Neopets: War for the Obelisk Achievements

Game: Neopets

Event: The Mysterious Obelisk

– Wave 1 –

a) Dapper ‘Dome ” A crowning achievement to cap your day and get ahead. “

– Equip a headgear to your Neopet, then fight.

b) Stick ‘Em With the Pointy End ” What if both ends are pointy? WHAT THEN?!? “

– Equip a weapon to your Neopet, then fight.

– Wave 2 –

a) Not A Quitter “Knowing when to quit? What is this quitting you speak of?”

– Fill up the Doing Your Part bar. It should take 50 battles on Mighty mode (red icon), more if on Average or Strong mode.

b) Daring Dare-doer” Take THAT for telling me what I can and can’t do! *dusts hands* “

– Complete a faction challenge, which shows up randomly in the Battledome or the event page. If you can’t seem to get a challenge, try relogging then refresh the BD or event pages.

– Wave 3 –

a) Flawless Victory ” I could have been nice and let ’em hit me, but why? “

– Defeat the enemy without taking any damage to your hitpoints.

b) I Used To Be A Great BattlerBut then I took an evil muffin to the knee.”

– Lose a battle.

— How I achieved “Flawless Victory” —

Pet Level: 54 – You need at least level 50 to get the Lens Flare ability.

Pet Endurance (Hit Points): 58

Pet Strength: 65

Pet Agility: 53

Pet Defense: 62

Pet Intelligence: 473 – Read lots of books! There are cheap books for 1k each, or even less. More Int means more blocking power for a Parchment Cloak.

Abilities: Static Cling, Meditate, Positive Thinking, An Icicle, Lens Flare

Faction: Awakened

Target and Mode: Midnight Smuggler – Average (green)

I used no more than 500k Neopoints to equip my pet for the battle. Probably because I’ve already trained him beforehand to around 50 per stat. I bought a Scroll of Knowledge for 50k, an Icy Muffin for 1.5k (you can also get this by getting the “I Used To Be A Great Battler” achievement), lots of Unidentifiable Weak Bottled Faerie (I guess I was lucky with the points that I got from it?) for around 2k each, a Parchment Cloak for 25k, and equipped old items that I got from site events (Golden Compass, Snowglobe Staff, Snowager Sword, Blue Scorchstone, Flaming Bronze Helm).

First Move: This is the most important one. I used Lens Flare to stop the target from attacking, and used Snowglobe Staff + Scroll of Knowledge to freeze (20% chance) and damage him. If the Staff is unable to freeze in this turn, it’s up to luck if the target will be unable to hit you on the next turn. At one point, the Smuggler’s attack Missed my pet.

Succeeding Moves: If your pet is able to freeze the target, then dish out all the damage that you can throw (see screenshot). If you are hit, try and try again. Use consumable weapons only if you are sure that the target cannot attack, otherwise you will end up wasting a lot of items.

Regarding HP Regen if you lose: Regaining HP after a loss may either take up a lot of time or Neopoints. It doesn’t have to. Just buy a cheap Potion such as Healing Potion I and fight the easiest enemy in the Battledome (e.g. Petty Pilferer – Average Mode). After you win, your HP will be filled up!

Last attack on Midnight Smuggler to get "Flawless Victory" achievement

Last attack on Midnight Smuggler to get “Flawless Victory” achievement

– Wave 4 –

a) Fight ALL The Challengers!

– Fight all challengers from all four waves.

b) Positively, Naturally, And Really All Around Inconceivable

– Win 10 times in a row in the 4th wave (any opponent – Average mode; less than 10 times on other modes)

– Wave 5 (Final) –

a) Warm Fuzzies

– Beat all the enemy faction leaders.

b) I Do Not Think That Is What You Think It Is

– No one knows how to get this at the moment.

– Surprise Attack! (Final Boss) – *depends on your faction. For the Awakened, it is “Death”.

To beat your faction’s boss, the strategy for “Flawless Victory” will help. You can stop the Boss from attacking with Lens Flare while you try to freeze it. That will give you more turns before it eventually kills you (if its HP is still too high, making it difficult to be killed). Neopets put a “Play Again” button under “Exit” after a loss, so you can immediately fight the Boss again.

a) Neopet SMASH! 

– ???

b) ‘Tis Just A Scratch ” I’ve had worse. “

– No idea how I got this at all. It just appeared and I only had 7 battles so far.

My Kyrii froze Death!

My Kyrii froze Death!


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