FFXIV: Call of the Wild

Game: Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn

Version: 2.3

Sylph and Amalj’aa Guide

Sahagin and Kobold Guide

Ixali Guide



To unlock the “Call of the Wild” quest, you must achieve the highest reputation rank in each and every beast tribe. Then, return to your Grand Company and obtain the quest from one of the GC NPCs. “Call of the Wild” will unlock another quest which will lead you back through all of the previous beast tribes:

  1. Call of the Wild (at your Grand Company)
  2. Little Sylphs Lost (Gridania/Sylphs of Little Solace)
  3. Clutching at Straws (Limsa Lominsa/Sahagin of Novv’s Nursery)
  4. Digging for Answers (Limsa Lominsa/Kobold of the 789th Order Dig)
  5.  Rattled in Ehcatl (Gridania/Ixal of Ehcatl Nine)
  6. Ash Not What Your Brother Can Do For You (Ul’dah/Amalj’aa of the Brotherhood of Ash)
  7. Friends Forever (Ul’dah)

Reward: “Allied” rank to all available beast tribes.

The following items will be available for 25,000 gil from their respective beast tribe vendors:


Wind-up Founder

Wind-up Violet

Wind-up Violet

Wind-up Sea Devil

Wind-up Sea Devil

Wind-up Kobolder

Wind-up Kobolder

Wind-up Dezul Qualan

Wind-up Dezul Qualan




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