FFXIV: Quick Guide to Sastasha Hard Bosses


Game: Final Fantasy XIV as of Patch 2.4

A day after release and no one has still figured out two of the bosses in this dungeon. I am writing this post with my observations to help other people out. I have run this as DPS (summoner IL108), healer (white mage IL94) and tank (paladin IL98).

Last Update: November 02, 2014

My personal advice: Don’t slack off in this duty. Whether you are tank, healer or DPS, just always do your best. Don’t rely on macros as something can quickly go downhill between those “wait” times. While this duty may be tiring for healers due to the amount of healing and barrier-casting done, the key is for everyone to work together. Healer, trust your DPS to actually do the best that they can; focus on healing, you don’t have to attack. DPS, help out the healer when he’s being attacked and try to focus on attacking the mob that the tank is holding. Tank, don’t yell too much at your healer.

Important Note: Sastasha’s boss are rather strict DPS checks (at the moment, might be easier once we get 120+ gear)

First Boss: Karlabos

A vilekin that lives on the ocean floor. It has three notable attacks, the most painful of which is Tail Screw. Tail Screw has a cast time so the players should pay attention to it. If you are targeted by Tail Screw, move close to the healer just enough for him to be able to heal you. Tail Screw will always take out a huge chunk of your HP (my summoner had 5.3k HP and after Tail Screw I’d be left with 50 to 150 HP), the exact damage is supposedly 99% of your HP. Tail Screw itself does not kill the player, but after the attack a whirlwind (similar to Twintania’s Twister) will momentarily appear. If you move from your spot quickly as Tail Screw hits, you can avoid death via twister. This is a split second decision and any hesitation may kill you. The healer should immediately heal the player that was hit by Tail Screw. This attack -can- be STUNNED (but not Silenced). Don’t stun it too much as it will build resistance. Since the tank will usually be stunned by Prey (see next paragraph), the DPS might have to stun Tail Screw.

Another boss attack is Prey. Usually the tank is marked for this and he is subsequently washed by the tide and then stunned. This usually occurs right before Tail Screw is used. This is not a dangerous move, the tank can eat that damage but he will get stunned for a while. Also, any player who comes close to the tank will get marked for Prey instead and that player might die if the positioning is bad (e.g. a monk who moves in too close, gets Prey -AND- Tail Screw). Alternative strategy if only the tank has Stun: Make one of the DPS walk through the tank when he has Prey, then Prey will transfer to the DPS leaving the tank able to stun Tail Screw.

An AOE attack that powers up over time is a Slime debuff attack. At first it will target only one person, next time it comes up it will target 2 people, then 3, so on. If only 1 person is alive and the attack is supposed to hit 3 people, all 3 attacks will land on that remaining person and will kill him (except a tank using Hallowed Ground). This attack leaves a debuff that has damage over time and should be cleansed with Esuna or Leeches. Due to this attack, players should not stack. If two players are close to each other, both will get hit with Slime and have 2 debuffs instead of 1.

Second Boss: Captain Madison

Super strict DPS check. Every few percentage of his HP, the Captain will use an almost unstoppable attack called Musket. He will fire at a target repeatedly and subsequent firings will be faster and stronger until the target dies. The only way to get through this is to burn through that % of his HP. Be careful not to burn too much or else you might risk activating his next Musket phase. You will see some dialogue on the screen which signifies each Musket phase.

He has a pistol whip attack but it is relatively harmless, except when it stuns someone at the wrong time.

As for his minions/adds, I put a kill order on them as: Slave, Leech, Boy, Guard. The Slave appears only around 50% of the boss HP. Like Sergeants in Pharos Tower, it will BIND the player that it targets until the Slave is killed. Near the end of the Captain’s life, four Slaves will appear. As for the Leech, it’s a conjurer so get rid of it quickly. The Boy is a lancer and can do some annoying straight-line attacks, and the Guard is a paladin. Even when the boss dies, the adds will not disappear until you kill them so don’t let your guard down.

If Musket comes up while adds are still alive, just kill the Slave and Leech, save the Boy and Guard for later; focusing on burning through the Captain’s HP until he stops using Musket. As noted in a comment below, Adloquium helps the Musket’s target to remain alive; as does Stoneskin. The first few rounds (stacks) of Musket are weak and the attack progressively gets stronger and faster the longer it is kept up. 

A strategy that we worked out is to stay near the tank at all times. Even if the boss pistol-whips someone to the other side of the room, he should go back to the tank. This way, the mobs can be AOEd when they show up and/or the healer won’t have to chase people around to heal them.

Strategy as recommended by comment below: Around 30% HP, the boss will summon one last round of Slave+Leech+Boy+Guard. You may kill the slave and leech, then proceed to burn through the boss HP as soon as he starts using Musket. Sometime between using Musket, he will call the -last- group of adds. This has FOUR Slaves in it which are difficult to get rid off. Ideally, a caster will use Limit Break on all the adds+boss; or a melee dps will use Limit Break on the boss. The goal is to burn enough of the boss HP to make him stop using Musket, after which you can deal with the adds.

Another thing of note: Do not panic when a Slave gets you. It does no damage as it only binds you in place. It’s the other adds (Leech, Boy, Guard) that close in that do damage, so if you are bound alone you can either kill off your own Slave or prioritize another member who is being beaten to death by other adds. Ideally, the tank should take all adds but there are instances when the tank is pushed away and thus loses aggro, or the healer overheals and takes aggro.

