Chapter VIII : The Iron Wall V

Chapter VIII : The Iron Wall

“ Gods

“ Settle down, we’re not here to hurt you… “ said the black-haired tall man who just emerged from the pass, “ … much. “

He and his companions, a small girl who looked like Errol and a wild young boy, broke through the rock slide somehow. The vigilant town guards who’d been watching the borders of 54 had noticed some movement in the pass that morning. They knew that it couldn’t be the volcano wolves for they preferred to stay in their territories which were deeper inside the Wall. Wary of the invading plants which the survivors told them about, they immediately alerted the town hall and set off to investigate. With their own eyes, they saw that the man used plants to break through the black rocks and stones.

“ We just want her! “ the wild boy suddenly yelled, then he sat down on the ground and scratched his ears like a dog.

“ Her? “ the guards looked at one another, puzzled. Their weapons were still at the ready.

At that point, the rest of the town had been alerted and so the humans began to gather at the foot of the Wall. They murmured to one another, wondering about the strangers’ demand. Their questions were soon answered when Errol stepped forward. Her bone knife, which was kept by Hunter for a while, was in her hand. The answered questions gave way for more questions, for the whole World thought that Errol was a boy.

“ Good, good. Now, the stage is set, “ Seven clapped twice. The smile on his beautiful face was quite eerie.

The hardened farmer Steel stepped forward. He’d been telling the farmers of 54 about their experience in 27, and memory of how the wayward plants took the lives of some of his comrades still stung.

“ Are they the ones who are responsible for raising the Citadel? “ he growled. The question was directed at Errol.

“ Oh? So we’re quite popular, I see, “ Seven interjected.

Black rose bushes emerged from the ground and surrounded the three copies. Bloody dark thorns emerged from the wild boy’s arms and wrapped themselves around his body much like a spiked armor. Lastly, a large snake appeared from behind the girl who looked like Errol, but it seemed to be made of entangled vines. The rose bushes crept towards the guards, which made them fall back a considerable distance. Errol herself walked towards her copies instead.

“ What say you, Black Blood traitor? “ the little girl suddenly said.

“ I say shut your mouth, Eight, “ Errol replied coldly.

Anger glinted in Eight’s eyes. She was furious.

“ Now, calm down, “ Seven seemed to be trying to diffuse the situation, “ We can have our chitchat later. Let’s get rid of the trash around here first, hmm? “

He titled his head a bit to the side and then, in a flash, his rose bushes dashed towards the guards with all their thorns and woody vines. The bushes were stopped by tall walls of various plants just as Errol took the bandages off her left arm.

“ Are you taking the side of these worthless pieces of meat? “ Seven gritted his teeth when he spoke so that he remained smiling.

The humans were utterly confused but Xing managed to persuade them to go back to 54. At a time when plants were invading the World, going up against people who could clearly control the invaders was not a wise thing, or so the Captain reasoned. He promised that he would explain it to them at the town hall. So, by groups and by pairs, most of the townsfolk returned to 54 and watched the fight from afar. Most of the guards remained within earshot though, and Errol’s companions during their earlier expedition remained on the sidelines with Puppy and Linnorm. The other snakes were left in town, and Errol left the bloody thorn tree beside the sea since she was worried that her copies might try to control it by force.

“ You’ve got the guts to call them worthless, “ Errol snapped, “ But you don’t even have a role in this world. “

“ Kill! Kill! Kill the heretic! “ the wild boy yelled as he waved his arms over his head.

“ Fifth quick but mad, “ the true Overlord deduced, “ I guess you are Five. “

She then squinted and looked at the tall, black-haired man.

“ That means you are Seven, “ she said, “ The one who has been telling the others that you are gods. “

The man smiled widely but his eyes were fearsome, even murderous.

“ We are gods, “ he exclaimed, “ The gods of this new world! “


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