FFXIV ARR: The Tragedy of Nym

Update! As of Patch 2.5, this story has been followed up by the side quest “Not Easy Being Green”.

Blogger’s Note: I usually write about quests on my posts about games, but the story of the ancient Floating City of Nym was much too moving to overlook. Admittedly, I did not like the Scholar class at first, but over time I came to love it especially with the compelling backstory.

Plagued by the sea

Denied by their kin

Such was the tragedy of Nym.

The Peculiar Tonberry

The Peculiar Tonberry

Fifteen hundred years or so ago, before the Eorzea that we now know, the Floating City of Nym was one of the most steadfast city-states to have ever existed. Even without powerful elemental mages, it was a force to be reckoned with during times of war. The secret of Nym, apparently, was its Scholar class and their capability to harness the power of Faeries. Familiars which heal and support, the faeries fought alongside Nym and won many victories. But then… Nym mysteriously fell.

The secret of Nym’s power was hidden away for ages, that is, until Alka Zolka of Limsa Lominsa’s Marauders Guild looked into the tablets of Nymian Scholars. One such tablet yielded a faerie. A scholar’s power depends on its faerie’s capabilities, thus with each new task, Alka Zolka wished to unlock the faerie’s memories. During one task, Alka Zolka almost killed a peculiar tonberry which called the Eos faerie its “sun” (perhaps if the player used a Selene faerie, it will be called its “moon”), but the faerie stopped Alka much to the marauder’s dismay. Later on, that same peculiar tonberry is pursued into the Wanderer’s Palace and is almost killed yet again, but the faerie heals the tonberry. As the creature regains consciousness, it also regains its memories and recites the tragic tale of Nym.

Fifteen hundred years ago, Nymians fell ill with what was called “the sickness from the sea”. Their limbs and parts rotted away, leaving only the slimy, small creatures which are now called Tonberries. Despite their valiant efforts, the Scholars could not heal the affliction. They too fell ill and all who were sick were locked away by their very own kin within the Wanderer’s Palace. Maddened by grief and rage, the tonberries soon lost their memories and their humanity. The peculiar tonberry introduces himself as Surito Carito, and the Eos faerie used to be his familiar named “Lily”. Due to his tonberry body which cannot properly utilize aether, he leaves his beloved faerie in the care of its new scholar now and forevermore. Surito returns to the Wanderer’s Palace, still hoping to find a way to cure his fellow Nymians or, at the very least, awaken their humanity.

Surito Carito's true form before he was afflicted with "the sickness from the sea"

Surito Carito’s true form before he was afflicted with “the sickness from the sea”


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rishtar
    Nov 23, 2014 @ 12:12:26

    I did use Selene and after I finished the quest, I felt bad for doing so. 😦
    Because the fairy of Surito is in fact Eos, so not change anything, if you are using Selene, I always had Eos in the cutscenes.
    Mh, now I also feel bad for Selene, because she doesn’t get mentioned in the story.
    Good work with the article here!


  2. Nhymeri Danlianthol
    Nov 15, 2014 @ 17:02:50

    Great recap. Loved this storyline. My only big question that I am finding it hard to find. Is what about Selene? Eos gets a big mention. So how does Selene fit into the story?


    • DinDeen
      Nov 15, 2014 @ 23:36:48

      At the time, I was using the faerie Eos so it could be the reason why Eos was mentioned in the story. It’s possible that Selene will be mentioned in the story if the player used Selene for the last quest. I haven’t met anyone who used Selene for this quest though ><


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