FFXIV: Starlight Celebration 2016 – Final

FFXIV A Realm Reborn
Version: 3.45
Expansion: Heavensward
Status: Final.
Basic Event Information: At Lodestone

Event Duration: From Thursday, December 15, 2016 at 08:00 to Saturday, December 31, 2016 at 14:59 (GMT)


Starting NPC: Amh Garanjy at x10.5 y8.6 Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (closest aetheryte is the main aetheryte)
Minimum Level: 15

  1. Take the quest “Naughty or Nice” from Amh and then head over to the Ruby Road Exchange.
  2. Go to x11.1 y10.1 and click the “Special Delivery” item.
  3. Deliver the quest item to the Raven-haired Registrar at Frondale’s Phrontistery (Alchemist’s Guild) x9.5 y13.3 Ul’dah – Steps of Thal. Rewards: 3360 exp, 228 gil, Starlight Robe
  4. Take the quest “Think of the Children” from the Raven-haired Registrar.
  5. Speak to the Phrontistery Alchemist to enter the Children’s Ward. You may enter the ward at any time starting on this point, but to speak to the children in the ward you must wear the Starlight Robe item that was given by the previous quest.
  6. Give a Starlight Gift (quest item) to each of the children in the ward. The children are as follows:
    • Genteel Child – near the ward door
    • Pallid Child – first room to the left of the hallway
    • Coughing Child – in the middle of the hallway
    • Dainty Child – also in the middle of the hallway
  7. Speak to the Raven-haired Registrar and hand over the remaining Starlight Gift. Search for the boy Reauverre to whom that last gift must be given. He is at x10.8 y 9.3 Ruby Road Exchange, Ul’dah Steps of Nald.
  8. Speak to the Raven-haired Registrar nearby at x11 y10.1 and then return to the children’s ward. Rewards: 3360 exp, 248 gil
  9. Take the quest “I’ll Be Home for Starlight” from the Registrar. Speak to the children in the ward and inquire about Reauverre.
  10. After speaking to the children, head to Reauverre’s room and check under his bed (click Reauverre’s Bed). You will find a letter. Hand over the letter to the Registrar; he’s in the kitchen, the last room to the right of the hallway.
  11. Go to the Hustings Strip (close to the Chamber of Rule aetheryte) and speak to the Registrar.
  12. Speak to Reauverre’s father at the ferry docks (Arcanist’s Guild aetheryte) in Limsa Lominsa. He will give you a present and a message for the boy.
  13. Return to the children’s ward at Ul’dah and show the present to the Registrar. Afterwards, head to Reauverre’s room and give the present to the boy. Following the brief exchange, speak to the Registrar privately at the front desk.
  14. A cutscene will follow which will reveal the background of the ‘registrar’ (Damielliot), among other things. Rewards: 3360 exp, 536 gil, Starlight Celebration Orchestrion Roll, unlock a daily quest “A Starlight Story”
  15. A Starlight Story
    • A daily quest, it requires you to tell one of your tales to the children. Pick a story from the list. The choices depend on the game features that you have unlocked:
    • starlight2016c
    • You will then fall asleep and a character related to the story that you told will appear in your dream. The NPCs are:
      • Gold Saucer – Saint Nymeia himself (Godbert Manderville)
      • Beasts – A random paissa
      • Adventures in Limsa – Y’Sthola
      • Adventures in Gridania – Papalymo and Yda
      • Adventures in Ul’dah – Thancred
      • Great nations – Nanamo Ul Namo
      • Empire – Alphinaud
      • Primals – Tataru
      • Dragonsong War – Ser Aymeric
    • Upon waking up, you will find a Saint-sent Gift under the tree in your room.
    • Obtain the Saint-sent Gift and show it to Damielliot to complete the quest.

Notably, options and cutscenes for the daily quest depend on how far along the main story quests you’ve gone:


Left: Heavensward Thancred (3.0); right: Realm Reborn Thancred (2.0)

Other Event NPCs:

  • Starlight Celebration Crier – Event description and information
  • Starlight Supplier – Event Items



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