FFXIV 3.0 Free Company Airship – 4.0 Prototypes

FFXIV A Realm Reborn

Version: 3.0, 4.0

Expansion: Heavensward, Stormblood

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The first DIA FC airship, DIA Airlines, was completed through the joint effort of: Neuflune Mochiko, Seed Strife, D’nyamis Spiritus, Quanta Domino, Zero Rien and Jhasperr Preness of the free company Discordia @ Carbuncle.

Update Log:

July 02, 2015 – Repairing airship components, charting voyages.

July 07, 2015 – Minor notes.

July 17, 2015Information: FC Airship 2 unlocked after exploring Sector 8. Requires 3 Flight Credits.

July 21, 2015 – Added list of retrieved items per sector.  This will be continuously updated as we explore sectors.

July 21, 2015 – Recipes for Aetherial Wheel and Airship. This will be continuously updated as we unlock it.

July 29, 2015 – Materials needed for Prototypes. Completed! Thanks T’ai Winterrain!

August 05, 2015 – Rank and Airframe Capacity for outfitting airship parts

August 12, 2015 – Updated recipes in PDF; now includes Odyssey airship parts.

August 13, 2015Information: FC Airship 3 unlocked after exploring Sector 14. Requires 5 Flight Credits.

August 20, 2015 – Information: FC Airship 1 reached Rank 50. Airframe Capacity: 61

August 30, 2015 – Updated recipes in PDF; now includes Grade 3 Wheel Stand and Aetherial Wheels.

September 01, 2015 – Updated recipes in PDF; now includes Tatanora-type airship parts.

September 06, 2015 – Bulleted outfitting requirements; added Airship Stats section

September 12, 2015 – Information: FC Airship 4 unlocked after exploring Sector 18. Requires 7 Flight Credits.

November 10, 2015 – Patch 3.1 Added Workshop Prototypes/Recipes

November 21, 2015 – Added [New Items] in the lists of retrieved.

November 22, 2015 – Added The Diadem requirements.

February 23, 2016 – Patch 3.2 Added Workshop Prototypes/Recipes

June 12, 2016 – Patch 3.3 Added Workshop Prototypes/Recipes

February 23, 2017 – Patch 3.5 Added Workshop Prototypes/Recipes

June 16, 2017 4.0 Stormblood Launch – Added Workshop Prototypes/Recipes

October 10, 2017 – Patch 4.1 Added Workshop Prototypes/Recipes

Quick Guide to Crafting the FC airship:

Step 1: Pick the Airship list in the Fabrication Station’s Crafting Log.

Step 2: Pick an airship part that you will craft. You start at Phase 1.

Step 3: Contribute the required materials to complete the Phase.

Step 4: Move on to the next Phase. There are 3 phases for each part.

Step 5: Take the part from the Fabrication Station upon completion of Phase 3. Only then can you make another airship part.

Step 6: Go to the Flight Coordinator once you have all of the airship parts.

Step 7: Name your airship (and set other preferences).

Step 8: Start your exploration!


Basic FC Airship: Bronco-type

Items required for an Exploration:

  • Airship Parts (Hull, Sail, Forecastle, Aftcastle) for Registration (one-time, can be changed)
  • Flight Credit (10,000 FC points @ Resident Caretaker) for Registration (one-time)
  • Ceruleum Tank (100 FC points @ Resident Caretaker) for every exploration

** The Resident Caretaker is an NPC in each housing area (e.g. Dappled Stalls at Lavender Beds) **



Things to Remember:

  • The order in which you create the airship parts does not matter. You can create Hull first, or Aftcastle first, etc.
  • Phase progress is not time-constrained. If you have all of the materials for each Phase, you can continue to the next phase right away.
  • Phase 2 and 3 require a party of 4 crafters in the company workshop.
  • The party of 4 crafters do not need to be in the same free company.
  • Only the crafter party leader can initiate Progress for the airship project.
  • It is ideal to use high-quality materials because it increases the Part quality. (EDIT July 07, 2015! At the moment, the effect of HQ materials seems to be purely RNG. Use NQ or HQ, it’s up to you!)
  • Airships can be renamed.
  • Explorations are like Ventures; they last for 18 hours or so but can be recalled.
  • Better airship parts (obtained by creating Airship Prototypes) have different/better stats.

