Scarlet Blade: Caergate Escort Checkpoints (Free Knights)

Game: Scarlet Blade

Warning: Scarlet Blade is an M-rated game. It is 18+ only and is NSFW!


Map: Caergate

Level Requirement: 23 to 29

This is a guide for the daily supply convoy escort quest at Caergate.

Daily Quest:

Supply Convoy – Escort Hera from the base to the Guard Post. Her checkpoints are marked green.


  • Even if you die, you will not fail the quest as long as Hera still alive, and as long as you were alive and close to it during her first two checkpoints.
  • If you die at the last checkpoint, do not respawn immediately. The quest will count as a success if your unconscious arkana is close to Hera at her last checkpoint.
(Green) Hera

(Green) Hera


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