Regarding the target of Musket: As noted on a comment below, the target can be “Covered” by a Paladin (Skill: Cover). Target of Musket/Cover must stay near the paladin.

Final Boss: The Kraken

Similar to the Hullbreaker Isle Kraken, except this time you don’t have the fatal version twisters/whirlwinds and you can actually fight the Kraken now. This is pretty easy just make sure to stay near the healer’s range. The tank doesn’t have to grab aggro on all adds, just the Kraken.

As for the adds, they’re the usual Tentacles and Arms. You can use Strategy 1, 2 or 3 depending on the capability of your party.

Strategy 1: Tentacles can and will toss people like in Hullbreaker Isle. The tossed person is stunned for a while. You can aim to kill the tentacles first. If people get tossed too often you will lose DPS and the tank may also lose Kraken’s aggro.

Strategy 2: Kraken Arms occasionally make whirlwinds but it’s a weaker version than Hullbreaker Isle’s. If all Arms are defeated, the Kraken will lay vulnerable for a few seconds without any Arms waving around. When World’s End is casted by the Kraken, its damage is based on the number of Arms still alive. (As stated in a comment below)

Strategy 3: The tank can mark -ONE- tentacle and then the party can kill it quickly. This is to avoid too much stunning and tossing around. Then go for the Arms so that the Kraken will retreat and leave it more vulnerable for full DPS.


Around 50% and 25% HP, a lot of Arms will show up and use Wallop/Clearout repeatedly. Heal through this phase and focus on boss, because the Arms will disappear after this phase. Otherwise, just get the Tentacles/Arms, then focus fire on the Kraken. You can also leave DoTs on the Kraken since it isn’t invulnerable in this fight even if the Tentacles and Arms are still alive.

My first Sastasha Hard completion. I was a summoner with a cool party from another server.

My first Sastasha Hard completion. I was a summoner with a cool party from another server.

Feel free to leave comments regarding your own observations. It’s still early in the game and some mechanics maybe be revealed clearly later. If there are major corrections to my observations, I’ll make sure to note them for subsequent readers.

FFXIV: Call of the Wild

Game: Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn

Version: 2.3

Sylph and Amalj’aa Guide

Sahagin and Kobold Guide

Ixali Guide



To unlock the “Call of the Wild” quest, you must achieve the highest reputation rank in each and every beast tribe. Then, return to your Grand Company and obtain the quest from one of the GC NPCs. “Call of the Wild” will unlock another quest which will lead you back through all of the previous beast tribes:

  1. Call of the Wild (at your Grand Company)
  2. Little Sylphs Lost (Gridania/Sylphs of Little Solace)
  3. Clutching at Straws (Limsa Lominsa/Sahagin of Novv’s Nursery)
  4. Digging for Answers (Limsa Lominsa/Kobold of the 789th Order Dig)
  5.  Rattled in Ehcatl (Gridania/Ixal of Ehcatl Nine)
  6. Ash Not What Your Brother Can Do For You (Ul’dah/Amalj’aa of the Brotherhood of Ash)
  7. Friends Forever (Ul’dah)

Reward: “Allied” rank to all available beast tribes.

The following items will be available for 25,000 gil from their respective beast tribe vendors:


Wind-up Founder

Wind-up Violet

Wind-up Violet

Wind-up Sea Devil

Wind-up Sea Devil

Wind-up Kobolder

Wind-up Kobolder

Wind-up Dezul Qualan

Wind-up Dezul Qualan



FFXIV: Sora Atobe of Neon Takes FC with House

Game: Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn

Free Company (Guild): Neon

Server: Carbuncle


It’s official. As of posting, the Free Company master Sora Atobe has kicked almost everyone out of the free company Neon and has taken everything for him and his brother, Joanne Ross. They are the only remaining members of Neon. The free company has a Medium house in Ul’dah which was painstakingly saved up for by its active members: Sora Atobe, Joanne Ross, Quanta Domino, D’nyamis Spiritus, Neuflune Mochiko; and to a lesser degree, Azure Malkav and Nyanchan Mochiko. The main contributors all gave around 3m each for the housing lot which at that time cost almost 15m. Quanta, D’nyamis and Neuflune then bought the housing permit of around 1m and proceeded to furnish the house out of their own pockets and crafting classes.


After personal issues erupted between Neuflune and Sora, during which the latter harassed the former within FC environment (which Square Enix dismissed as FC drama), Neuflune left the FC and made her own FC. About two months later and weeks of inactivity, Sora Atobe logged in due to the Free Log-in Campaign and kicked the remaining members out of the free company. He did not tell them his reason, much less talk to any of them in any way. He just started kicking them until the only members left were Sora Atobe and his IRL brother Joanne Ross.


What is this blog post for? This is for information. I have mostly kept quiet about these issues because I did not want Sora to turn his ire on the remaining members of Neon. But he did it of his own accord anyway. So here I am, Neuflune Mochiko, telling the internet about what happened. I still have the list of gil contributions that each member made. Sora Atobe has a copy of it, but he never made a list himself despite accusing other members such as D’nyamis that they “never contributed to the FC”.


