Chapter IX : The New World VI

Chapter IX : The New World

“  And then, there was rain. ”

Linnorm’s head and body were completely still on the ground while Hunter knelt down on its head. His arm was outstretched and his hand held Errol’s firmly. Around the chasm, the earth was unstable and only the large snake could approach it safely. Half of its body was on solid ground and Hunter, without hesitation, used Black Blood to strengthen himself so that he could dash to Errol immediately.

“ I’m going to pull you up little by little, “ the tamer held out his other hand as he spoke to her.

But Errol looked at him with sad eyes. She glimpsed at the darkness below her feet, then up at Hunter once again. She could hear the many voices around her as the World’s tardigrades, for the first time, headed down to Apocalypse of their own accord. The fight was not over and they needed their champion. It was a long fall but she would surely survive. However, based on her previous journey into Impact Cavern, she knew that it would take an extremely long time.

“ The cycle will repeat itself, “ she said to him.

“ I don’t understand- “ Hunter frowned as he still held out his other hand.

We have to hurry, the World’s Ancient Ones said, They will use the rose’s body again. Evidently, there was no other way. She was the one who unlocked the Mechanism. She was the one who fueled it and gave it life. The core had already been restarted and it will continue to move; the Mechanism was unnecessary. The plant within it was just being used by the Apocalypse colony for their ideology.

Halfway with twenty

Halfway alone

The journey to the Mechanism would be a long one. The humans whom she knew would be dead and gone by the time that she reached her destination. The poem which the tardigrades recited…

To end their story

To ensure it is done

… was a chronicle of the lives of Errol and her copies. Of how it began, and how it should end.

From one to nine

The Apocalypse tardigrades would just repeat the process. Once they have Eight in their possession, they could remake her in a place where they were numerous, a place which the World’s tardigrades refrained from invading out of respect. They would, without hesitation, recreate all of the fallen copies. They could even, at that point, make all eight true immortals.

Errol’s bone knife was still in her right hand. It was a bitter reminder of what she went through when the Mechanism crushed her arm so that it could harvest her blood. She undid the locks; she should lock them again. If she sealed the plant away, if she removed whatever remained of her Black Blood from the Mechanism, the Apocalypse tardigrades would be unable to recreate their children.

Of all the things that they could do, there was one thing that those creatures from the cold depths of space could not accomplish: they could not multiply. The World’s tardigrades continually increased, but the Apocalypse’ remained the same. It was because of their shortsightedness, their arrogance; they believed that they should be the only ones of their kind that should ever exist… the only passengers of the fallen Apocalypse.

If the Mechanism was shut down…

… they would go back to sleep.

If the Mechanism was shut down…

… they would settle for their quiet life in Impact Cavern.

If the Mechanism was shut down…

…their delusions of grandeur would be lost in their slumber.

 The black rose’s body would remain there, forever, but it would be locked up safely within the Mechanism… and only Errol’s Black Blood, something unique to her and her alone, could ever open it.

“ Let me go, “ she said to the blue-eyed boy, “ And the World will live. “

Linnorm’s eyes widened as Errol opened her left hand. Hunter tried to hold onto it.

Ebb nine to one.

Soothing, cool drops of water fell down from the sky as she disappeared into the darkness of the abyss.


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