Chapter IX : The New World VIII

Chapter IX : The New World

“  The Flow of Time ”

Life in the World soon went back to normal. Some of the towns were rebuilt though the larger, completely ruined ones such as 27 were left in rubbles. But the lives of those who once lived in the ruined towns still continued. Practical and ever optimistic, humans moved forward. They learned from the mistakes of their past, appreciated the present, and hoped for the best future.

Xing, who became the Captain of the newly-built town #145, soon became the father of an eager little boy. The opposite of his older brother Hunter in almost every way, Zhao wanted to be a guard as soon as he was able to walk and speak. While Hunter’s eyes were blue, Zhao’s eyes were a fierce reddish brown. Despite their differences, the brothers got along and complemented one another. Both grew up to be fine young men but as time passed, Hunter himself noticed something strange.

He stopped aging.

By the time that he was nearly as tall as his father and reached the best moments of his youth, Hunter felt that time stood still for him. Many people noticed it but they did not say anything, and his own family treated him as they did before. But as his parents grew older, Hunter could do nothing about the sad realization that he would outlive them. Some days, he was depressed due to his predicament; other days, he was thankful.

Much time passed and those whom he knew died and were buried. In his death bed, Zhao assured his older brother that there was much to live for, and that if Yue Li had the gift of immortality, he should cherish it and make a difference in the World. And a difference he did make, for Hunter soon followed the late Steel’s footsteps and explored the desert. His guides were the eternally joyous redhead Lavender, daughter of Thyme and Rina, and her twin brother Oren. On Puppy’s back, the tamers journeyed to many parts of the desert. They discovered that beyond it, there lay a wasteland of stone and rubble.

At first, they did not notice any living creatures. Hunter only saw massive brownish structures on the ground. They looked like large coverings that could have towns within them. But as the group approached the brown towns, the structures moved. A foul stench shot up through their noses and into their brains as the ‘towns’ stood up. The creatures, which Oren identified as ridiculously overgrown descendants of ancient Earth’s cockroaches, merely looked at the puny humans. They then turned to the mountains of jagged rubble and stone, and proceeded to eat the inorganic boulders. Posing no immediate threat to the rest of the World, the tamers decided to write about their findings but suggest that the roaches be left alone.

Time continued to flow, but not for Hunter. Soon, even his little companions died of old age. His only comfort was the company of Puppy who was ever cheerful and supportive. Though the tardigrade occasionally showed signs of being as dumb as a rock, his empathy for the Black Blooded human could easily be felt. Day and night, the two traveled together and wherever Hunter was spotted, surely, Puppy was close by. Though the human’s heart ached severely, he was thankful that he was given the opportunity to understand how Errol felt; how he wished that he could see her again. But no matter, he had forever to wait for her.


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