Chapter VIII : The Iron Wall VIII

Chapter VIII : The Iron Wall

“ Absolute

Linnorm wound its body around Hunter and his companions. It seemed as if the snake wanted to protect them from something, but if it was that last attack on Errol, they’d already seen it. The massive ball of reddish thorns fell upon the black-haired girl and the impact was so strong that a dust cloud covered the area for a while. Hunter managed to climb up to the snake’s back, much to its annoyance. Steel also managed to lift himself over Linnorm’s body.

“ She can’t die, right? “ the tamer’s voice shook, “ She won’t die… “

At that, the purple-eyed snake lowered its head close to the Black-Blooded human. It huffed, eyes fixated on Five and Errol, as if it wanted to say Just wait and watch. That was exactly what Hunter did. He clutched his chest; his heart pounded within it, but he did not believe that Errol could be so easily defeated. As the dust and dirt settled, the red ball came into view. Seven stood close to it with weapons still ready in his hands.


– came a sound from within the ball. The tall, charming man no longer had a pleasant smile on his face. He thought, no, he saw that Five’s attack crushed Errol’s body. He stepped a little closer to the ball when he heard another snap. And another. And another- snapsnap. His rose walls were still close by and he had his whips in front of him. Seven wondered how Five was doing inside; could the boy already be feasting upon the Overlord’s heart?

“ Step away, “ Eight suddenly stood up, “ Step away from- “

Too late. Much too late. A small hand covered by thorn-like marks emerged from the side of the ball and grabbed Seven’s whip. It then pulled the weapon, which in turn dragged the surprised man along. Due to the strength of that little arm, Seven’s face hit the thorny ball and he was barely able to look sideways. A sharp protrusion buried itself on his right eye, and that instantly blinded him.

“ ARRRGH! My face! “ he yelled as he let his whip go, then he backed away from the ball as he clutched his bleeding eye, “ My beautiful face! “

Something then broke through the top of the ball. It turned a few times mid air and then, with a rather full squish sound, it landed in front of Eight. With horrified eyes, she looked at a body so mangled that it was almost beyond recognition. Five’s limbs were torn apart in so many places that it seemed as if a wild animal attacked him. His neck was also twisted completely and stuck on one side. Black blood dripped from his wounds and his mouth. Five was very cold… and very dead.

Seven didn’t notice the corpse immediately but before he could take a good look, a thick whip of thorny black roses swiped at his knees. He felt as if he suddenly lost some of his height as the tall man fell onto the dirt. He managed to lift himself up with his arms then, he noticed that he could not feel his toes. He looked at his legs and there was nothing below his knees. Or rather, his legs and feet were left standing on their own. He couldn’t even scream. His whole body felt numb; the pain that shot through his flesh and bones was unlike anything that he’d ever felt before.

The dying man’s mind was just completely blank but he did see that the ball of thorns was suddenly lifted off the ground. Beneath it, a familiar small figure held Five’s creation. She lifted it way above her head and, with one fell swoop, she crushed Seven’s body with his companion’s own weapon. He survived, but that was no reason to rejoice for Errol merely repeatedly bashed the helpless Seven with the massive reddish ball of thorns and death.

As he watched that scene, Hunter felt a numbing sensation all over his body. It wasn’t because of the blood and gore; there seemed to be an inexplicable reason. He squinted and looked at Errol closely. The tamer then noticed that her body was covered with the black markings similar to how it looked like when they fought Six. Errol’s eyes also seemed to be completely black and devoid of emotion. Hunter wanted to try to read what was on her mind, but the fearful feeling that he had stopped him from actually doing it. He looked at Linnorm and noticed that the snake watched the fight with solemn eyes.

Beneath the weight of the thorns and Errol’s strength, Seven was soon completely crushed both in spirit and in body. His brain still functioned for a while and his one good eye managed to catch a glimpse of Eight’s horrified face. His skull was unable to bear the next blow and as soon as his brain splattered onto the blood-covered ground, Seven finally died. But Errol did not stop there. She continued to bash the motionless corpse until there was nothing left but a mess of black blood, bones and flesh.

Eight advanced towards Errol. She kicked Five’s corpse to the side and spat on it. Her vine snake tossed the dead wild one farther away as if it was just a piece of garbage. Sturdy, long, black thorns grew on the back of Eight’s vine beast. It had no eyes, merely two massive holes on the side of what seemed to be its head. They stopped a short distance away from Errol, who then turned to her perfect copy with a mad look on her face. The long-haired little girl took one look at the pool of flesh and bone. She sighed and shook her head; Eight seemed to be exasperated. Their confrontation was inevitable.

“ To kill gods, “ Eight murmured as her eyes met Errol’s, “ You became a demon. “


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