This is a heads up to anyone running across Sora Atobe and his brother Joanne Ross. Be wary of being part of his FC. You’ll be kicked as soon as he feels like it.

Beast Tribes Reputation v2.3 – The Ixali – Updated Sept 11 (FINAL?!)

Game: Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn

Beast Tribes Rep Guide 2.2 – Updated Aug 23 with list of Trader items and edited list of Dailies information.

UPDATE Sept 11! The final reputation rank for the Ixali is Sworn.

UPDATE Sept 5! The next reputation rank for the Ixali is Honored. The final reputation rank follows after it, and requires 1320 reputations points. List will be updated once I get the final rank.

UPDATE Aug 30! The new reputation rank for the Ixali is Respected. There is another rank (the final one) after it that requires 990 reputation points.

UPDATE Aug 26! There is a new reputation rank for the Ixali. It comes after “Trusted” and requires 720 reputation points. Yikes!


Direwolf Mount worth 120,000 gil Requires Rank 7 (Sworn) Reputation



Done! I think… (as of September 11, 2014)

This time, it’s not a mindless Kill-This-And-That quest line! And it’s about time too!

Beast Tribe Location: Ehcatl Nine Camp, North Shroud

Beast Tribe Unlocking: Accept and complete the “A Bad Bladder” quest from Scarlet at the Twin Adder Company at New Gridania.


  • You need at least one crafter (Disciple of the Hand) at Level 1 to continue this questline.
  • You need to equip the item Ehcatl Wristgloves to craft for quest-specific activities (airship parts). This item is provided by the Ehcatl leader Sezul Totoloc, but if you lose it, you can purchase it from their NPC.

– Summarized Table of Information –


 – Delivery List Example –

Example of the list of items that you can deliver to fill your quota. Each item can be delivered repeatedly, and are at a low level as the quests require, regardless of your crafter's own level.

Example of the list of items that you can deliver to fill your quota. Each item can be delivered repeatedly, and are at a low level as the quests require, regardless of your crafter’s own level.


– List of Ixali Trader Items –

– List of Ixali Oaknot Wares-



FFXIV ARR: A Relic Reborn… Again and Again… and Again… (Complete! Feb 28, 2015)

Game: Final Fantasy : A Realm Reborn

Version: 2.51 as of February 24, 2015. Notably, Patch 2.4 increased the drop rate of Atma Stones.

Current Guide Contents: Relic, Zenith, Atma, Animus, Novus, Nexus, Zodiac, Zeta – Final and complete (as of February 28, 2015)

Guide Updates: August 09 (Relic, Zenith, Atma), August 17 (Animus), August 25 (NPC location changes), September 15 (Novus), September 23 (Nexus), September 24 (compiling list of spiritbinding activities), October 19 (Nexus complete), November 17 (Ninja relic update/changed item prices due to Allagan Tomestones updates), Dec 09 (info on the Patch 2.45 requirements), Dec 11 (list of crafted items required), Dec 29 (more info regarding the repeatable quests), Jan 05 (completed Zodiac weapon for Summoner), Jan 18 (Reminder to Paladins), Feb 24 (Zeta), Feb 28 – completed!

Notes: To synchronize my information (somewhat) with other guides, I will use the NPC coordinates provided by the Lodestone Database. The coordinates are formatted as (x, y) with the screen situated at the Fourth Quadrant of the Cartesian Plane.

Pre-requisite: You must have completed the 2.0 Main Story quest line (“The Ultimate Weapon”) and your main job quests up to level 50.

Important Reminder to Paladins: The Curtana and Holy Shield item are upgraded together for some stages (Atma, Final Zodiac) and separately for other stages (Zenith, Animus, Novus, Nexus).  Remember to SOULGLAZE both the Curtana AND Holy Shield when you farm Lights for getting the Nexus. The next stage, getting the actual Zodiac (Excalibur and Aegis) cannot be completed unless BOTH the sword and shield are NEXUS.

Note to Paladins Regarding Zeta: The developers seem to have done away with the problematic Sword+Shield upgrades. The Excalibur and Aegis Shield will now be upgraded as if they are a singular entity.