Repairing Airship Components:

  • Recipe for Airship Repair Materials are: Crystals (depends on the crafter recipe), Dark Matter Cluster (unspoiled mining nodes) and Grade 6 Dark Matter (120 gil @ Dark Matter-selling NPCs/Tool Merchants)
  • Airship Repair Materials can be crafted by any crafter (including Culinarian) as long as they have obtained the Master 1 Recipe book.


Minor rant: It’s annoying that the game keeps saying “To repair a component, access the flight control panel and select an airship, followed by Repair airship components. Please note that you cannot do so without the requisite materials.” but does not say how the materials can be obtained. Since the recipe is a Master 1 book, not all crafters will be able to see it in their recipe list even as they level up.

Charting Voyages

  • Upon reaching a higher rank, your airship can explore more areas.
  • You chart each voyage and make the airship explore different areas by clicking the names in the Voyage Details Destination list. Each destination uses up at least one Ceruleum Tank. Distant sectors may use up more tanks.
  • Note that some areas can only be explored in a certain order.
  • Also note that the Return Time changes depending on the combination of areas that you picked. Chart your voyages wisely.


Unlocking Second Airship

As of the moment, “how to unlock second airship” does not have solid information. This is mostly because each FC can unlock the second airship once, and thus cannot repeat/test procedures to find out how they unlocked it. However, based on speculation on the FFXIV forums, Reddit, and how we unlocked our second airship, I hope this information that I provide will be relevant and helpful.

Voyage finalized, Rank 22 achieved, second airship unlocked. I am absolutely sure that this option was not present when the airship was Rank 21 because I was the one who sent it out on a voyage then.

Voyage finalized, Rank 22 achieved, second airship unlocked. I am absolutely sure that this option was not present when the airship was Rank 21 because I was the one who sent it out on a voyage then.


The list of sectors that our first FC airship unlocked until it reached Rank 22. I unlocked different sectors by plotting at least two Destinations per voyage; three if the voyage details allows it. Note that Return Times vary depending on the order of the islands visited. In this example, 17+20+14 is the “optimal” combination at 38 hours and 15 minutes; 20+17+14 is a few minutes more than that, and 14+17+20 is a few hours more than that.

Our FC now has two airships: DIA 1 is an Invincible-type and DIA 2 is a Bronco-type.

Our FC now has two airships: DIA 1 is an Invincible-type and DIA 2 is a Bronco-type. Our second airship used the old parts from the first airship.

The FC activity log which states that a second airship may be registered.

The FC activity log which states that a second airship may be registered.

