scholar (18, 17) Mor Dhona Rathefrost


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