A Relic Reborn

  1.  Take the quest “The Weaponsmith of Legend” from Nedrick Ironheart (12, 14) at Vesper Bay, Western Thanalan. The closest Aetheryte is Horizon. Additionally, take the quest “Ghost of Amdapor” and complete it, because the Amdapor Keep duty is also required for the A Relic Reborn questline.
  2. Continue the quest by speaking to Rowena (21, 4) at the Revenant’s Toll, Mor Dhona. The closest Aetheryte is Revenant’s Toll.
  3. Finish the quest by speaking to Gerolt (30, 20) at Hyrstmill, North Shroud. The closest Aetheryte is Fallgourd Float. Notably, the succeeding Relic quests will require you to go to Hyrstmill repeatedly, so I suggest that you set Fallgourd Float or New Gridania as your Favorite or Home aetheryte.
  4. Take the quest “A Relic Reborn” from Gerolt. Find the old, broken relics in their respective places as pointed out by the Lore:
    • Natalan, Coerthas: Bard, Dragoon
    • Sapsa Spawning Grounds, Western La Noscea: Scholar, Ninja
    • Sylphlands, East Shroud: Summoner
    • U’Ghamaro Mines, Outer La Noscea: Black Mage, Warrior, White Mage
    • Zahar’ak, Southern Thanalan: Monk, Paladin
  5. Return to Gerolt with the broken relic. He will ask for a more suitable new form for the relic, which is a Level 50 weapon that can be crafted by specific crafting classes. Notably, in Patch 2.0, Gerolt required a High-Quality weapon along with melded materia but in subsequent patches, he only requires the weapon (Normal or High Quality) and the melded materia:
    • Bard: Longarm’s Composite Bow (carpenter) melded with two (2) Heaven’s Eye Materia III (accuracy) = Artemis Bow
    • Black Mage: Sanguine Scepter (goldsmith) melded with two (2) Savage Might Materia III (determination) = Stardust Rod
    • Dragoon: Champion’s Lance (carpenter) melded with two (2) Savage Aim Materia III (critical hit rate) = Gae Bolg
    • Monk: Wildling Cesti (leatherworker) melded with two (2) Savage Aim Materia III (critical hit rate) = Sphairai
    • Paladin: Aeolian Scimitar (blacksmith) melded with two (2) Battledance Materia III (parry) = Curtana and Holy Shield
    • Scholar: Erudite’s Picatrix of Healing (alchemist) melded with two (2) Quicktongue Materia III (spellspeed) = Omnilex
    • Summoner: Erudite’s Picatrix of Casting (alchemist) melded with two (2) Savage Might Materia III (determination) = Veil of Wiyu
    • Warrior: Barbarian’s Bardiche (blacksmith) melded with two (2) Battledance Materia III (parry) = Bravura
    • White Mage: Madman’s Whispering Rod (alchemist) melded with two (2) Quicktongue Materia III (spellspeed) = Thyrus
    • Ninja: Vamper’s Knives (alchemist) melded with two (2) Heaven’s Eye Materia III (accuracy) = Yoshimitsu
  6. Obtain Alumina Salts from the Dhorme Chimera at The Weeping Saint, Coerthas. This fight used to be an instanced battle but in subsequent patches, it was turned to a Duty which can be found in the Duty Finder (A Relic Reborn: The Chimera). Notably, you must be alive when the Dhorme Chimera is killed for the quest to count as a success, and then leave the duty via the portal that appears. The location for unlocking the duty is at (32, 6). The battle mechanic is similar to the Chimera boss at The Cutter’s Cry duty.
  7. Give the Alumina Salts to Gerolt, and then go to Rowena for more information about relics. In exchange for her information, she will ask for an Amdapor Glyph. Obtain the item by completing the duty Amdapor Keep (Normal) which can be unlocked by taking the “Ghosts of Amdapor” quest from Nedrick Ironheart (as mentioned on Step #1).
  8. Give the Amdapor Glyph to Rowena and return to Gerolt with the information that he needs. He will give you an incomplete version of the relic named “Unfinished [Weapon Name]”. You must test the unfinished relic by murdering slaying eight each of three kinds of beastmen:
    • Bard: Natalan Ixali (Boldwings, Fogcallers, Windtalons)
    • Black Mage: U’Ghamaro Mines Kobolds (Quarrymen, Bedesmen, Priests)
    • Dragoon: Natalan Ixali (Boldwings, Fogcallers, Swiftbeaks)
    • Monk: Zahar’ak Amalj’aa (Lancers, Pugilists, Archers)
    • Paladin: Zahar’ak Amalj’aa (Lancers, Pugilists, Thaumaturges)
    • Scholar, Ninja: Sapsa Spawning Grounds Sahagin (Shelfspine, Shelfclaw, Shelftooth)
    • Summoner: Sylphlands Sylphs (Sighs, Screeches, Snarls)
    • Warrior: U’Ghamaro Mines Kobolds (Quarrymen, Roundsmen, Bedesmen/Priests)
    • White Mage: U’Ghamaro Mines Kobolds (Quarrymen, Bedesmen, Priests)
  9. Return to Gerolt after your semi-genocide.
  10. Test out your unfinished relic weapon by confronting The Hydra in Halatali, Eastern Thanalan. This fight used to be an instanced battle but in subsequent patches, it was turned to a Duty which can be found in the Duty Finder (A Relic Reborn: The Hydra). Notably, you must have the unfinished relic weapon equipped, must be alive when the Hydra is killed for the quest to count as a success, and then leave the duty via the portal that appears. The location for unlocking the duty is at (14, 30). The battle mechanic involves killing Wyverns quickly when they appear, avoiding balls of ice and fire, and hiding beneath the Hydra when it casts the skill “Fear Itself”.
  11. Return to Gerolt. He will instruct you to gather the final materials needed for finishing the relic. At this point, you may equip a better weapon since you have to turn over the unfinished relic to Gerolt. You must then confront the Primals in their stronger forms (Hard Mode duties unlocked via Urianger from The Waking Sands, Vesper Bay, Western Thanalan) in this specific order:
    • Obtain White-hot Ember from The Bowl of Embers (Hard).
    • Obtain Howling Gale from The Howling Eye (Hard).
    • Obtain Hyperfused Ore from The Navel (Hard).
  12. Purchase a bottle of Radz-at-Han Quenching Oil (worth 110 Allagan Tomestones of Soldiery)from Auriana (22,6) at Revenant’s Toll, Mor Dhona. Allagan Tomestones may be obtained from Beast Tribe quests, Duties and Treasure Chests.
  13. Give the bottle of Radz-at-Han Quenching Oil to Gerolt, and he will finish the Relic Weapon for you.
  14. You get the base Relic Weapon and a new Title!
  15. Get ready for the grind to get the Zenith, Atma, Animus and Novus versions of your Relic Weapon.

