FFXIV: Hatching-Tide 2018 – FINAL

Final Fantasy XIV
Version: 4.25
Expansion: Stormblood
Status: Final.
Basic Event Information: At Lodestone

Event Duration: From Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at 08:00 to Monday, April 02, 2018 at 14:59 (GMT)



Starting NPC: Nonotta at x10.2 y9.4 Old Gridania (closest aetheryte is the Amphitheatre)
Minimum Level: 15

  1. Take the quest “Uneggseptable Losses” from Nonotta and then speak to the Hatching-tide Hunter near the Botanists’ Guild (Greatloam Growery).
  2. Search for clues: a Broken Crate, a Shiny Stone Splinter and lastly, a spot of Trampled Ground.
  3. Go to x7.9 y9.5 near the Yellow Serpent Gate/Conjurer’s Guild to pursue the supposed culprit. The dialogue will lead to unlocking a side-scrolling mini-game. Play the mini-game to continue the quest; you must have at least 15 points by the end. The default keyboard controls are as follows:
    • A – left
    • D – right
    • Space – jump. Double-space (double jump) is possible.
  4. Return to Nonotta to conclude the quest. Rewards: 3360 exp, Motley Egg minion, Egg Hunter Riggy mini-game
  5. A repeatable quest “Uneggspected Encounters” will be unlocked. You can play this for fun and watch some character development for certain NPCs. Rewards: Magicked Prism (Hatching-tide) | NPC interactions are as follows:
    • Zhloe and Maisenta
    • Miounne and Geva
    • Silvairre and Leih Aliapoh
    • Keeper of the Entwined Serpents and Kan-E-Senna
    • Beatin and Fufucha
    • E-Sumi-Yan and Khloe Aliapoh
    • Ywain and Nicoliaux

Other NPCs:

  • Courteous Collector at x10 y8 Old Gridania – Event information
  • Dreamer (Egg Advocate) at x10 y8 Old Gridania – Event item merchant
    • Spriggan Chocolate – 5 gil
    • Hatching-tide Banner – 5496 gil

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