FFXIV “Vedrfolnir Devoteth” FATE

FFXIV A Realm Reborn

Version: 3.0 Heavensward Expansion

Status: FINAL. This guide will no longer be updated.

Basic information credit goes to this FFXIV forum thread. FATE spawn details added as I tested the triggers and timing.

The white dragon Vedrfolnir protects the Zenith for the great wyrm Hraesvelgr. The black dragon Darkscale, Niddhogg’s general, continuously sends his captains to attack Zenith and its occupants.

Vedrfolnir and his Twintania mechanics

Vedrfolnir and his Twintania mechanics

FATE X: Vedrfolnir Devoteth –  Complete FATEs A, B, C and D to trigger this. Fight and defeat the white dragon Vedrfolnir as a test of your strength. He has Twintania mechanics (flatten, twister, liquid hell). Gold reward: Achievement and Ishgardian Half-barding. Position at x11, y35.

The following FATEs are required to trigger “Vedrfolnir Devoteth”. These FATEs can be done in any order and are spaced about 5 to 10 minutes apart. “Vedrfolnir Devoteth” can appear after any of these FATEs (except the Darkscale ones in which case Vedrfolnir Devoteth may only appear after the last Darkscale FATE) as long as the Darkscale chain has been completed. If Vedrfolnir Devoteth does not appear after a trigger FATE, one of the other trigger FATEs should have appeared and you must complete it e.g. “A” was completed, if “X” did not appear then either “B”, “C” or “D” would have appeared instead.

FATE A: The Darkscale chain: Darkscale Descendeth in which you must heal Vedrfolnir and help him weaken Darkscale; Darkscale Disappeareth in which you must heal Vedrfolnir and defeat Darkscale’s three captains Thuban, Rastaban and Etamin; Darkscale Devoureth in which you must help Vedrfolnir defeat Darkscale once and for all. Third FATE gold rewards: Achievement and any one of three Darkscale waist equipment. Positions around x18, y10.

FATE B: Rastaban Vibration – Kill dragons that the captain Rastaban sends out during his journey towards Zenith. Position at x14, y13.

FATE C: End of the Rainbow – NPC triggered FATE. You must speak to the Zenith Dragonling that will appear around x13, y25. He will ask you to save his brother Rhei End. The captain Etamin will appear with many dragons and they will try to kill Rhei End. Heal Rhei End while killing the dragons. Position at x15, y24

FATE D: Mogicide – The captain Thuban is attacking moogles who are the caretakers of Zenith. Defeat Thuban. Position at x22, y22.


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