 Obtaining the Relic Zenith

  1. Purchase three (3) Thavnairian Mist (worth 150 Allagan Tomestones of Soldiery each) from Auriana.
  2. Go to Gerolt and proceed to the furnace beside a moogle.
  3. Throw the Mists and your Relic weapon into the furnace, and it will come out as a Zenith weapon. For example, Veil of Wiyu + three Mists = Veil of Wiyu Zenith
  4. Enjoy your glowy weapon for now, before you proceed to the even grindier Atma and Animus quests.

 The Atma Grind

  1. Take the “Up in Arms” quest from Gerolt.
  2. Continue the quest by speaking to Jalzahn (29, 19) just a few steps away from Gerolt. The Atma (Up in Arms), Animus (Trials of the Braves) and Novus (Celestial Radiance) side-quests for upgrading your Relic Weapon can all be obtained from Jalzahn.
  3. Complete the twelve Atma Stones to change your Zenith weapon to an Atma weapon. Unfortunately, it does not actually upgrade your weapon. Only the Item Level and Item Name changes, but it will unlock the next tier which is Animus. You must have any Zenith weapon equipped for a chance to get the rare Atma Stones from -any- FATE in their specific maps.

Atma Chance Tracker (in Japanese) : I will list the Atma from top to bottom on a list below, as they appear on this tracker. Notably, I did not use this tracker for when I completed my Veil of Wiyu Atma (it was not created yet at that time), but other people have used this tracker successfully.

East Shroud

East Shroud

Upper La Noscea

Upper La Noscea

Lower La Noscea

Lower La Noscea

Middle La Noscea

Middle La Noscea

Eastern Thanalan

Eastern Thanalan

Western Thanalan

Western Thanalan

Western La Noscea

Western La Noscea

Outer La Noscea

Outer La Noscea


Central Shroud

Central Thanalan

Central Thanalan

Southern Thanalan

Southern Thanalan

North Shroud

North Shroud

Twelve Atma Stones (Some colors may have been different from the screenshots above, because a later patched changed the Atma colors)

Twelve Atma Stones – sorted
(Some colors may have been different from the screenshots above, because a later patched changed the Atma colors)

Choose which Zenith Weapon will be upgraded to Atma Weapon.

Choose which Zenith Weapon will be
upgraded to Atma Weapon.

The Animus Grind

  1. Take the “Trials of the Braves” quest from Jalzahn.
  2. Speak to Rowena at Revenant’s Toll, Mor Dhona. She’ll point you to a Mi’qote.
  3. Speak to G’jusana (22, 7) the swindler, just a stone’s throw away from Auriana. You will unlock the ability to purchase Animus Books in exchange for 500 Allagan Tomestones of Soldiery per book. You must then complete the Trials which are contained in each book. With each book completed, additional stats will be added to your Atma weapon. There are nine (9) books in total.
  4. Once you have completed all nine Animus books for your weapon, return to Jalzahn so that he can upgrade your Atma weapon to Animus weapon (name change only, you already have the stats). This is a list of the Books that I completed to get my Veil of Wiyu AnimusAnimus Books List by Neuflune Mochiko (xls file)

The Novus Grind

  1. Take the “Celestial Radiance” quest from Jalzahn.
  2. Speak to Mutamix Bubblypots and then to Hubairtin both at The Bonfire (x23, y13) at Central Thanalan.
  3. Speak to Rowena at Revenant’s Toll, Mor Dhona.
  4. Purchase three (3) bottles of superior enchanted ink from Auriana at Mor Dhona. Each Superior Enchanted Ink costs 250 Allagan Tomestones of Soldiery.
  5. Speak to Hubairtin once again at The Bonfire and hand over the enchanted ink. You may then choose a Sphere Scroll to create a Novus weapon with. Each Sphere Scroll costs three bottles of superior enchanted ink and the appropriate Animus weapon. The exception to this is the Curtana and Holy Shield pair: the price of the Curtana Sphere Scroll is 2 bottles of ink and the Holy Shield costs 1 bottle of ink, making it still a total of 3 bottles for the paladin items.
  6. Take the “Star Light, Star Bright” quest from Hubairtin at The Bonfire.
  7. Speak to Jalzahn at Hyrstmill. The quest will be concluded for the time being. After you complete the Sphere Scroll infusion, he will upgrade your Animus weapon to a Novus weapon if you turn over the weapon and the scroll to him.

What’s a Sphere Scroll?

