Allods Online PH and NA

– My Allods Online NA Info –

Yul Server: Dindeen , Lunne

Avilon Server: Lunne, Neun

– My Allods Online PH Info –

Dindeen – Elf, Summoner

Guild: Rebellion (Senior Officer/Tabard Holder)

IGN (main): Dindeen – 51 Elven Demonologist with Warden Reincarnate

IGN (alt): Rydine – 40 Gibberling Animist

– Allods-related Blog Entries-

The Stone Quests

This guide contains the locations of Hovering Stones from Siveria to Tenebra (League maps), and then from Asee-teph to Gipat (Neutral maps).

Azure Knights at LUvfest 2011

The Azure Knights (guild that I belong to) at LUG-PH’s LUvfest 2011.

The Crowned Mobs
This entry contains general information about crowned mobs from Siveria to Tenebra (League maps) and Asee-Teph to Dragon Ring (Neutral maps).

The Treasure Locations
This entry contains treasure locations from Evermeet Isle to Tenebra (League maps), and Asee-Teph to Gipat (Neutral maps). As of Patch 2.0, I’ve added the new maps Kirah and Isle of Revelation. As of Patch 2.06, I have added Twilight Isle.

Epic Fail Warden
Dagger of the Faithless snatched from under my nose.

Allods Online Wedding
A guide to this non-essential feature (LOL) of Patch 2.0.

Allods Online Quest : Preventive Hit
This entry contains information about the daily quest at the Isle of Revelation.

Allods Online : Astral Heroics Bosses
This entry contains information about the bosses within the allods/instances that can be found in Astral Layer 2.

Allods Online : Astral Heroics Loots
This entry contains lists of loots that my perma-party has encountered.

Allods Online : Surviving Astral Travels
This entry contains facts and no-nonsense advice about Astral travel.

Allods Online PH GM-Assisted GT Raids
This is a rant post, not a guide.

Allods Online PH Quest: Spark Hardening
This entry contains information about the pre-requisite to Reincarnation.

Allods Online PH: The Alchemist’s List
This entry contains information about alchemist potions and reagents for Patch 2.06.

The Mismanagement of Allods Online PH
This entry contains my questions as to why Level Up Games PH is now full of bullshit with regards to Allods Online.

Allods Online PH: Personal Summoner Build
This entry contains my own summoner build as of Patch 2.06

Allods Online PH: May Holidays and Heroic Deeds
This entry contains a guide to the May Holidays event.

Allods Online PH: Sunny Steed Bug Solution

This entry contains a simple solution to the Sunny Steed bug as of Patch 3.02

Allods Online PH: Daily “The Cradle” Quests

This entry contains a concise guide to daily The Cradle quests to kill Incarnates.

Allods Online PH: Herb and Alchemy Guide ( image-heavy! )

This entry contains information about the updated Alchemy profession for Patch 3.02.

Farewell to Allods PH … and Level Up Games Philippines

This entry bids farewell to Allods Online PH which will be closed as of December 15, 2012.

LevelUpGames PH did not convert Allods perrah to game credits

What the hell… I thought that my Farewell post would be my last Allods PH post, but hey, here’s another one about LUG-PH’s screw-up. They said that the Item Mall would be closed by December 3 and that Perrah (Allods cash credits) would be converted to LU Credits (which can be used in other games), but the Item Mall is still up and our Perrah are still not converted.

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