Harfang and AuroreBlackCat

Many artists inspire me and having seen them pursue their art continues to inspire me every day. However, there is only one artist who has inspired me enough to do two things that I did not want to do before:

  1. draw a guy
  2. advertise other artists (beyond sharing their works on my Facebook timeline)

I always thought that I’d stick to drawing girls because that’s what I’m comfortable with. When I saw some people’s works, I always thought ” I can’t do that… I’d rather not stress myself out trying it “– but when I saw this artist’s work and her background, I thought ” hey, I want to do that too… in my own way! “ As for advertising other artists, I usually just share their works on my Facebook timeline, but for this artist, I left a note on my work desk (which a lot of people will be able to see) and here I am now, making a blog post about her.

Artist: AuroreBlackCat

Her work that inspired me a lot: Harfang

She admits that her English is not very good, and some lines in her comic do sound awkward. However, I think the simplicity of her work and her honesty, as I’ve seen on her DeviantArt account and on her website, really made me go ” Wow. “ And it’s not just ” wow, great work! “ – it’s ” wow… just, wow. ” Also, although I referred to the “simplicity” of her work, that does not mean that her work is nothing but lines and flat colors with no character at all. Each panel of Harfang is wonderfully drawn, and the colored pages are even more awe-inspiring. The detail on each character is beyond words.

More than the artwork, the lead characters of her story have balanced personalities; they are both strong and delicate, much like a real person who can be stern when needed and playful some other times. They are not exaggerated representations of humanity. Well, it is not that I have a problem with exaggerations, but Harfang is a breath of fresh air. It is AuroreBlackCat’s retelling of a Grimm Brothers’ classic “Jorinde and Joringel”, and she has captured the humanity and the love that lie behind the sadness and magic of the bewitching tale.

Honestly, I think that just writing a blog post or drawing fan art is not enough to show my support to Miss BlackCat. The first thing that I thought when I saw her works was ” I want to buy that! “, but unfortunately, most of them are in French (I only know my own language and English). In addition to that, I had very bad experiences with international shipping; the problem is local though (when the product reaches our shores). I hope that one day, someone will sell one of her works at a local convention, or perhaps she can publish internationally. In the meantime, I’ll do what I can to let the rest of the internet know about AuroreBlackCat.




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