Scarlet Blade: The Frustrations of Killing Titan

Warning! This is not a game guide. It is a blog post regarding my first experience and opinion about killing Titan, the boss at Caergate. Also, there’s a bit of profanity here.

Server: Venus
Map: Caergate
Boss: Titan
Loot Distribution: Cumulative Damage of faction, First-hit/top DPS party

My character is a medic and she ran around, randomly giving buffs and heals for most of the fight because she had no party. Near the end, a nice person named Carollyn invited me to their party. That person had the second highest cumulative damage on the boss, but our party got nothing. Understandably, Carollyn was frustrated. I wasn’t, because that’s how I roll, but I understand where the others’ frustration came from.

Free Knights versus Titan Caergate Map, Venus server

Free Knights versus Titan
Caergate Map, Venus server

Titan is a boss in the middle of Caergate. Once it spawns, it’s free-for-all. The faction (Royal Guards or Free Knights) that has the most cumulative damage gets the loot. But, that loot is not evenly distributed to the participants. Instead, it is only given to the party whose member got the first hit on Titan or had the highest total party damage. On the Royal Guards side, I saw two main guilds “Pure” and “Synergy” taking Titan on. IMO, it’s possible that they could distribute the loot amongst themselves since they are in the same guilds. On our side, it was chaos. There were, pardon my French, assholes who kept talking down on people just because some players don’t want to participate. Personally, I’m up for a Titan kill for the faction. However, looking at it practically and logically, the only one who will benefit from it is the party who got the first hit in or had the highest cumulative damage. The rest of us only get “bragging rights”. Bragging rights won’t be recorded anywhere except for people’s memories, it won’t give you shiny items or upgrade tools.

If someone is goading you to join a Titan kill, especially if you are a medic, consider the following:

1) Are you fine with getting just bragging rights? If yes, then go for a Titan kill! Otherwise, just quietly slip away when assholes are screaming in Caergate.
2) Are you afraid of losing rank points or exp points? If yes to any of these, then stay out of Caergate. The harsh reality is that you will lose rank points if killed in Caergate PvP, and exp points if you die from Caergate mobs.
3) Join a party. Any party. Even if you don’t get loots, at least you’ll get points if your party member got a kill.
4) Focus on PvP if your party was not the first to get a hit on Titan or is so far from top DPS. Let the party who will get the loot work for it. Selfish? Pssh. At least you’re selfish WITHOUT loot; the other party is selfish and WITH loot.

I don’t think that anything can be done about this system. It would be incredibly difficult to distribute loot automatically to a whole faction, after all. The one thing that can alleviate this problem is if guild leaders actually treated their members like people, not slaves. If my boss IRL treated me like shit, I wouldn’t stand for it even if he’s paying me. What more in a game where I’m picking up my own slack? I’m not going to let some stranger talk shit at me over the internet just so his party can take all the loot.

And the one thing that I hate-hate-HATE is something that a person once said on Shout: Why do medics get points for their party kills? They’re just medics. They stand in the back and heal. We (that person) deal the damage.

My answer: Bitch, please. Don’t ask me for heals when you’re dying or for buffs when you want to jump into the fray.


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  1. Benjamin Sun
    Dec 08, 2015 @ 23:13:41

    Funny that I’d stumble upon this article. I was the leader for Synergy, “KiraX”. These were memorable moments. The game was surprisingly good & fun despite its scandalous image portrayed. That day, we did split the loots evenly among us and “Pure”.

    • DinDeen
      Dec 10, 2015 @ 06:48:19

      It’s been so long, I don’t remember player names anymore. I do remember the guilds and PvP though. It was pretty cool.

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