Chapter VIII : The Iron Wall VI

Chapter VIII : The Iron Wall

“ Flesh and Bone

Errol had many questions for Seven. Although she created the Nine Absolute Truths in the Age of the Sun, she never thought herself a ruler, much less a god. As the Overlord, she saw herself as the caretaker of the planet who was responsible for each and every life. Sometimes she had to make hard decisions and choose the lives of many over the life of one; she particularly despised humans who thought themselves better, higher and more important than other living creatures- but that was all there is to it. She gave them chores not to cause pain and suffering, she punished not because they were her slaves; Errol always thought that work and responsibilities must be divided so that the whole could survive and appreciate what they had.

Obviously, she and Seven did not share the same views on that matter. She did hear from One that Seven had a complex; Errol had no idea that it was a god complex. And apparently, it was contagious for Five and Eight nodded in agreement with the charming tall man. If words would not work, then she had no choice but to beat him to a pulp and make him understand that he is not a god. Errol held her knife with her right hand. Vines formed from empty air and twisted themselves around the weapon until a great sword was formed. It was twice Errol’s height but she wielded it effortlessly with one hand. She then pointed the weapon at Seven.

“ You’re not gods, “ the true Overlord exclaimed, “ I’ll prove it by killing you with my own hands. “

Seven snickered and readied his thorns and roses, but Five suddenly dashed into Errol’s view.

“ No no no no no! “ the wild boy repeatedly said as he crouched low, like a pouncing cat, “ I’ll be the one to eat your heart! “

Eight rolled her eyes and sighed. The mad boy truly was difficult to control and she wished that they had not shared the plan with him. But what’s done was done, and all they could do was to make sure that they could overpower the Overlord and take her heart. Seven looked at Eight and the latter nodded. She didn’t have the patience to deal with Five, so she thought it best to leave the fighting to the mad boy and the haughty man. With a cross look on her face, the long-haired little girl sat beside her vine snake and waited for her comrades to finish what they started.

The descriptive word “quick” was an understatement. It didn’t even look as if Five moved at all. Due to his sheer speed, it seemed as if he vanished from where he crouched and appeared right in front of Errol. Even Hunter, who managed to use Black Blood to strengthen his senses, was unable to follow Five’s movement; but Errol wasn’t surprised. She blocked the wild boy’s kick with her sword and pushed him back. Five landed on his feet after he spun in the air, much like a falling cat, and he would have attacked again if not for Seven’s whip which wrapped itself around Errol’s sword.

“ She’s mine! “ the feral boy hissed as Seven ran up beside him.

“ Don’t be selfish, “ said the smiling man who then tugged at his whip to pull the great sword out of its defensive position, “ Let’s share this trophy. “

Despite his slender appearance, Seven was fairly strong. He was able to pull the sword down and gave Five an opening to attack. The wild boy took that opportunity; once again, he moved with such speed that could not be followed by human eyes. With his thorn-covered arm stretched towards Errol’s face, he thought that the attack would connect, but the girl caught it with her left hand. Black Blood dripped to the ground as his thorns cut into her skin, but Five was not done. He kicked his left leg off the ground and aimed for his target’s torso. Once again, Black Blood trickled to the earth as his thorns cut through Errol’s shirt.

A wide grin appeared on Five’s face as he savored the moment of his first few hits; that was until he heard the bones on his right hand crack. He pulled his leg out of her side and tried to back away, but Errol’s grasp on Five’s hand was impossibly tight. The wild one watched in horror as his fist was crushed by the Overlord’s bare hand then, with a quick movement of her wrist, she twisted his right arm completely.

“ GWAAAAAAAAAAH! “ Five screamed as he felt his forearm break, and soon his elbow followed.

When his arm was limp and useless, only then did Errol let it go then she pulled her great sword. Seven, not wanting to suffer a similar injury, removed his whip from Errol’s weapon. He looked at her feet where drops of Black Blood riddled the ground; she did not even move an inch. Five dashed back and hid behind one of the rose bushes as he nursed his arm. Behind them, Eight scoffed and mumbled something inaudible but obviously annoyed. Her vine snake nodded in agreement.

With her attackers back on their original positions, the Overlord buried the tip of her great sword into the ground. She shook her left arm until blood stopped dripping from her wounds. The girl looked down at her injured side and, finding no use for her shirt which was in no way a reliable armor, she took it off. Errol also tossed aside the goggles which used to keep her hair in place, along with the boots on her feet. Wearing nothing but bandages on her upper body and tattered pants below her waist, the Overlord waited for her copies to move in once more.

“ Gods eh? “ Errol smirked at Five as she nodded at his ruined arm.


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