Pieces of my Mind

Forgiveness only heals wounds. You should still do something about that knife in your attacker’s hands.

Stupidity flourishes due to the passivity of the wise.

Money is required to buy the things that can make us happy. However, it is not the object itself but our attitude towards its acquisition that determines if it will all result to happiness. If one is never content with what they have or what they have achieved, no matter how much money he acquires, no matter how many objects he buys- he will never be happy.

Does that doctoral degree come with a license to insult people? Or maybe it’s just you.

LUCK may make you a one-hit wonder or an instant millionaire, but nothing beats that feeling when you achieve something through PATIENCE and HARD WORK.

Love is not blind, love is not stupid- but the thing is, humans have the tendency to be blind, to be stupid and to blame anything else, including love, except themselves when something goes wrong.

Don’t post something flame-worthy then say “peace” at the end. It just blatantly shows you’re a coward.

Sometimes we’re so hung up on the word “freedom” that we forget to appreciate what we have, and in the quest to attain our own vaguely defined freedom, we chain our own souls.

One of the dumbest things that I read in 2011 was a comment regarding the 2012 Doomsday prediction : ” the problem is that we are not Mayans… they’re Muslims so we have different religious beliefs. and because you are a Catholic and you have a God, won’t you believe your creator?……… you should be ashamed of yourselves. a kid [referring to himself] is telling you these things …………………….. peace (I’m serious)

This is just so stupid on so many levels that I am not willing to make a whole post for it. First off, ancient Mayans are not Muslims. If anything, they were later influenced by Roman Catholicism. Though present-day Mayans converted to Islam, obviously they were not the people who created the Mayan calendar. Second, what is up with ” you are Catholic and you have a God” – don’t Muslims and Mayans also have ‘a God’ ?! . Third, I am not a Catholic and I was reading that page. That person assumed that everyone reading was a Catholic. I looked at this ” kid’s ” pic and he looked older than me, so I’m thinking it’s a troll. But still— WHAT THE HECK?!

Pay it back or pay it forward. Don’t let someone’s act of kindness go unrewarded.

If you really care about a cause, don’t just sit here surfing the net and playing on Facebook. Do activities that will help further the cause that you’re supporting. If you really care about your mom, go help her with the chores; if you really care about people with cancer, donate to an org. It starts with words and feelings, but that alone can’t feed hungry kids; empathy can’t fund the researches about HIV and cancer; posting in Facebook won’t replace a heartfelt conversation with your mom or your dad.

I will speak for both sides of one story without changing my opinion about it. Foolish are those who speak as if they know everything about the issue without looking into both sides, for how can you know what black is if you cannot describe what white looks like?

The unfortunate truth about trampling on someone else’s happiness just so you could find your own happiness is that someday, someone will do the same to you, and everyone who knows about what you did in the past will laugh behind your back, or to your face- maybe both.

Think before you click. Think before you share.

With freedom comes responsibility.

Even if you like a song, that doesn’t mean everyone else will like it. Turn down the volume or use headphones, please. People have the option to “not look”, but hearing something is not optional.

I will do good things not because I am afraid of going to Hell. I will do good things because they are good. I will thank my Creator not because I want to attract his grace and thus be granted a place in Heaven. I will thank my Creator because I am grateful for the life that I am living. (I am a deist)

Seven billion humans who are exhausting the world’s natural resources… and some of them have the gall to eradicate whole species of wild animals citing “overpopulation” and “possible carriers of deadly diseases”. Who carries sick animals across borders? Who hosts deadly parasites and viruses inside them without undergoing airport medical checkups? One of the seven billion.

You pick up a kitten thinking that it is cute and you think “oh I’m in love”… but love is more than that. True love is when you hold it close when it is sad, give it the food that it needs not just what it wants and when you drive for hours just to get it to a vet when it is ill. If you are immature, you will pick up a kitten then you throw it away when it is a cat, or ‘put it down’ if it gets sick and you don’t want to take care of it. Romantic love is the same.

I don’t want to live thinking about how I’ll be remembered.

Y so srsz? That leads to insanity and nervous breakdowns.

Why do overachievers worry so much about how they will be remembered? When we die, we’re dead, gone- we can’t do anything about what people will say about us. Isn’t it narcissistic and haughty to want all that attention for yourself even when you’re already going through decomposition?

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