I used to play under the IGN “Kyubichan” in most prominent local (Philippine) online games. I have used that nickname since 2002 when I first signed up for Neopets, and then in Ragnarok Online PH in 2003. I still use that nick at The Ninja Forum and Minitokyo, and some of my friends in real life call me “Kyu”.  I am currently using my real-life nickname “Dindeen” on Facebook (my FB messaging is open to “Public”), Allods Online PH, DeviantArt and LevelUpGames PH Forums.

I was born in the year of the Wood Rat just as the day was about to change in the hours of the Rat, about four days after the planet entered the constellation Scorpio according to the tropical zodiac. I am self-confident, with varied interests, self-containing and fixed.

I am a deist who is not a part of any organized religion, and the following is my personal creed:

I believe in the Watchmaker who created the Universe and its natural laws

I believe that our world continues to exist due to those laws,

and the simple evidence for that argument lies with what we see with our own eyes.

I believe in evolution and the equal worth of all lives

I believe that humans are above animals only because we were given the ability to reason,

and that it does not make us supreme rather,

it puts the burden of the responsibility of taking care of the planet on our shoulders.

I believe that there are things beyond our understanding,

and that it is futile to waste our lives in trying to understand them.

I believe that our rewards and punishments occur as we live our lives,

and not in the afterlife.

I believe that the journey is the goal itself.

Death is not a checkpoint,

but the endpoint which cannot be avoided and must therefore not be feared.

I believe that facts are facts and that they will exist regardless of what I believe.

I may not know all things, but not knowing is half of the excitement of life

I believe that which I choose to believe,

for throughout the history of mankind,

knowledge has been unearthed because

someone once believed that such an impossible thing could possibly be true.

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