FFXIV: All Saints’ Wake 2015

FFXIV A Realm Reborn

Version: 3.0

Expansion: Heavensward

Status: Final.

Basic Event Information: At Lodestone

Event Duration: From Thursday, October 22, 2015 at 8:00 to Wednesday, November 4, 2015 at 14:59 (GMT)


Starting NPC: Adventurer’s Guild Investigator x10 y8 Old Gridania (closest aetheryte is Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre)

Minimum Level: 20

  1. Take the quest “Investigating the Inimical” from the Investigator.
  2. Speak to the following in any order:
    • Untrustworthy Illusionist at x9 y8 Old Gridania
    • Unusual Illusionist at x10 y8 Old Gridania
    • Uncanny Illusionist at x10 y8 Old Gridania
  3. Speak to the Investigator to complete the quest. Rewards: 4060exp, a set of Halloween costume (head, body, hands, feet)
  4. Take the quest “Joining the Circus” from the Investigator.
  5. Go to x30 y19 Hyrstmill, North Shroud and speak to the Investigator.
  6. Speak to the following in any order:
    • Hamlet Miller at x29 y20 Hyrstmill
    • Hamlet Farmer at x28 y20 Hyrstmill
    • Hamlet Gossip at x28 y19 Hyrstmill
  7. Speak to the Investigator to continue the quest.
  8. Spy on the suspicious witch (the Unfamiliar Illusionist) by clicking the Destination at x29 y19 Hyrstmill. CUTSCENE TIME!
  9. Speak to the useless Investigator once more.
  10. Wear the reward items from the previous quest to continue; chat a bit more with the Investigator then head off to save the victims of the curse.
  11. Give creepy cookies to the following in any order (Note: This can be completed even without any Halloween costume on):
    • Curious Pot at x28 y19 Hyrstmill
    • Curious Ahriman at x29 y18 Hyrstmill
    • Curious Imp at x27 y19 Hyrstmill (go up the staircase)
  12. Speak to the ever-pointless Investigator to complete the quest: Rewards: 4060 exp, 320 gil, Pumpkin Butler minion
  13. Take the quest “Sweeping the Meadows” from the Investigator -sigh- again.
  14. Speak to the Investigator at x21 y22 Bentbranch Meadows, Central Shroud.
  15. Speak to the Pumpkin-headed Apparition at x21 y21 Bentbranch Meadows because the Investigator is utterly useless.
  16. Upon the Witch’s Broom, you may then use the Silencing Cant (mount specific skill on your hotbar) on the following Unusual Imps in Bentbranch Mewdows, in any order:
    • At x20 y20 behind a storage house.
    • At x19 y20 near the gysahl green patches.
    • At x20 y22 behind the big granary beside the Chocobo Breeding Hut.
    • At x20 y23 behind some trees and shrubs past the fence, near the Chocobo Breeding Hut.
    • At x22 y23 by the West Vein waters going south.
    • At x22 y21 by the West Vein waters going north.
  17. Speak to the should-be-out-of-a-job Investigator.
  18. Speak to the Pumpkin-headed Apparition.
  19. After reluctantly answering YES to a certain question, go to the Campfire at x21 y23 Bentbranch Meadows.
  20. Throw the Witch’s Broom quest item into the Campfire to obtain broom ash.
  21. Throw the broom ash at the girl’s face- er, at the Imposing Imp at x22 y22 Bentbranch Meadows. CUTSCENE TIME!
  22. Speak to the -sigh- Investigator for what would hopefully be the last time… to complete the quest. MORE CUTSCENES! Rewards: 4060 exp, 345 gil, Witch’s Broom mount

Other NPCs:

  • Continental Circus Publicist – Old Gridania – x10 y9
  • Shady Smock (Event Item Vendor) – Old Gridania – x10 y9
    • Pumpkin Basket – Tabletop Item – 1,800 gil
    • Pumpkin Candlestick – Outdoor Furnishing – 2,835 gil
    • Eerie Wallpaper – Interior Wallpaper – 16,200 gil
    • Stuffed Succubus – Tabletop – 10,800 gil
    • Pumpkin Desk – Table – 13,530 gil
    • Pumpkin Chair – Furnishing – 3,755 gil
    • Witch’s Hat – Unique Untradeable/Also a quest reward – 59 gil
    • Witch’s Coatee – Unique Untradeable/Also a quest reward – 59 gil
    • Witch’s Gloves – Unique Untradeable/Also a quest reward – 42 gil
    • Witch’s Thighboots – Unique Untradeable/Also a quest reward – 60 gil

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