FFXIV ARR: ” Labyrinth of the Ancients ” Crystal Tower Guide (with Roles)


Author’s Note: Bear with my horrible drawings and handwriting. I got lazy and drew this by hand instead of using Inkscape. Also, the scanner that I used is old so the color is a bit weird (supposed to be orange, black and green). 

Update 02/07/2014: Complete list of Acheron’s skills.

Update 02/09/2013: Edited Iron Giant spawn point info. Added Vassago skill name.

Map of the Labyrinth of Ancients The players start at the southernmost area.

Map of the Labyrinth of the Ancients
The players start at the southernmost area.

There are three pathways in the Labyrinth (“The Crossroads”). Start by going to the left path and into the pools (A). Then go to the right path and into Atomos and Thanatos (B). Next, run into the fiery middle path (C). Lastly, jump into an abyss (Walk of Ascension) that appears in the intersection of the paths (D).


  • A-start, B-start, C-start : The positions where the Teams should be at the beginning.
  • A, B, C or A1, B1, C1: The position of the Main Tank for each fight. Shall be referred to as “tank”.
  • A2, B2, C2 : The position of the Sub Tank for each fight. Shall be referred to as “subtank”.
  • Other numbers in black : Party members.
  • Orange-red triangles : Direction of some boss attacks.
  • Green circle : Spawn point of Iron Giant in Hall of the Savage (King Behemoth fight).

— Area A —


A-1) Pool of Folly. Four platforms; lower part of platforms get submerged in poison water as fight progresses.

  • A-tank take one Valefor to upper left platform.
  • C-tank take one Valefor to upper right platform.
  • B-tank take all homunculus into any lower platform.

A and C should position the Valefor properly. The Valefor should face inwards, because it has a wide-range back-attack that causes Bleeding status to anyone caught in it.

A-2) Pool of Demise. One cross-shaped platform; floor outside platform gets submerged in poison water as fight progresses.

  • B-tank take all Valar into middle of platform.
  • A-tank take one Greater Demon and make it face AWAY from the platform.
  • C-tank take one Greater Demon and make it face AWAY from the platform.

A and C should position Greater Demon properly. It has a frontal attack that will knockback anyone caught in it.
A-3) Pool of Oblivion : Four platforms; lower part of platforms get submerged in poison water as fight progresses.

  • A-tank take one Dira to upper left platform.
  • A-subtank take one Cursed eye to upper left platform.
  • B-tank take one Dira to any lower platform.
  • B-subtank take one Cursed Eye to any lower platform.
  • C-tank take one Dira to upper right platform.
  • C-subtank take one Cursed Eye to upper right platform.

Dira has AoE fire attack that will target some DPS or healer; just move out of it.
Cursed Eye has AoE petrifying attack; stay out of it. Subtank should make Cursed Eye face away from the main tank.
A-4(Boss) “Hall of the Tainted”: Bone Dragon: This boss is typically tanked by B-tank. It has three phases. In the first two phases, it will summon Platinals (bone mobs). Platinals must be pulled by any tank (except the one tanking the Dragon) and killed at the end of each platform. Preferably, one platinal only per platform. This will continue until the Bone Dragon dies. While the Dragon is down, the Platinals will resurrect and try to run towards it. It must be killed quickly. If a Platinal reaches the Bone Dragon, an AoE will hit all members of the alliance.

Once all Platinals are dead, Bone Dragon will rise again and the cycle will be repeated. On the third phase, the Bone Dragon will summon Rotten Eyes instead of Platinals. Eyes must be pulled away by the tanks, far from the Bone Dragon, healers and DPS. DPS should focus on Bone Dragon only because this is the last phase. Eyes have petrifying attack, like the Cursed Eye in Pool of Oblivion.

— Area B —


B-1) Walk of Lament : Four players of each Team must stand on the glowing platform opposite of Atomos. Team A’s platform locks Team B’s Atomos; Team B’s platform locks Team C’s Atomos; Team C’s platform locks Team A’s Atomos. If there are not enough players on each platform, Atomos cannot be damaged and after a while, it will summon invincible Iron Giants that will wipe out all teams.

Typically, ranged DPS and healers stand on the glowing platforms. Instead of the healer going in to heal the other players, the players should go to the healers for heals. The tanks should pull any mobs (Dira, Valefor, Greater Demon) summoned by Atomos into the middle of the path so that it can be killed by the ranged DPS. Even if your team’s Atomos is killed, stay on your platform if it is still glowing so that the other team can kill their Atomos.

B-2(Boss) “Hall of the Deviant”: Thanatos : Typically tanked by A-tank first, followed by B-tank, then C-tank. It should be pulled towards the entrance of the area because it has an attack that knocks back the tank. Thanatos cannot be damaged unless the player has a Phased debuff. Magic Pots provide Phased debuffs which weakens attacks (heals are unaffected) but allows the players to damage Thanatos. Phasing occurs by team: Team A is phased first, then Team B, then Team C… unless the Magic Pots die.

