FFXIV: Make It Rain Campaign 2016 – Final

FFXIV A Realm Reborn
Version: 3.2
Expansion: Heavensward
Status: Final.
Basic Event Information: At Lodestone

Event Duration: From Friday, May 27, 2016 at 08:00 to Friday, June 10, 2016 at 14:59 (GMT)
Gold Saucer Special Event: All attractions provide 50% more MGP for the duration of the event.

SPOILER ALERT!!! This seasonal event has multiple branches based on your choices, and can lead to different endings. The reward remains the same, however. To allow readers to compare their choices, I will be providing more detail than I usually give for seasonal events. BIG SPOILER IF YOU SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM!


Starting NPC: Ollier at x6.4 y6.9 The Gold Saucer (closest aetheryte is the Gold Saucer Aetheryte Plaza)
Minimum Level: 15

  1. Take the quest “And Then There were Some” from Ollier at x6.4 y6.9; after the cutscene, follow Ollier up to Wonder Square East and speak to him again to continue the quest.
  2. There are three primary suspects:
    • Z’napha who served the meal; Gold Saucer employee.
    • Lyell who prepared the meal; Gold Saucer employee.
    • Flaurie who was at the same table; victim’s wife.
  3. Search the Gold Saucer for evidence. Return to Ollier at any time, he will have two dialogue options:
    • “The killer is among us, and I know who it is!” – select this only if you want to guess who the killer is.
    • “I’d like to discuss the evidence that I’ve gathered so far.” – select this if you want to discuss your evidence with Ollier
  4. After gathering whatever evidence you can find, you will be asked to present your evidence. Answer the succeeding questions, which may be different depending on your previous answer.
  5. Speak to Ollier at Wonder Square East, then go down to the other event NPCs in front of the giant Sabotender statue. Speak to Ollier once again to complete the quest. Rewards: One (1) Gold Saucer Ticket, 10 Golden Sparklers (Note that this quest is repeatable so that you may explore other branches/options)
  6. Take the quest “An Inspector’s Gadget” from the Attentive Attendant. This will be unlocked after “And Then There were Some” has been completed at least once. Speak to Grege at the Minicactpot area to claim your prizes. Rewards: 3360 exp, 5 MGP Voucher, Eureka emote

Other NPCs:

  • Attentive Attendant – for dialogue and information
  • Euphoric Attendant – Event Item Merchant
    • Senor Sabotender Trophy – Furnishing, 3000 MGP
    • Golden Sparkler – 10 pieces for 20MGP
  • NPCs that provide evidence/dialogue for the quest:
    • Serving Tray: Interactive item near the victim’s body served by Z’napha, the pungent odor of bitter spirits is overpowering.
    • Northern Storm: Wonder Square East, Roegadyn, says the victim likes to drink and his wife did not like it.
    • Kokomui: Wonder Square East, Lalafell, says the victim frequented the Cactpot Board and was lucky.
    • Tiny Phial @ x 7.9 y 6.8: Interactive item down the hall towards the Main Stage, has a sweet scent.
    • Hitchcock: Main Stage near The Moogle’s Paw machines, Hyur, took the glass from which the victim drank but only for safekeeping; the glass has a sweet scent.
    • Veleda: Cactpot Board, Hyur, says Lyell is too serious to be rash, but Z’napha has not been long enough for Veleda to know her
    • Senor Desinflado: Round Square, Sabotender costume, has sickly sweet scent.
    • Jourcel: Minicactpot area, Elezen, says Flaurie and the victim were laughing at the antics of a Senor Sabotender.
    • Abbelina: Entrance, Hyur, says victim comes alone or with Flaurie.
    • Parchment Slip @ x 4.6 y 7.4: Interactive item at Card Square, “To the King, You know what must needs be done. Succeed, and you shall be rewarded handsomely. From, The Rook.”


  1. To unlock the “True Ending”, collect all of the ten Evidence/Dialogue. Review all of them by speaking to Ollier before stating who the killer is.
  2. Answer the questions with these:
    • How was the victim poisoned?( “drink” )
    • What compelled the criminal to poison the drink?  ( “sickly sweet scent” )
    • When was the poison administered? ( “already on the table” )
    • How was the poison hidden? ( “small sealed phial” )
    • Who was the killer? ( “Senor Sabotender” )
    • Why would Senor Sabotender commit murder? ( “Kokomui” )
    • Why would Kokomui commit murder? ( “ran out of money” )
    • Is there more to your accusation? (“Roland”, the Rook and King pertains to Roland and Kokomui)
  3. The MGS staff reveals that their new attraction is the Murder Mystery. The ‘victim’ merely drank a sleeping potion. Kokomui is legit poor though and needs the money.

“It was just a game! LOL!”



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    Jun 09, 2016 @ 05:30:43

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