Scarlet Blade: Bitterstone Core Map

Game: Scarlet Blade

Warning: Scarlet Blade is an M-rated game. It is 18+ only and is NSFW!


Before anything else, I recommend that any player should sweep the dungeon clockwise from the starting point (Thanatos, Harbinger, Azrael). The reason for this is the BLUE door on Thanatos’ room (see map). It will -not- open up even if you kill Harbinger by going counterclockwise, and Thanatos’ ORANGE door will open up only if Thanatos is killed. Therefore, if you kill Azrael first, then Harbinger, you won’t be able to access Thanatos’ room unless you go all the way around.

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  • The red arrow near the Dungeon Entrance marks the starting point.
  • The blue V icon marks the location of the NPC Beatrice who will provide level-appropriate quests.
  • The Blue door will open up only if both Harbinger and Thanatos are killed.
  • Orange doors are triggered by sub-boss/boss deaths: Thanatos’ orange door will be opened by Thanatos’ death; Azrael’s orange side door will be opened by Azrael’s death; Azrael’s main orange door will be opened by Harbinger’s death (clockwise sweep) or Azrael’s death (counterclockwise sweep); and the orange door behind the Mainframe (dungeon boss) which leads to Rapid will be opened by the death of the Mainframe.
  • The Red door will open up once Thanatos and Azrael, the Bitterstone Core Destroyers, are dead.
  • Red circles mark the locations of two Defense Hubs.


  • The Dungeon Entrance is also the Dungeon Exit.
  • The sub-bosses have AoE attacks that can hit very hard if the player is affected by their debuffs.

Key Mobs: (to be completed as soon as possible)

  • Bitterstone Core Destroyer 1: Thanatos – Level 29 – 35000 HP – Uses “Sweet Release” debuff (Void -5000).
  • Mutated Experiment: Harbinger – Level 29 – 42000 HP – Uses “Charge” debuff (Def -70, Void -200) and “Kick” debuff (Movespeed -10000, stun).
  • Bitterstone Core Destroyer 2: Azrael – Lvel 29 – 38000 HP – Uses “Hasty Amputation” debuff (Def -100) and “Shockwave” debuff (Movespeed -10000, stun).
  • Dungeon Boss: Bitterstone Mainframe – Level 30 – 75000 HP – Uses “Skill 2 (Stun)” debuff, summons Sentry Bots and Predator Bots during Cyborg Creation Stages starting at 1. Sentry Bots should be killed off, but Predator Bots can be ignored since they lose HP over time and will die on their own. If Cyborg Creation Stage 6 ends, Mainframe will “reset” and will kill the player instantly.

Other Mobs:

  • Core Artillery
  • Core Shadowmech
  • Core Shadowmedic
  • Core Shadowtrooper
  • Infected Manager
  • Underground Mech
  • Gupi
  • Lupi
  • Rapi
  • Rapid – Level 35 – In a small room behind the Dungeon Boss.

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