Chapter IX : The New World II

Chapter IX : The New World

“ The Perfect Rose ”

Hunter’s heart almost stopped when the dragon’s mouth opened up. Thorny spikes, each as large as Errol’s own sword, shot out of the creature’s orifice to intercept its attacker. But seemingly out of thin air, a black armor formed over the Overlord’s body. It was slightly jagged and rough but, unlike Five’s reddish thorn armor, it did not have any spikes. If anything, the substance looked like the stones of the Iron Wall. That was close! said the many voices around Errol, Too close! They then covered much of her face with the same black substance and when they were done, the short-haired girl looked like a humanoid part of the Wall.

“ Why are you worried? “ she asked them, “ I won’t die anyway. “

The humans who were close by heard her speak. She thought that she spoke to them. Steel, who felt useless and helpless as he watched the fight, suddenly stood up and yelled much to his comrades’ surprise.

“ If you want us to stop worrying, “ he bellowed, “ – then kick her ass already! “

The World tardigrades laughed and Puppy laughed with them. It was a cross between a snort and a giggle. Their lives are so short, they said, But they are interesting. A playful smirk formed on Errol’s lips. She didn’t look at Steel, but he knew that the girl understood what he meant. The farmer sat back down on Linnorm’s armor scales as the snake shook its head in disbelief at the human’s audacity. Meanwhile, Errol sprinted towards the dragon’s far left side and made it face away from Hunter and the others. Eight, of course, followed her target without taking a moment to rest.

When the dragon opened its mouth to let loose another barrage of spikes, Errol dashed toward its neck where she last saw Eight. With one thrust, she pierced the underside of the beast and black blood trickled down her sword. However, her sword would not go in any further and she had to pull back when spikes protruded from the creature’s neck and tried to impale her. While she was immortal and would recover from her wounds, if she was debilitated, Eight could seize that opportunity to wipe out the last few towns which stood on that side of the Iron Wall. As the Overlord of the World, Errol could not allow such a tragedy to happen.

Meter by meter, she led the dragon away from the town and from her human companions. Hunter became upset when the distance between them grew, but Linnorm threatened to gobble him up if he moved. The humans had to stay where they were; they didn’t know why, but even Puppy would not allow them to leave their spot. With no choice but to look on as the Overlord fought with her last copy, they settled down even as their hearts pounded in their chests. They wanted to help her, but what could they do? As mere humans which could be easily crushed by Eight’s dragon, they would just get in Errol’s way.

In the distance, the girl in the black armor dashed around the dragon. It wound itself around her little by little and soon, the Overlord ran out of places to run. However, instead of being distraught at her predicament, the girl took that chance to dash toward the creature’s neck. Initially, it seemed like a bad idea since the sword which she once again thrust into the dragon was stopped by its thick armor. Hold on, the World tardigrades said. Spikes sprung from the creature’s body, but Errol’s armor merely deflected them. Minute amounts of time ticked by but she held the sword in its place.

The immortal Ancient Ones, which had the blueprint of each and every creature and substance in the known universe within their bodies, converted everything that was around them into moving vines and thorns for the great sword. The result? The sword’s length quickly extended to almost five times its original length. It pierced through the dragon’s neck, reached the one who controlled it from within, and beheaded the long-haired girl. The dragon fell limp as Eight’s head rolled away from its body. With no one to control the Apocalypse tardigrades that swarmed on upon and within it, the vine creature became unresponsive.

Curiously, Errol immediately jumped away from the dragon and Eight. The humans began to celebrate, but their joy was short-lived for an oak tree soon grew out of the ground and somehow tossed the rolling head back to its body which caught it. The leather oak tree then withered away when Eight willed it to be so. Errol’s eyes were on her opponent whose head was quickly reattached, albeit still wounded around the neck area. Eight soon regained control over her dragon and she recreated the damaged parts. An odd reaction to a seemingly-lethal attack… the humans could only deduce that the long-haired girl was a perfect copy of Errol’s appearance, abilities and immortality.

It seemed like an endless battle. If neither of them would die, when will it ever end? The sun could very well set and return the next day to shine upon Eight and Errol’s faces, still locked in a fight. Unseen to the human eye, the ancient tardigrades also clashed, albeit not physically since that was beyond pointless. One side fought to take over the planet, while the other side fought to defend its freedom. But the most glaring difference was that the Apocalypse’ side thought that their champion was perfect in every way for they did, after all, create it themselves. The World’s side, on the other hand, knew that the Overlord was imperfect for she was created by humans, and to fill that gap, they fought with her rather than for her.


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