Chapter VIII : The Iron Wall III

Chapter VIII : The Iron Wall

“ Stone Coffin “

The attack of the volcano wolves split the group into two: the ones who were on the Keepers’ side ran towards them and were protected by the snakes, while the ones on the Captain’s side tried to keep the wolves from going after defenseless humans. Farmers, with their physical strength and knowledge of various terrain, managed to strike a protruding boulder off the mountain and buried the smaller wolf beneath it. With its partner dead, the other wolf became even angrier than before.  However, instead of mauling the humans whom stood before it, the wolf howled.

A deep, resonating, sorrowful howl echoed through the Iron Wall. The other wolves stopped their pursuit and, oddly enough, they ran away from the pass. The humans were puzzled but relieved, that is, until an even louder sound came from the mountain’s summit. Massive black rocks fell down the mountain side and, due to its inclination, began to fall into the pass. It was a rock slide. The humans had never seen anything like it, thus the only thing that they did was run away. Even the snakes headed east, unsure if their armor could take such a beating.

The rumbling rock slide lasted for many moments and when it was over, most of the pass was completely buried beneath black chunks of the mountain. The attacking wolves were buried beneath it, much to the guards’ relief, but they had no idea if they could hike up the unstable rock pile. Many of those who were left in the middle of the pass were buried alive, and there was no way to retrieve them. When Linnorm tried to move some of the rocks, the mountainside rumbled again and let loose a smaller rock slide.

“ We’ll take care of this, “ Errol said as she tried to make the humans calm down, “ Look, there’s Town #54, right beside the Unreachable Sea… you should go. “

 The Keepers looked at the place where the Overlord pointed to. Somewhere beyond the foot of the Iron Wall, there stood a fairly large town and beyond it, there was the only other sea in the World. They were sad because of their losses; the people whom they once knew perished beneath the rock slide. However, they had to pull themselves together and lead the rest of the town. Anise turned to Valor and nodded at him, then she turned to look at White… but he was not there.

“ Where is he? Have you seen him? “ the squeaky-voiced old lady looked through the crowd.

Her grandson was left behind and she was unsure of his condition, so she had no choice but to wait for Errol and the snakes to find survivors from the pass. But Anise thought that White was just behind her when they ran away from the rock slide. Try as she might, she could not find her fellow Keeper until finally, Valor asked her to lead what was left to Town #27 down to 54. Some unfamiliar faces also looked up to her: they were survivors from 38, 40, 41 and a large town on the other side of the wall, 45.

“ Very well, “ the little old lady sighed and at that, they walked towards the Unreachable Sea.


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