FFXIV: Sora Atobe of Neon Takes FC with House

Game: Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn

Free Company (Guild): Neon (9229705223830768219)

Server: Carbuncle


It’s official. As of posting, the Free Company master Sora Atobe (2839354) has kicked almost everyone out of the free company Neon and has taken everything for him and his brother, Joanne Ross (2803641). They are the only remaining members of Neon. The free company has a Medium house in Ul’dah which was painstakingly saved up for by its active members: Sora Atobe, Joanne Ross, Quanta Domino, D’nyamis Spiritus, Neuflune Mochiko; and to a lesser degree, Azure Malkav and Nyanchan Mochiko. The main contributors¬†all gave around 3m each for the housing lot which at that time cost almost 15m. Quanta, D’nyamis and Neuflune then bought the housing permit of around 1m and proceeded to furnish the house out of their own pockets and crafting classes.


After personal issues erupted between Neuflune and Sora, during which the latter harassed the former within FC environment (which Square Enix dismissed as FC drama), Neuflune left the FC and made her own FC. About two months later and weeks of inactivity, Sora Atobe logged in due to the Free Log-in Campaign and kicked the remaining members out of the free company. He did not tell them his reason, much less talk to any of them in any way. He just started kicking them until the only members left were Sora Atobe and his IRL brother Joanne Ross.


What is this blog post for? This is for information. I have mostly kept quiet about these issues because I did not want Sora to turn his ire on the remaining members of Neon. But he did it of his own accord anyway. So here I am, Neuflune Mochiko, telling the internet about what happened. I still have the list of gil contributions that each member made. Sora Atobe has a copy of it, but he never made a list himself despite accusing other members such as D’nyamis that they “never contributed to the FC”.


This is a heads up to anyone running across Sora Atobe and his brother Joanne Ross. Be wary of being part of his FC. You’ll be kicked as soon as he feels like it.


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