Chapter IX : The New World IX

Chapter IX : The New World

“ Beginning ”

Moments, days, nights, and years passed. The World continued to change. Ever so slowly, the planet was restored. There was rain, and soon, there was evidence of the onset of seasons. The desert became more forgiving and the oak forest continued to expand.

Humans and animals thrived and co-existed.

Plants flourished.

The Citadel fell to ruins and the forest around it was soon mostly submerged in water. As some of the plants in it died away, the empty spaces were filled up by the clean, clear, drinkable liquid. The trials of the past were soon put in the History of the World; forgiven but never forgotten.  Some towns were rebuilt slowly and they expanded to make room for more humans from all over the planet.

The planet continued to turn on its axis though it was not felt by its inhabitants. Unseen in the atmosphere and almost everywhere else, the World’s tardigrades watched on as the lives of the planet’s creatures improved. Benefactors who were invisible, even to Hunter for he did not know how to use Black Blood eyes, the tardigrades soon fell asleep. The Mechanism had been successfully shut down by their champion and yet the planet’s core continued to move. All was well.

Days were brilliantly beautiful, rarely too warm or too cold. Night skies were lit up by the majestic aurora. Its colors danced during the evenings and were reflected upon the surface of the Unreachable Sea. Sunsets and daybreaks were some of the prettiest sights that humans could see, and they became inspiration for the many young and old artists of 145. Over a few years, the town became known for having the best painters in the World.

Humans learned to appreciate art once more. Though the role of each artist was a temporary one, they cherished it dearly and that enthusiasm resulted in happier days. They loved their roles in their days as children, and the humans also looked forward to the days when they would be able to return to painting and drawing. But they never neglected their roles as farmers, guards, historians, or tamers.

It was just like a new beginning for the World. Life continued to become much easier for the humans. It was almost similar to how life was like before Apocalypse buried itself into the planet. Plants became less aggressive; some gardeners suggested that it could be because of the balance of water and sunlight. Before, water was difficult to find thus the plants had to actively seek it. Once rain fell from the skies again, they became more content with just remaining in their spots on the ground.

New towns, new lives; things could only get better for the New World.



Sleep Well

27 remained in ruins. The mark of the fire wall was washed away by rain over many moments, but the houses which were destroyed remained. The pumpkin patch continued to thrive and its pumpkins were still as territorial as ever. A human figure and a large creature with two antennae and eight legs walked amongst the rubble while the rain poured once again. They soon stopped in front of a ruined house. He was taller than before but his brown hair and blue eyes remained the same. Although it was torturous for his heart and mind, he always found his way back to the town where it all began.

Day and night he wished that he could see her again. Not once did he wish for his death. The blue-eyed tamer believed that she would return one day. Many generations passed and those whom he grew up with were already gone, but such was what humans called the curse of being immortal. To him, however, it was not a curse but an opportunity to be with the one whom he loved. He turned around to leave, and that was when he saw her standing there.

Her black hair was longer than before. It was almost down to her waist. She wore a tattered brown dress which was soon soaked by the rain that fell from the sky, just like on the day that she disappeared into the darkest chasm. Her left arm was riddled by even more black thorns and her skin seemed pale and cold, but the smile on her face was warmer than sunshine. She looked tired and weary, but happy; her right hand found its way to her greyish pet’s head which the latter welcomed joyfully with a grunt.

“ It’s good to see you again, “ she said as she looked at her giant tardigrade, then at the blue-eyed human.

The ageless man replied with a nod and he held his arms open. She rushed forward and embraced him, and his warmth was most comforting amidst the pouring rain. He kissed her forehead gently and they sat down on the doorstep of the ruined house. The black-haired one rested her head on his shoulder, and he put an arm around her to keep her close while the grey creature curled up near them.

“ I’m not going to let you go again, “ the man said.

“ I know, “ the girl whispered, and then she closed her heavy eyes, assured that he would still be there when it was time for her to wake up once more.


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