FFXIV 3.0 Alexander: Fist of the Father Bosses

FFXIV A Realm Reborn

Version: 3.0

Expansion: Heavensward

Status: FINAL. This guide will no longer be updated.


Mini-boss: Faust

– Adds appear over time. The sub-tank just pulled all the adds to a far end of the room while the DPS rushed to kill the boss.

Main Boss: Oppressor

– Advise to main tank: Pull the boss to the south end of the room. Why? Because Oppressor 0.5 appears from the north side of the room. Sub-tank can intercept Oppressor 0.5 before it reaches Oppressor and tank it at the north side.

– DPS while avoiding AOE and killing adds (Alarum @ 70%). At 60% HP, the doors will open and Oppressor 0.5 will appear.

– Falling missile markers will appear and more Alarums will also appear after Oppressor 0.5 enters the fight. Alarums will tether to and chase members of the party. The tethered members should pull the Alarum to the missile markers. The dead Alarum will leave an AOE on the ground which will absorb the falling missiles. Otherwise, the falling missiles will cause a wipe.

– Falling missile + Alarum phase will repeat until the Oppressors are dead. After each phase, the Oppressors will fly and then land with a crash; make sure that your party is on the opposite end of the room and with barriers/regen up.

– Oppressor and Oppressor 0.5 are almost completely identical save for some difference in appearance/color. If they are too close to each other, they become linked and get buffed up. They MUST be killed just seconds before one another (ala Caduceus of Bahamut 1). If one is killed, the other will cast “SELF-DESTRUCT”; if the HP is too high, you can’t DPS down quick enough.


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