A sphere scroll is an item that can be infused with materia. You need a special catalyst, Alexandrite, to infuse materia into your sphere scroll. Alexandrite can be obtained by doing any of the following:

  1. Unlock the daily alexandrite map (Mysterious Map) quest by speaking to Ealdwine (x29, y19) at Hyrstmill and taking the quest “One Man’s Trash” from him. Then go to his mother Brangwine (x21, y6) at Revenant’s Toll. This will unlock the daily quest “Morbid Motivation” which will require you to complete a Daily Roulette (Extreme). You do not have to use your animus weapon or a specific class/job for the quest to count. As long as you finish a Daily Roulette (Extreme) for that day with any Level 50 class/job, you will complete the “Morbid Motivation” quest as well. Unlike beast tribe quests and marks, Morbid Motivation’s reward cannot be taken within the same day. If you took Morbid Motivation ‘yesterday’ and the daily timer has already been reset, you can still complete the quest but its reward will count as your reward for ‘today’. The reward is a Mysterious Map, which when opened will summon fairly strong enemies. The strength of the enemies is somewhere between Grade 4 and Grade 5 Treasure Maps depending on what enemies pop out, and I recommend that you do this with at least one strong companion.
  2. Buy a Mysterious Map from Auriana, for 400 Allagan Tomestones of Soldiery.
  3. Exchange 200 Allied Seals (from The Hunt) to get an Alexandrite at your Grand Company Hunt NPC.
  4. With your Animus weapon equipped, grind FATEs for a (very low) chance to get an Alexandrite.

How Does a Sphere Scroll Work?

  1. You must have an alexandrite and a materia in your inventory. Right-click the Sphere Scroll and click “Infuse“.
  2. There is a success rate when infusing materia, and it is indicated on the Scroll. If infusion fails, you lose the materia but not the alexandrite.
  3. You may choose up to four attributes to increase, and they will replace the current attributes on your Animus weapon once the whole scroll is infused with 75 alexandrites. Main stats such as MIND, INT, etc. cannot be overwritten by the sphere scroll.
  4. The required materia starts at Grade 1. Once you have infused a specific amount in the scroll, it will no longer accept Grade 1 materia, and will then require you to infusion Grade 2 materia, so on and so forth until you reach Grade 4 materia. Notably, infusion success rate decreases as you add more materia of the same grade into the sphere scroll.

Veil of Wiyu Sphere Scroll infused with Critical Hit Rate (Savage Aim) and Determination (Savage Might) Materia

My Veil of Wiyu Novus with Critical Hit Rate and Accuracy instead of Spell Speed, and slightly higher Determination.

My Veil of Wiyu Novus with Critical Hit Rate and Accuracy instead of Spell Speed, and slightly higher Determination.

The Nexus Binding


  1. With a Novus weapon equipped,  talk to Jalzahn and take the “Mmm…Soulglazed Relics” quest.
  2. Speak to Gerolt to ask for a favor, and then return to Jalzahn.
  3. After a brief conversation between the two, Gerolt will create a Zodiac glass and Jalzahn will state that he can soulglaze your novus.
  4. Complete the quest to receive the Zodiac glass which will be used to monitor aetheric activity (spiritbond) on your Novus.
  5. Select the Soulglaze a Novus Weapon option from Jalzahn so that your Novus weapon can start its very long and tedious spiritbinding process to be upgraded to a Nexus weapon. According to online sources, 100% spiritbind is obtained at 2000 points of “Light”.
A Novus weapon examined by the Zodiac glass.

A Novus weapon examined by the Zodiac glass.

The Paladin relic is a unique case. The sword and shield count as one Relic (the stats add up to form stats equal to ONE relic) but they have to be soulglazed separately. Spiritbinding is also separate which means you need 2000 Light points on Sword and 2000 Light points on Shield, not 1500 and 500 to get a total of 2000.

The Paladin relic is a unique case. The sword and shield count as one Relic (the stats add up to form stats equal to ONE relic) but they have to be soulglazed separately. Spiritbinding is also separate which means you need 2000 Light points on Sword and 2000 Light points on Shield, not 1500 and 500 to get a total of 2000. The best method is to upgrade both to Novus at the same time, soulglaze at the same time and farm Light with BOTH the sword and shield equipped. Notably, the next questline requires both the Sword and Shield at NEXUS Level.


Types of Light:

  • Feeble Light: The weakest but easiest to obtain since it is provided by FATEs as long as you get Silver or Gold.
  • Gentle Light: The light from most Trials (Hard Mode Primals) and Coil 1 – Turn 4.
  • Bright Light: The light from Extreme Mode Primals, most of Coil 1 (except Turn 3 and 4) and High Level Roulette.
  • Brilliant Light: The light from Expert Roulette and Main Scenario.
  • Blinding Light: The light from Coil 2 and Syrcus Tower.
  • Newborn Star: Only obtainable from Syrcus Tower, and if a bonus window for it is active.

Activities That Bind a Novus Weapon

These are activities that I have done and personally confirmed to spiritbind my own Novus weapon. You will know that a Novus is binding due to the “[Name] Novus emits a [description] light”. There are “windows” that last 2 hours which provide a bonus to your activities. For example, a Gentle Light will become a Bright Light. It is tracked on a Live Reddit. (Update Jan 18, 2015: The “Light” amount of duties and activities change as patches as implemented. Please follow the Live Reddit to check the correct and current values.)

