The Story So Far – FFXIV ARR v2.15

Game: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Conclusion drawn from Main Story quests up to “Build on the Stone”.


As of writing: Minfilia, despite having the Echo, is clueless regarding the true intentions of Ascians, particularly the white-robed one named Elidibus. The Students of Baldesion cannot be contacted due to a yet-unknown reason, thus the Scions of the Seventh Dawn cannot turn to them for advice.

What do we know about the Ascians (a.k.a Paragons)?
– Their ‘one true god’ is Zodiark.
– There are beast-like Ascians and human-like Ascians.
– They can teleport and possess mortal beings.
– They are aethereal and are thus seemingly immortal.
– Even if ‘killed’, only their host body will die; the Ascian will just possess a different body.
– They acknowledge the existence of Hydaelyn, but consider ‘Her’ a bane to their existence.
– They are the ones who taught the Beast Tribes how to summon primals.
– The summoning method which they taught to the Moogles basically turned their King to a primal.

My observations:

In the last few story quests leading to the end of v2.15, Elidibus mentioned that Ascians cannot be perceived by “unknowledgeable” ones. Although at first it may seem that only those blessed by Hydaelyn’s Echo can see them, it is apparent that Urianger also caught a glimpse of the Ascian Elidibus while Tataru was completely unaware even though she stood right beside the Ascian. Therefore, those who have much knowledge about the workings of the world as a whole (such as Urianger who delves into research and mysteries) may be able to perceived Ascians; but those with The Echo can see them more clearly. Elidibus also mentions that Ascians have the Echo, or a similar gift; and that if Minfilia develops her Echo further, she will come to understand that which the Ascians have been striving for. He then states that everything will go back to ‘how it should be’, after commenting that Hydaelyn’s power wanes.

My conclusion:

Hydaelyn and Zodiark are one and the same. They are different manifestations of “All made one”. As in all other creation myths, darkness came before light. Thus, the Ascians believe Zodiark to be the ‘original’, and His resurrection (activation) is ‘how it should be’ to them. However, I think it is merely a cycle, much like the Astral and Umbral cycle of the years and ages of Eorzea. Zodiark was ‘active’ first, then Hydaelyn became ‘active’ once Zodiark became passive. And in time, Hydaelyn will become passive, then Zodiark becomes active. However, because the Ascians think Zodiark to be the one true god (as opposed to realizing that both are the same god, or rather the manifestation of will of their universe), they strive to do things that will hasten the cycle. Disrupting the aetherial flow by summoning the primals seems to be one of the most effective methods, thus they’ve taught all the Beast Tribes how to summon their primals. Since primals exist in a different plane as Eorzea (but both are within the same ‘universe’ of Hydaelyn/Zodiark), pulling them into Eorzea will cause massive disturbances to the aether… these become cracks on Hydaelyn’s crystal, if you will, which in turn weaken her- hastening the coming of Zodiark’s activation. The Echo is afforded to both Hydaelyn’s children (such as Minfilia and the Warriors of Light), and to Zodiark’s children (the Ascians). As for the Ascians being beast-like and human-like, I think it is only the perception of non-Ascians that make them so. Since they exist beyond Eorzea’s plane, when they manifest themselves in Eorzea, it is different from how they really look like.


Hydaelyn is Zodiark, and Zodiark is Hydaelyn. Zodiark is the dark side, which existed first, served by Ascians; Hydaelyn is the light side, activated after Zodiark became dormant, is the current manifestation of the universe’s will. Ascians disturbed the flow of aether, which weakens Hydaelyn so that Zodiark will awaken and replace her.


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