FFXIV Points to Remember for “The Steps of Faith”

Game: Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn

Version: 2.55 as of March 31, 2015

Duty: The Steps of Faith

Objective: Kill the wyrm Vishap before he destroys the Arc of the Worthy.

Blogger’s Note: I prefer tanking this duty to setup the kills, however the key to victory is for the DPS members to know what they are doing. Stop dying. If you DPS have aggro, take the mobs to the tanks! Don’t run around like headless chicken! Melee DPS, -please- do not take wyrm-feet to the face! Healers should also throw DPS when they can. This isn’t the time to be saying “omg we are already healing, why we gotta DPS too?!” This is a time sensitive duty and if you don’t kill that wyrm fast enough, YOU ALL FAIL.

— For tanks —

– One tank should take the left side and the other should take the right side.

– It does not matter who is “main tank”. Both tanks should be flexible and aware of the situation at all times.

– Tanks must take all adds and pull them beneath Vishap, who is slowly walking towards the Arc. This sets them up for the cannon hits.

– Whenever a Biast or Drake appears, run up to it and Provoke+Stun. It will be fixated on the cannons despite the Provoke so stun it as fast as you can, or the cannons and its user will get damaged. After a while, the aggro will go to you and you can drag it over to Vishap with the other adds.

– Wyverns use Collapse (triangle frontal AOE), just avoid it/make it face away from the rest of the party.

– Mind the “mini boss” adds that appear:

— The Horde Armored Dragon has massive AOE (Hard Stomp) that should be stunned. Don’t spam stuns on it otherwise you won’t be able to stun it during Hard Stomp! The one who stuns should preferably be a Paladin though because their stuns had low cooldowns. Don’t think “oh we’ll just kill it fast enough so stun resistance wouldn’t matter”. Unless you have monster DPS, you’ll have a hard time taking down that turtle so best stun it only when necessary and leave inflicting damage up to DOTs and cannons.

— There will be a Horde Dragon that breathes a straight line of poison (like Aiatar of Brayflox’s Longstop) , so make it face away from the rest of the party or just make it face straight forward (between Vishap’s legs) as you walk along.

Horde Transcendent (?) is like the Stone Vigil Hard final boss. It has a weird aggro pattern and may attack anyone despite the aggro bar’s info. Try to burn it down if you can, or just leave DOTs on it. Priority is still Vishap. Burn the Transcendent only if you are confident that you can take down Vishap before it reaches the Arc.

— For healers —

– Keep everyone at 80% HP or higher. There are very hard hits and DOTs that can quickly kill your party members.

– Use Succor/Medica II whenever it’s already down. Don’t worry about aggro, tanks should deal with it! That said, please do take the adds towards the tanks so as not to give them such a hard time.

– Throw DOTs at Vishap or anything else.

– DO NOT stun-spam the Armored Dragon!

— For DPS —

– The cannons should always be manned. If you can, leave DoTs on Vishap when you don’t have cannon time.

– The third cannon skill drops a slowing AOE on the ground. You can line them up close to one another as Vishap walks. It won’t slow down the wyrm but it will slow down the adds which should be positioned by your tanks beneath the wyrm.

– The second cannon skill is Lightning aspected and can paralyze/stun the adds.

– The first cannon skill is your basic AOE. Fire away whenever the other two skills are on cooldown.

– Don’t use your limit break on a single add… seriously, that was the dumbest thing that I’ve seen so far in this duty.

– DO NOT stun-spam the Armored Dragon. Use Stun only when he is using HARD STOMP which is a massive AOE. The one who stuns should preferably be a Paladin though because their stuns had low cooldowns.

SNARE MECHANISM: This should be triggered when prompted by the NPC (Lucia). Anyone can trigger it.

DRAGON KILLER: A ballista on top of the tower close to the Snares. Once Vishap is Snared, use the Dragon Killer on him. If you miss even one, there’s a bigger chance that you will fail. Preferably manned by DPS.

Ideal HP% for a “win”: Vishap should be around 50% by the time that he tries to destroy the second group of cannons.

LIMIT BREAK USAGE: Limit Break 3 should ideally be used on Vishap as soon as it is full, preferably by a melee class (Final Heaven). There maybe be enough time to change another Limit Break (LB1) as the wyrm walks so don’t shy away from using LB3. If you’re in a pitch or if there is no melee member, it may be used by a caster. Tough luck if you have 4 bards though.


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