  1. Any FATE: Some sources say that only high-level FATEs bind a Novus weapon, but in my experience, -any- FATE of any level, even the lowest leveled ones, always bind my Novus. FATEs make my Novus weapon emit a “Feeble” light.
  2. Mysterious Map (Alexandrite): It makes my Novus weapon emit a “Gentle” light.
  3. Main Scenario Roulette: It makes my Novus weapon emit a “Brilliant” light.
  4. Trials Roulette: It makes my Novus weapon emit a “Gentle” light.
  5. High-Level Roulette: It makes my Novus weapon emit a “Bright” light.
  6. Expert Roulette: It makes my Novus weapon emit a “Blinding” light.
  7. Syrcus Tower: It makes my Novus weapon emit a “Blinding” light, and on a rare occasion (1 out of 10), the light of a “Newborn Star”.

How Do I Know How Much Light I Have?

Use the Zodiac Glass to check the amount of Light in your Novus. The text written on it when you complete every 10% of the total Light needed. When the Soul Attunement is complete, you will see a massive notification on your screen. It’s difficult to miss. See screenshots below:

The zodiac glass text when soul attunement is almost complete.

The zodiac glass text when soul attunement is almost complete.

The zodiac glass text when attunement is complete.

The zodiac glass text when soul attunement is complete.

The massive notification that soul attunement is complete. That's pretty hard to miss.

The massive notification that soul attunement is complete. That’s pretty hard to miss.

My very own mobile sun, Veil of Wiyu Nexus.

My very own mobile sun, Veil of Wiyu Nexus.

The Zodiac Weapon

  1. With a Nexus weapon equipped, talk to Jalzahn and take the “Wherefore Art Thou, Zodiac” quest.
  2. Speak to Gerolt, and then finish the quest by speaking to Jalzahn. This will unlock the following quests. Note that all quest items from duties do not have a 100% drop rate. The quest items do not drop from the dead boss but instead are acquired once you complete and exit the mentioned duty. Also, you do not have to run the duty as the upgrading class. For example, I ran Snowcloak as a White Mage which had a Diamond Cane equipped, and had not acquired a Nexus (only Atma); I still got the item “Sickle Fang”.
    • A Ponze of Flesh (Repeatable): Papana (22, 7) Mor Dhona
      • The first quest items are Bronze Lake crystal (100,000 gil @ Junkmonger, Camp Bronze Lake, Upper La Noscea), Bombard core (20,000 Grand Company seals from your Grand Company’s Quartermaster, requires Second Lieutenant rank) and Sacred Spring Water (1600 Allagan Tomestones of Soldiery @ Auriana).
      • The second quest items are “Horn of the Beast” from Dzemael Darkhold and “Gobmachine Bangplate” from Brayflox’s Longstop (Hard).
      • The third quest items are “Narasimha Hide” from Halatali (Hard) and “Sickle Fang” from Snowcloak.
      • The final quest items are high-quality Furnace Ring (made by Goldsmiths) and high-quality Perfect Firewood (made by Carpenters).
      • Reward: Book of Skylight
    • A Treasured Mother (Repeatable): Brangwine (22, 6) Mor Dhona
      • The first quest items are a North Shroud brass kettle (100,000 gil @ Tool Supplier and Mender, Hyrstmill, North Shroud), Bombard Core (20,000 Grand Company seals from your Grand Company’s Quartermaster, requires Second Lieutenant rank) and Sacred Spring Water (1600 Allagan Tomestones of Soldiery @ Auriana).
      • Speak to Ealdwine (34, 32) Swiftperch, Western La Noscea.
      • The second quest items are “Lost Treasure” from Amdapor Keep, Pharos Sirius and Tam-Tara Deepcroft (Hard).
      • The third quest item is Lost Treasure from Stone Vigil (Hard).
      • The final quest items are high-quality Tailor-made Eel Pie (made by Culinarians) and high-quality Perfect Cloth (made by Weavers).
      • Reward: Flawless Alexandrite
    • Labor of Love (Repeatable): Guiding Star (21, 6) Mor Dhona
      • The first quest item is a lump of Allagan Resin (100,000 gil @ Merchant and Mender, Forgotten Springs, Southern Thanalan).
      • The second quest items are Vale Bubo from Aurum Vale and Voidweave from Haukke Manor (Hard).
      • The third quest items are Amdapor Vellum from the Lost City of Amdaport and Indigo Pearl from Sastasha (Hard).
      • The fourth quest items are high-quality Perfect Mortar (made by Armorers) and high-quality Perfect Ponce (made by Blacksmiths).
      • The final quest items are Bombard core (20,000 Grand Company seals from your Grand Company’s Quartermaster, requires Second Lieutenant rank) and Sacred Spring Water (1600 Allagan Tomestones of Soldiery @ Auriana).
      • Reward: Zodium
    • Method in His Malice (Repeatable): Adkin (23, 13) Central Thanalan
      • The first quest items (to be obtained and submitted in this order) are:
        • Tonberry Blood of the Disfigured King (Wanderer’s Palace)
        • Royal Gigant Blood of the Imprisoned King (Copperbell Mines – Hard)
        • Kraken Blood of the Unchained King (Hullbreaker Isle)
        • Vicegerent Blood of the Forgotten King (Sunken Temple of Qarn – Hard).
      • The second quest items are high-quality Perfect Vellum (made by Leatherworkers) and high-quality Perfect Pounce (made by Alchemists).
      • The final quest items are Bombard core (20,000 Grand Company seals from your Grand Company’s Quartermaster, requires Second Lieutenant rank), Sacred Spring Water (1600 Allagan Tomestones of Soldiery @ Auriana) and Furite Sands (100,000 gil @ Merchant and Mender, Whitebrim, Coerthas).
      • Reward: Zodiac Scroll
  3. Speak to Gerolt and take the “His Dark Materia” quest.
  4. Speak with Mutamix Bubblypots at the Bonfire.
  5. Speak with Gerolt to complete the quest.
  6. Speak to Jalzahn and select the Zodiac Weapon Recreation option.
    • Hand over the Book of Skylight, Zodium, Zodiac Scroll and Flawless Alexandrite to Jalzahn.
    • The Nexus weapon which you wish to upgrade should be in your inventory or armoury chest. It will be converted into “materia” which will complete the Zodiac weapon.
    • Just say “YES” no matter what the quest asks!
    • The Zodiac Weapons are as follows:
      • Bard: Yoichi Bow
      • Black Mage: Lilith Rod
      • Dragoon: Longinus
      • Monk: Kaiser Knuckles
      • Ninja: Sasuke’s Blades
      • Paladin: Excalibur (sword) and Aegis Shield. Cannot be obtained separately.
      • Scholar: Last Resort
      • Summoner: Apocalypse
      • Warrior: Ragnarok
      • White Mage: Nirvana