Items Retrieved

  • Sector 1: Bamboo Weave, Vivianite, Ferberite, Vitality Materia III, Lightning Crystal, Dexterity Materia III, Wind Crystal
  • Sector 2: Bamboo Weave, Vivianite, Gold Ore, Water Crystal, Battledance Materia III, Fire Crystal
  • Sector 3: Balsa Wood Scrap, Red Moko Grass, Earth Crystal, Ice Crystal, Craftsman’s Competence Materia III, Craftsman’s Command Materia III
  • Sector 4: Balsa Wood Scrap, Red Moko Grass, Water Crystal, Gatherer’s Guile Materia III, Gatherer’s Grasp Materia III, Scarlet Sap
  • Sector 5: Empty Crystal, Savage Might Materia III, Vitality Materia III, Wind Crystal, Birch Branch, Deep-red Crystal, Lightning Crystal
  • Sector 6: Empty Crystal, Deep-green Crystal, Quicktongue Materia III, Ice Crystal, Dark Chestnut Branch, Earth Crystal
  • Sector 7: Red Clay, Deep Blue Crystal, Fine Alumen, Water Crystal, Fire Crystal, Craftsman’s Cunning Materia III
  • Sector 8: Balsa Wood Lumber, Iron Giant Core, Raw Celestine, Mind Materia III
  • Sector 9: Balsa Wood Lumber, Wind Crystal, Lightning Crystal, Raw Celestine, Toy Box Schema, Quickarm Materia III
  • Sector 10: Black Clay, Scarlet Sap, Raw Celestine, Fire Crystal, Gatherer’s Guerdon III, Water Crystal, Gatherer’s Guile III, Gatherer’s Guile III, [Potter’s Stone]
  • Sector 11: Chemically Treated Chimera Hide, Intelligence Materia III, Synthetic Fiber, Magnanimous Mogcrown, Ice Crystal
  • Sector 12: Chemically Treated Chimera Hide, Fire Crystal, Dexterity Materia IV, Water Crystal, Synthetic Fiber, Dark Chestnut Branch, Shrub Seedling
  • Sector 13: Chemically Treated Chimera Hide, Synthetic Resin, Ferberite, Ice Crystal, Earth Crystal, [Dravanian Mote]
  • Sector 14: Aetherochemical Fiber, Gold Ore, Cassia Log, [Oriental Grass]
  • Sector 15: Vitality Materia IV, Magnanimous Mogcrown, Platinum Ore, Cassia Log, Aetherochemical Fiber
  • Sector 16: Empty Cluster, Cassia Log, Fire Crystal, Scarlet Sap, Far Eastern Coin
  • Sector 17: Birch Branch, Craftsman’s Command III, Deep-red cluster, Craftsman’s Competence IV, Toy Box Schema, Dusk Leather
  • Sector 18:
  • Sector 19: Deep-blue Cluster, Ferberite, Piety IV, Dusk Leather
  • Sector 20: Gold Ore, Dusk Leather, Deep-red Cluster, Battledance Materia IV
  • Sector 21: Savage Might Materia IV, Quicktongue Materia IV, Platinum Ore, Deep-green Cluster, [Wind Silk]
  • Sector 22: Gatherer’s Guile Materia IV, Dusk Leather, Gatherer’s Grasp Materia IV, Deep-blue Cluster, Iron Giant Core, Gatherer’s Grasp Materia III, Cassia Log

Free Company Workshop Crafting Recipes

Partial screenshot of list of recipes

Partial screenshot of list of recipes

Download the PDF: FFXIV Wheel and Airship Recipes Sep 1

In this PDF:

  • Level 2 Aetherial Wheel Stand
  • Level 3 Aetherial Wheel Stand
  • Grade 2 Aetherial Wheels
  • Grade 3 Aetherial Wheels – Do note that not all Company Actions have Grade 3 versions.
  • Bronco-type airship parts
  • Invincible-type airship parts
  • Enterprise-type airship parts
  • Invincible II-type airship parts
  • Odyssey-type airship parts
  • Tatanora-type airship parts
Level 3 Wheel Stand with Grade 1 (green), Grade 2 (yellow) and Grade 3 (blue) wheels

Level 3 Wheel Stand with Grade 1 (green), Grade 2 (yellow) and Grade 3 (blue) wheels

