Chapter VIII : The Iron Wall II

Chapter VIII : The Iron Wall

“ Wolf “

As tall as two humans that stood one on top of the other, the smaller volcano wolf stepped toward the guards as its even larger partner continued to munch on their helpless victims. Its coat was completely grey and its limbs had scaly coverings which could easily be mistaken for rock and stone. Four spikes protruded upward from its shoulder blades, each one also rock-like but with a narrow tip. The wolf’s teeth were dark brown, tainted with red blood. As it snarled at the fearful guards, its red eyes glinted.

“ What are you afraid of? “ Thyme yelled at his comrades as he readied his newly-made quill spear, “ We’re not going to die here! “

Guards rarely fought in the recent moments since towns were already firmly established, and animals and plants knew to stay away from their borders. But at that point, guards were the townsfolk’s primary defense and farmers could barely dent such formidable foes with their smaller tools. As 27’s guards formed a circle around the wolves, the tamers stayed behind them to assess the situation.

“ Their sides are unprotected, “ one of Hunter’s colleagues pointed out, “ They’ll attack head on because their heads and shoulders are armored. “

Wolves were known to be independent, but they had a habit of forming partnerships or packs to make hunting easier. Shadows loomed overhead as more wolves appeared above the pass. They seemed to be assessing the situation; perhaps they wondered if they should join in the fun. As for the desert snakes, they found it difficult to maneuver in that narrow pass, therefore, the guards and tamers were on their own against the two wolves.

With nothing but hand gestures and nods, Thyme put two guards in front of the small wolf and three in front of the larger one. They wore thicker armor than the others and had porcupig skulls as their shields. Thyme himself walked over to the sides with other guards who had spears. They finished their formation just as the small wolf lunged towards them and bit down on a porcupig shield. The guard held his shield tightly to keep the wolf in place, but he forgot about the wolf’s claws. Thankfully, his fellow shielded guard was ready and put up his own shield to defend against the sturdy claws. At that, Thyme and three other guards attacked from the sides. The wolf immediately noticed it and it tried to back away, but a small, scared guard moved in quickly enough to run his short quill spear through the beast’s side.

The larger wolf turned around when its partner howled in pain. Instead of facing its own attackers, that second wolf clamped down its fangs on the guards on Thyme’s side. Their formation ruined, the humans escaped violent mutilation when they jumped to the side, but the narrow pass would not let them go any further. Above them, the wolves began to howl.

It was a chorus to celebrate death.


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