Phased tank should keep Thanatos at the entrance. Unphased tanks should pull away any Nemesis that appears so that the Phased team can focus on Thanatos. Nemesis has fire and fear attacks. Sandmans appear in the middle of the room; they are weak but should be killed quickly because they will specifically try to kill the Magic Pots. The Pots can be healed and buffed with Stoneskin/Galvanize.

— Area C —


C-1) Walk of Fire : Team B can run under Allagan Bomb because it is not aggressive; it also cannot be killed until all Vassago are killed. Team A and Team C should stay at the entrance until the fight starts, then the respective tanks will pull their Vassago to the edge of the area. Don’t step into the fire because it causes massive burns. Ideally, DPS and healer should stay behind the Vassago. Kill Allagan Balloon and Allagan Napalm as they appear, because they will cause explosions and strengthen the Allagan Bomb once they reach it. If enough Balloons and Napalms reach the Bomb, the Bomb will explode. If the Vassago places a fire AoE (Flame Burst) on the stage, the tank should pull the Vassago clockwise along the edge of the map. Kill Allagan Bomb once all Vassagos are down.

C-2(Boss) “Hall of the Savage”: King Behemoth : This is a complicated fight, so please read carefully. The following are the typical roles of each Team, but they are interchangeable. If one team cannot fulfill its role, ask another team to switch roles. Tanks should not pull any mobs near the towers, because the towers can be damaged by mob AoE.

Team A Role: Reset left-side towers, kill Bomb mobs, assist in killing Iron Giants and Behemoth.
Team B Role: Main tank for Behemoth; make Behemoth face away from the rest of the alliance. One healer should focus on main tank. DPS may assist killing Bombs and Iron Giant.
Team C Role: Main tank for Iron Giant; reset right-side towers. One healer should focus on main tank. DPS may assist killing Bombs and Behemoth.

Other Info for Hall of the Savage:

  • Towers <== Keep the electric field at minimum damage. If a tower is destroyed, the electric field’s damage will increase. Reset a tower by right-clicking it.
  • Comets <== A green rock will float above a comet’s target. A player with a comet target should move away from the battlefield, either on the outer circle or along the edge of the inner circle. A comet will drop on the player (minimal damage); comets are necessary to survive Behemoth’s Meteor attack, so they must be placed carefully.
  • Iron Giants <==Very tough and has strong attacks. One appears on each phase of Behemoth’s fight. It spawns clockwise at the beginning of each phase; i.e. first one appears north of the map, second one appears east of the map (after Meteor is cast), third one appears south of the map (after Meteor is cast), so on and so forth. Typically, they are pulled towards the entrance and killed there. If not pulled and killed, they will destroy towers and comets.
  • Bomb thingy (Puroboros?) <== They appear at the middle of the room and cast AoE Burn on comets. They will also attack towers. Easy to kill. Players should not stand too close to comets, because Burn is a painful debuff that makes healing difficult. It can be cleared with Esuna or Leeches (which costs a lot of MP).
  • King Behemoth <== It will cast Ecliptic Meteor (unstoppable, instant KO) if its HP gets low enough. This is preceded by a yell that all players can see on their screen (“Graaaaagh!”). Players must hide behind a comet because it is the only thing that can protect against Meteor. After the first Meteor, Behemoth will start to randomly cast Charybdis on the stage. Charybdis will create a fixed temporary tornado (like Garuda’s tornado).

D-Last Boss “Hall of Inexorable”: Acheron : Typically tanked by B-tank. Keep it close to the middle of the stage, otherwise Iron Claws will grab the tank. Stay out of the outer circle when it has lava. When the lava disappears, Iron Claws will appear. Kill it to free the player that it grabbed. The appearance of Iron Claws are warnings: Acheron will cast Ancient Flare soon. Jump on your Team’s platform after killing Iron Claw. After Ancient Flare is cast, an Iron Giant will appear followed by an Iron Claw. Kill them quickly and get back to hitting Acheron once the main tank pulls it again. As the fight progresses, the amount of AoE that Acheron throws will increase.

Acheron’s Skills:

  • Abyssal Slash <== Red-black gashes on the ground. Step out of it.
  • Vacuum Slash <== Green cone(s) on the ground. Step out of it.
  • Moonfall Slash <== Cone AoE in front of Acheron.
  • Quake <== Unblockable attack full of sparkles, Acheron stabs the ground. Heal through it.
  • Megiddo Flame <== Lava on the ground. Step out of it.
  • Hundred Cuts <== The ground becomes checkered red. Step out of the red parts.
  • Ancient Flare <== Like Behemoth’s Meteor, it cannot be dodged or blocked. Players must go to their platforms (where they started) and activate the shield. Having four players on each of the three main platforms will activate the shield.

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