Free Company Crafting Prototypes

  • Airship Projects
    • Prototype II (Invincible): Bamboo Weave x 6
    • Prototype III (Enterprise): Balsa Wood Scrap x 10, Bamboo Weave x 4
    • Prototype IV (Invincible II): Balsa Wood Lumber x 10, Bamboo Weave x 4
    • Prototype V (Odyssey): Synthetic Fiber x 14, Balsa Wood Scrap x 4
    • Prototype VI (Tatanora): Aetherochemical Fiber x 14, Balsa Wood Lumber x 4, Bamboo Weave x 4
    • Patch 3.2: Prototype VII (Viltgance): Aetherochemical Fiber x 18, Synthetic Fiber x 8, Balsa Wood Lumber x 8
  • Housing Projects
    • Restaurant Prototype: Red Clay x 10
    • Armor Shop Prototype: Black Clay x 10
    • Weapon Shop Prototype: Synthetic Resin x 9, Black Clay x 8
    • Patch 3.1: Moghouse Prototype: Synthetic Resin x11, Black Clay x10, Bamboo Weave x8
    • Patch 3.4: Chocobo Prototype: Synthetic Resin x14, Black Clay x12, Bamboo Weave x10
    • Patch 3.5: Paissa Prototype: Synthetic Resin x16, Black Clay x14, Bamboo Weave x12
    • 4.0 Stormblood: Carbuncle Prototype: Synthetic Resin x18, Black Clay x16, Bamboo Weave x14
    • Patch 4.1: Shirogane Castle Prototype: Synthetic Resin x20, Black Clay x18, Bamboo Weave x16
  • Aetherial Wheel Projects
    • Aetherial Wheel Prototype II: Empty Crystals x 6
    • Aetherial Wheel Prototype III: Empty Crystals x 6
    • Aetherial Wheel Prototype IV: Empty Crystals x 6
    • Aetherial Wheel Prototype V: Empty Cluster x 4, Synthetic Resin x 2
    • Aetherial Wheel Prototype VI: Empty Cluster x 4, Synthetic Resin x 2
    • Aetherial Wheel Prototype VII: Empty Cluster x 4, Synthetic Resin x 2
    • Wheel Stand Prototype II: Empty Cluster x 6, Synthetic Resin x 3, Red Clay x 8
    • Patch 3.1: Wheel Stand Prototype III: Empty Cluster x 8, Synthetic Resin x 5, Red Clay x 10
    • Patch 3.2: Wheel Stand Prototype IV: Empty Cluster x 10,  Synthetic Resin x 7, Red Clay x 12
    • Patch 3.3: Wheel Stand Prototype V: Empty Cluster x 12,  Synthetic Resin x 9, Red Clay x 14

Outfitting Requirements: Rank and Airframe Capacity

Airship parts can be crafted any time; however, outfitting it onto your airship must fulfill these requirements:

  • Rank depends on the current rank of your airship.
  • Airframe Capacity is the maximum “components” that your airship can be outfitted with. Each airship part has a “Components” value that counts towards this limit. For example, a complete Bronco airship (outfitted with four parts) needs an Airframe Capacity of 12 (3 components per part multiplied by 4). This value increases as your airship ranks up. Listed below are the Ranks and Components required based on their type:
    • Bronco
      • Rank: 1
      • Components: 3
      • Full-Bronco Airframe Capacity Needed: 12
      • Repair Materials Per Part: 1
    • Invincible
      • Rank: 5
      • Components: 6
      • Full-Invincible Airframe Capacity Needed: 24
      • Repair Materials Per Part: 2
    • Enterprise
      • Rank: 15
      • Components: 11
      • Full-Enterprise Airframe Capacity Needed: 44
      • Repair Materials Per Part: 3
    • Invincible II
      • Rank: 25
      • Components: 16
      • Full-Invincible II Airframe Capacity Needed: 64
      • Repair Materials Per Part: 4
    • Odyssey
      • Rank: 35
      • Components: 21
      • Full-Odyssey Airframe Capacity Needed: 84
      • Repair Materials Per Part: 5
    • Tatanora
      • Rank: 45
      • Components: 26
      • Full-Tatanora Airframe Capacity Needed: 104
      • Repair Materials Per Part: 6
    • Viltgance
      • Rank: 50
      • Components: 31
      • Full-Viltgance Airframe Capacity Needed: 124
      • Repair Materials Per Part: 7

Airship Parts and Stats

Airships have five stats: Surveillance (required for exploring sectors, Sectors 17 and higher require at least 90 Surveillance), Retrieval (affects loot retrieval rate), Speed (affects return time), Range (maximum travel distance), Favor (seems to affect weather conditions and loot appearance). Listed below are the stats that each airship part adds to or subtracts from. Any stat that is not listed has a value of “0”.

