Earth and Eorzea through Lominsan Eyes

As I took screenshots of the beautiful night sky in Costa del Sol, I wondered, will this be the only sky and stars that I can see in the future? Eorzea’s skies are obscured by nothing but clouds and treetops- Earth’s sky is barely visible from the cities, the bright lights drown out star and moon light.

A clear nightsky at Costa del Sola, Limsa Lominsa.

A clear nightsky at Costa del Sola, Limsa Lominsa.

When I reviewed the cutscenes for the Titan quest, the kobolds mentioned the breaking of a ‘covenant’. I remembered how an NPC commented in one of my quests that the kobolds summoned the primal Titan only because Lominsans encroached on kobold territory. A covenant was created in the past: Lominsans can live in their cities, towns and sanctuaries, but must leave the mountains and some parts of the wilds to kobolds. But due to their greed, Lominsans wanted it all… and my character was required to ‘save’ them from the wrath of the kobolds and their father, Titan. There are no primals, no kobolds, no Titan on Earth, but isn’t this story all too familiar?

In the wake of the recent supertyphoon Haiyan (locally called Yolanda), many refugees flee to other provinces much like how the Ala Mhigans fled to Gridania and Ul’dah when the Empire took over Ala Mhigo. The difference is that Haiyan is an unstoppable force of Earth, while the Empire was only able to take over Ala Mhigo because of the Ala Mhigans own fault- a coup which weakened their city-state and allowed the Empire to attack without much resistance. But the similarity? Wherever we are, Earth or Eorzea, there will always be those who are less fortunate than us. Eorzea’s Gridania, a quiet land which dislikes war and thus seeks to limit its people to minimize conflict, assisted the homeless Ala Mhigans. But Ul’dah, the prosperous city of much wealth, left refugees outside its doors, in the harshness of the desert, offered little help, and showed much disgust and distrust. On Earth, help is pouring in from other countries or provinces, but what are some people doing? They are taking the ‘best’ donations and they just send in the leftovers to those who are actually in need.

Games are not meant to be taken seriously. It is meant to be used for entertainment, to get away from the harsh realities of life. All events and characters are fictional, and any similarities to real life are coincidental. So what exactly am I even talking about? I’m not quite sure how to explain it but maybe it goes something like this: As human beings, we can learn from almost anything and games are no exception.


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