Chapter VII : Eastbound VII

Chapter VII : Eastbound

“ Rulers of the World “

The Citadel was completely silent. It looked more like an ancient relic or a ghost town than a seat of power. Only three distinct figures moved about within the Citadel’s halls. One of them was a tall man with jet black hair. His face was very pleasant and there was a subtle smile on his lips, but his eyes hid behind a mysterious expression.  A short figure ran up to the tall man; it was down on all fours, like a beast, but when it was reprimanded, the figure straightened up and revealed itself to be human-like. It had wild hair and an excited expressed on its face; every now and then, the figure, which seemed to be male as well, ran around and bounced off the walls.

“ Shall we pay her a visit, Miss? “ the tall man spoke to a third figure which was bathed in shadows.

The only reply that he got was a nod, and it was enough. A path of dead plants paved the way of the three figures. Instead of going around a tree, the tall man simply touched the helpless oak and made it wither. The wild figure then kicked the oak tree repeatedly until it fell down. The third figure, completely reserved and quiet, walked behind the man and the boy. Soon, they reached the place which was once occupied by a lake.

“ They probably put up a good fight, “ the smiling man said to his companions, “ But now, they’re just fertilizer… “

To his horror, he soon found out that he was mistaken when they arrived at the site of what used to be Town #27. There were a few dead bodies beyond the border, but the town itself was not littered with corpses. The remains of the fire wall left a black mark on the ground and the wild boy poked it repeatedly. His hands were soon covered in soot and, after he found out about the joys of rolling around in burnt, dead plants, he tried to pull the tall man onto the dirt.

“ Please stop, you sorry excuse for a living creature, “ was the smiling man’s reminder.

His voice was still pleasant but there was something sinister behind it. The boy sat on the dirt and pouted, but he knew that the tall man could not be swayed. Bored, he then ran over to the third figure which finally emerged from the shadows. She was smaller than the wild boy and beyond that, there was a simple description: she looked just like Errol. The small face, the petite build and the dark eyes were completely identical to the Overlord’s. There were only two notable differences: her hair was incredibly long and almost reached down to the ground, and her left arm was completely spotless.

“ You made a mistake, “ her voice sounded like the Overlord’s, but it seemed cold and distant.

“ My predictions have always been perfect… “ hissed the tall man, the smile gone from his lips.

“ Until now, Seven. Until now, “ the girl said as she walked towards where the sun would set.

 “ Hmmm? Where are we going? “ asked the wild boy as he rolled around some more on the dirt.

However, the little girl did not reply. She merely walked forward without looking back.

“ We shall catch her and remind her who we are, “ Seven exclaimed, “ So you best stop acting like a beast, Five. “

The wild boy grumbled but he soon followed the other two in their journey. They walked in silence as they followed the path which was created by the desert snakes. As time passed, the little girl seemed to be getting impatient. Occasionally, she uprooted an oak tree by summoning vines to lift it up, then she threw the helpless tree away.

“ She will pay dearly for running away from us, “ Eight hissed, “ I’ll remind her why we are the rulers of this new World. “


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