Chapter VIII : The Iron Wall VII

Chapter VIII : The Iron Wall

“ Clash of Black Roses 

Five snarled. His thorns were buried into skin as he used his armor to force his arm back to its original shape. Despite the pain, he rushed forward, more determined than ever. Seven, worried for no one’s safety but his own, moved in after the wild one if only to support him from mid range. As the feral copy attacked Errol head on, the Overlord herself remained on the same spot. For her, moving backward meant that she was bowing down to her enemies; moving forward meant that she treated them as worthy opponents. Therefore, she stood her ground.

Even though she could very well do what she did before, Errol took on the next attack cautiously. As Five came within her great sword’s reach, she put up a thorny wall between herself and the attacker. Due to his speed, the boy almost dove face first into the defensive structure, but Seven was able to put up his own rose wall in front of Five. The flowers did not have thorns, which displayed the charming man’s control over his creations, and they merely cushioned the overspeeding boy. He bounced to the side just in time to avoid Errol’s great sword which cut the defensive walls in half.  A deep gash was left on the ground where the thorn-edged sword landed.

Without taking a moment to breathe, Five turned towards his target whose weapon was still on the ground. He kicked up some dirt as he sped off and threw a punch to the left side of Errol’s face. His eyes met hers and he thought that the attack would connect with her cheek, but with a movement that happened within a split second, the black-haired girl dodged by ducking out of his way. His body continued to move forward with his punch which hit empty air. He soon felt a mind-numbing pain on an unprotected part of his body: his nose.

Black blood trickled from Five’s broken face by the time that he managed to back away. Errol’s forehead was as hard as her resolve. But as the Overlord’s eyes rested on her wild enemy, Seven managed to throw his whip around her upper right arm which held her sword. As a precautionary measure, he put up two rose bush walls between himself and his target which had a small space between them to let the whip through. With his insane strength, the tall, smiling man then pulled his weapon and its thorns were buried into Errol’s flesh. The girl kept her stance up and merely buried her weapon deep into the ground, and then she clenched her fist around her sword’s hilt so as to strengthen her limb. Though she bled a little, the thorns could go no further into her arm.

Errol’s thorns erupted from the ground beneath Seven’s feet but he stepped aside and deflected those that followed him by using his own rose bushes. The leaves were stuck together, incredibly dense like a solid wall. He wouldn’t let any of their target’s attacks get through them again. He ran to Errol’s right side with his whip still on her arm, and his rose walls followed him. The ground was upturned by the quick appearance of plants from beneath the planet’s surface.

It was a most curious sight for the worried humans who could do nothing but watch the fight. Hunter tried to step in earlier, but Linnorm stopped him with a stern, angry huff. Neither the snake nor the tardigrade would let anyone help Errol, and the animals themselves did not interfere. Rina diligently wrote everything down or at least, everything that her eyes could see. They made sure to stay a safe distance from the fight so that the Overlord would not have to worry about them. Errol was resilient but from a third person perspective, she was on the losing side what with the injuries that she already sustained, two enemies that attacked, and a third opponent who was still sitting lazily on the sidelines.

“ Won’t you just give it to us? “ Seven said in a singsong voice as he threw another whip at Errol, “ Your heart, that is. “

The second weapon latched itself around the girl’s right thigh. Her pants provided almost no protection and the thorns easily dug into her skin. Still, Errol had no intention to move and it was apparent with the way that she looked at her whip-wielding foe.  Her eyes weren’t dead serious but it pierced through his resolve nonetheless. Seven found himself rooted to his spot for a second and for seemingly no reason at all. Time seemed to slow down around them as Errol stared him down. Just for that moment, he felt as if his world crumbled, as if he felt completely powerless against her.

A timely attack to the Overlord’s legs snapped Seven out of his trance. Five’s slide nearly swept Errol off of her feet, thus she had no choice but to jump out of the way. With her hand still firm around her great sword’s hilt, the girl kicked off the ground and ended in an upside-down position with nothing to support her weight but her right arm. Seven had just collected his thoughts but Five barely noticed it. As soon as the wild boy stood up from his slide, he grabbed the middle part of the second whip with his functional hand and pulled it as hard as he could. His tall comrade took advantage of the situation and also pulled the first whip.

Their combined strength pried Errol away from her sword. The vines were undone and the bone knife fell to the ground as soon as she let go of it, and the Overlord herself was dragged through the dirt and pulled towards her attackers. Five let go of the whip and he jumped into the air. Once he reached the highest point of his jump, his thorn armor expanded until the boy looked like a gigantic reddish-brown ball of pain and suffering. Said ball then landed on Errol as she tried to get up on all fours. A terrified shriek from the blonde historian who chronicled the fight echoed at the foot of the Iron Wall just as the thorn ball connected with the ground and kicked up the surrounding dirt. Silence fell over the battle ground as both sides waited for the dust to settle.


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