PLDT and SmartBro Termination Woes

On October 2013, due to continuously terrible connection of SmartBro, I inquired about account termination. I was advised that I will have to pay for all the months until the end of my contract (which will end April 2014) so I put up with it for a few more months. I paid all of my bills (sent via email) until the end of my contract.

Come April 2014, I filed a termination request on the 8th and it was accepted by the local branch of the company. I was advised that the termination will be free of charge and if I had already paid my bill up to that point, I was to ignore any succeeding billings. A few days later, I received a call which confirmed my request for termination. I did confirm it and once again, the company’s representative advised me to IGNORE ANY AND ALL SUCCEEDING BILLINGS.

April 16, 2014 I received a bill through email which equated to a full month of the service. Because I was advised to ignore it, I did ignore it.

April 10, 2015 I received a letter via snail mail. The contents of the letter not only irked me but offended me greatly. It stated the following:


Bullshit letter from Smart Bro, signed by the OIC of their Recovery Management Division

I was offended because:

** Not once have I missed paying my bills. Even with my current ISP, I never miss my due dates and in fact have MANY ADVANCE PAYMENTS. Even if they look through my account through the years, they will not be able to find a single missed payment.

** My contract with them has ended a year ago AND THE STATUS OF MY ACCOUNT IS PERMANENTLY DISCONNECTED. And yet this letter states that I still have OBLIGATIONS.

** After the termination confirmation call, which even advised me to wait for their technical people who will retrieved their antenna and other peripherals from my residence, I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED A SINGLE CALL FROM THE COMPANY. The technicians never arrived either.

** There were no “repeated demands” via call, and THERE WAS NONE VIA EMAIL EITHER. One might think that maybe they removed me from their mail list so I never received any emails? I AM STILL IN THEIR MAILING LIST AND I PERIODICALLY RECEIVED THEIR EMAILS. And obviously, I have not blocked PLDT/Smart either:


I settled the small amount that they asked of me after a customer service representative (via the hotline) confirmed that my account was indeed PERMANENTLY DISCONNECTED, and advised me to check with the local branch. A representative at the local branch explained that the bill was “leftover” from the time between my last billing (March 2014) to the disconnection. GOOD RIDDANCE.

Do note that during the time that I applied for disconnection, I REPEATEDLY ASKED IF I STILL HAD ANYTHING TO PAY including termination fees and ANY LEFTOVER BILLING. The representatives that I spoke to at that time REPEATEDLY SAID NO and ADVISED ME TO IGNORE ANY SUCCEEDING BILLINGS.

Why were there no calls or even emails to explain what the bill is for, when they so easily called me for the termination confirmation?

Why did they claim to have made REPEATED DEMANDS when I received NONE AT ALL either via call or email within the past year (aside from the April 2014 bill, which obviously does not count as “repeated”)?


This is the kind of bullshit that made me ditch their company after two or three 24-month contracts! I can stand intermittent disconnection and derpy customer service, but when the SYSTEM ITSELF IS SHITTY, count me out! Good riddance, PLDT and SMART! And don’t ever call me up for offers again!


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