  • Bronco
    • Hull: Range (+80), Favor (-10)
    • Rigging: Retrieval (-10), Speed (+80), Range (-10)
    • Forecastle: Surveillance (+80), Favor (+80)
    • Aftcastle: Surveillance (-10), Retrieval (+80), Speed (-10)
    • Total Stats if Full-Bronco: Surveillance (70), Retrieval (70), Speed (70), Range (70), Favor (70)
  • Invincible
    • Hull: Range (+94), Favor (-14)
    • Rigging: Retrieval (-14), Speed (+94), Range (-14)
    • Forecastle: Surveillance (+94), Favor (+94)
    • Aftcastle: Surveillance (-14), Retrieval (+94), Speed (-14)
    • Total Stats if Full-Invincible: Surveillance (80), Retrieval (80), Speed (80), Range (80), Favor (80)
  • Enterprise
    • Hull: Range (+108), Favor (-18)
    • Rigging: Retrieval (-18), Speed (+108), Range (-18)
    • Forecastle: Surveillance (+108), Favor (+108)
    • Aftcastle: Surveillance (-18), Retrieval (+108), Speed (-18)
    • Total Stats if Full-Enterprise: Surveillance (90), Retrieval (90), Speed (90), Range (90), Favor (90)
  • Invincible II
    • Hull: Range (+122), Favor (-22)
    • Rigging: Retrieval (-22), Speed (+122), Range (-22)
    • Forecastle: Surveillance (+122), Favor (+122)
    • Aftcastle: Surveillance (-22), Retrieval (+122), Speed (-22)
    • Total Stats if Full-Invincible II: Surveillance (100), Retrieval (100), Speed (100), Range (100), Favor (100)
  • Odyssey
    • Hull: Range (+136), Favor (-26)
    • Rigging: Retrieval (-26), Speed (+136), Range (-26)
    • Forecastle: Surveillance (+136), Favor (+136)
    • Aftcastle: Surveillance (-26), Retrieval (+136), Speed (-26)
    • Total Stats if Full-Odyssey: Surveillance (110), Retrieval (110), Speed (110), Range (110), Favor (110)
  • Tatanora
    • Hull: Range (+150), Favor (-30)
    • Rigging: Retrieval (-30), Speed (+150), Range (-30)
    • Forecastle: Surveillance (+150), Favor (+150)
    • Aftcastle: Surveillance (-30), Retrieval (+150), Speed (-30)
    • Total Stats if Full-Tatanora: Surveillance (120), Retrieval (120), Speed (120), Range (120), Favor (120)
  • Viltgance
    • Hull: Range (+164), Favor (-34)
    • Rigging: Retrieval (-34), Speed (+164), Range (-34)
    • Forecastle: Surveillance (+164), Favor (+164)
    • Aftcastle: Surveillance (-34), Retrieval (+164), Speed (-34)
    • Total Stats if Full-Tatanora: Surveillance (130), Retrieval (130), Speed (130), Range (130), Favor (130)

Diadem Requirements

  • All party members must be in the company workshop to engage The Diadem via FC airship.
  • All party members should have a Mission Ceruleum item in their bag. It costs 80 FC credits each.
  • Party members do not have to be in the same FC.
  • Only the party leader can make the airship “Embark”.
  1. The Diadem (Easy)
    • Airship Rank: 10
    • Surveillance: 70
    • Character Level: 60
  2. The Diadem
    • Airship Rank: 25
    • Surveillance: 80
    • Character Level: 60
  3. The Diadem (Hard)
    • Airship Rank: 50
    • Surveillance: 90
    • Character Level: 60

