I’ve Moved to Eorzea

Allods Online was a great game, but the local version was let go by the assholes at Level Up Games PH, and I don’t have the patience to deal with the laggy North American server. I played Granado Espada for a while, but it was too much of a grindfest for me. Great game with unique 3-character system, but I never got into it. Then I played Scarlet Blade… and I realized that Aeria Games is (mis)handling that game in much the same way as LUG PH mishandled Allods Online. Jump before the ship sinks, I suppose.

I’ve found an MMORPG that I want to stick with: Final Fantasy XIV, A Realm Reborn. Sure, it’s pay to play, but I don’t really mind. I like the FF franchise (not all of it… just the old ones and the Tactics ones). I like the lore, I like the system. I actually prefer Pay to Play systems rather than Free to Play ones, as F2P usually ends up as “Pay to Win”… those who have all the money in the world will pummel the cashless ones, and to get anywhere in the game, you actually end up paying more in microtransactions than what you’d pay for a subscription. But in the end, even if you pay so much to win, the Terms of Service for F2P games always state that you own NOTHING in your account. The publisher is just actually “lending” your account and your characters to you… even if you pay for stuff. Always read the terms of service… you might be unknowingly selling your soul to a cult. Anyway, Guild Wars 2 is an exception to the annoying Pay-to-Win-but-your-account-still-belongs-to-the-publisher-so-they-don’t-give-a-shit-if-you-lose-stuff-even-if-it-is-caused-by-their-hardware-crashes-or-lack-of-game-guard system, and maybe TERA too, but I don’t like the playing style/graphics design of those games. There’s nothing bad about them, it’s just a matter of preference on my part.

I like chocobos and moogles.


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