NO NOT RLY. Apocalypse GET!

NO NOT RLY. Apocalypse GET!

The Zodiac Zeta: Final Form and End of the Zodiac Saga

Apocalypse with Mahatma of the Ram as inspected with the Zodiac Glass.

Apocalypse with ‘sleeping’ Mahatma of the Ram as inspected with the Zodiac Glass.


Apocalypse with ‘awakened’ Mahatma of the Fish as inspected with Zodiac Glass.

  1. Speak with Jalzahn. Accept the quest “Rise and Shine“.
  2. Speak with Gerolt.
  3. Go to Mor Dhona and speak with Rowena.
  4. Return to Gerolt, speak to him and get the Sunshine quest item.
  5. Speak to Remon (34, 31) at Swiftperch, Western La Noscea. This unlocks the Mahatma item list. Each Mahatma corresponds to a Zodiac sign. You start with the “Mahatma of the Ram”. Each Mahatma costs 200 Allagan Tomestones of Soldiery and is automatically affixed to your Zodiac weapon of choice. The Mahatma must be bound to your Zodiac using Light-farming before you can purchase and affix the next Mahatma. Each Mahatma has a property as the process aims to awaken the sentience of your Zodiac weapon:
    • Mahatma of the Ram: Sense of Assertion
    • Mahatma of the Bull: Sense of Possession
    • Mahatma of the Twins: Sense of Cogitation
    • Mahatma of the Crab: Sense of Commiseration
    • Mahatma of the Lion: Sense of Volition
    • Mahatma of the Maiden: Sense of Interpretation
    • Mahatma of the Scales: Sense of Juxtaposition
    • Mahatma of the Scorpion: Sense of Aspiration
    • Mahatma of the Archer: Sense of Perception
    • Mahatma of the Goat: Sense of Causation
    • Mahatma of the Water-bearer: Sense of Recognition
    • Mahatma of the Fish: Sense of Conviction
  6. Once the last Mahatma (Fish) is “awakened”, unequip your Zodiac weapon and go to Jalzahn. Talk to him and select “Zodiac Weapon Awakening” and then select which weapon to awaken. The cutscene for awakening the weapon will play and you will obtain the final form of your Zodiac Weapon: Zeta.
  7. Speak to Jalzahn with your Zeta weapon equipped. Accept the quest “The Vital Title“.
  8. Speak to Gerolt to continue the quest.
  9. Speak to Jalzahn to finish the quest.
  10. This marks the end of the Zodiac Weapons Saga! See you in 3.0!
The fully awakened and sentient Zodiac Weapon: Apocalypse! (That name is rather foreboding...)

The fully awakened and sentient Zodiac Weapon: Apocalypse! (That name is rather foreboding…)

FFXIV ARR: Beast Tribes Reputation 2.2

Game: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Guide Update 04/06/2014: Updated Summary and Item List with Sahagin and Kobold-Recognized info.

Guide Update 04/16/2014: Updated Summary and Item List with Sahagin-Friendly info.

Guide Update 04/26/2014: Updated Summary and Item List with Sahagin-Trusted info.

Guide Update 05/16/2014: Updated Summary and Item List with Kobold-Trusted info. FINAL unless a patch changes something.

>> Beast Tribes Rep Guide 2.1 <<

Beast Tribe Locations:
Kobold (Level 41+): 789th Order Dig, Camp Overlook
Sahagin (Level 44+): Novv’s Nursery, Western La Noscea

Beast Tribe Unlocking:
Kobold: Accept and complete the “Highway Robbery” quest from Storm Lieutenant Trachraet at the Maelstrom company in Limsa Lominsa.
Sahagin: Accept and complete the “They Came from the Deep” quest from Storm Commander Rhiki at the Maelstrom company in Limsa Lominsa.

— Summarized Table of Information —


– List of Beast Tribe Vendor Items –

Vendors can be found in their respective Beast Tribe areas: Novv’s Nursery for Sahagin and 789th Order Dig for Kobold.

FFXIV: Treasure Map Screenshots *IMAGE HEAVY*

Game: Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn
As of: Patch 2.15

























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