28 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. KusariChan
    Nov 12, 2015 @ 12:49:50

    So, fresh back from a 50 hour voyage I started pre-3.1, my first airship has just returned from a voyage to sector’s 12, 13, and 14, and has some new items you can add to the list from Sector 13 and 14:
    Sector 13: Deep-Blue Clusters and Craftsman’s Competence Materia IV
    Sector 14: Oriental Grass (new item entirely)
    Screenshot Links to Blog Post on FFXIV Lodestone:


  2. shanian
    Aug 16, 2015 @ 17:24:44

    4th airship seems to be from sector 18, and dusk leather from sector 17


  3. shanian
    Aug 15, 2015 @ 03:13:31

    unlocked 3rd airship after a travel through sectors 8-14-11, attained rank 44, so assuming it is related either to sector 14 or rank 44.


  4. shanian
    Aug 03, 2015 @ 05:29:34

    discovered sector 8 and 13 at the same time. rank 33 airship, still no second airship option


  5. shanian
    Aug 01, 2015 @ 23:01:35

    got synthetic fiber out of sector 11


  6. shanian
    Jul 21, 2015 @ 01:44:25

    rank 27 ~.~ unlocked zone 11 but nothing on zone 8 yet, hes beeing stubborn. any signs on the bamboo lumber?


  7. Destan Hubbard
    Jul 16, 2015 @ 03:50:48

    My FC got the second Airship unlocked after exploring zone 8. RNG seems to be involved.


  8. shanian
    Jul 07, 2015 @ 23:18:55

    we seem to get excelent and outstanding most often when 4 people actually contribute with items, aka, 1 type of item/person, instead of just beeing one or two trading in and just getting the remaining ppl for advancing. may be pure rng though.
    our airship is rank 17 =( still no signs on teh 2nd airship.


  9. Valia
    Jul 06, 2015 @ 20:29:48

    Thus far, quality improvement seems to be pure RNG. We’ve had bad luck with HQ mats and gotten quality up with NQ mats. :/ We’ve also gotten excellent results with low quality % and gotten nothing with nearly 90/100 quality. Never seen an Outstanding. Also don’t know how the Excellent airship part affects the ventures themselves. At this time, we are not stressing mats be HQ.

    Since the FC as a whole can’t “see” any airship, after the Invincible is complete, we will be swapping to the Merchant house skin (I’m guessing that is what it is.) since I think that will be better for morale. (We are also wanting the elusive red clay. I’m about bamboo weave-d out. TT_TT )

    Good luck! ^^v


    • DinDeen
      Jul 07, 2015 @ 20:27:38

      We’ve had Outstanding completions both done with HQ and NQ. It does seem to be purely RNG at this point. I’ll edit that in, thanks!


  10. Porrom
    Jul 05, 2015 @ 19:52:46

    anyone found the red or black clay yet?


  11. Rassiel
    Jul 05, 2015 @ 06:58:40

    We’re supposed to be able to discover (through exploring) the means to create another airship slot.


  12. Lindsey
    Jul 04, 2015 @ 04:57:05

    my fc has a rank 15 airship and at the moment, we cannot register a second. i have heard that we are allowed more, but upon further research, i cannot find any mention of someone already having a second.


    • DinDeen
      Jul 04, 2015 @ 14:19:52

      Yeah. The NPC (mammet) states that we can register more but at the moment, the option is not available (maybe not implemented yet?). Our airship is Rank 8.


  13. DB
    Jul 01, 2015 @ 11:22:53

    Are FCs allowed more than one airship?


    • DinDeen
      Jul 02, 2015 @ 00:20:21

      Short answer: At the moment, I do not know.
      Long answer: The mammet in the workshop mentions that you can register more company airships as your current airship’s rank goes up. Our airship is currently Rank 6, at Rank 7 it can explore more areas. I will see by then if we can deploy a second airship and I will update this guide accordingly to reflect that information.


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