Chapter VII : Eastbound I

Chapter VII : Eastbound

“ Confidante “


Entry #91

Dear Diary,

It’s been so long since I’ve written on your pages. As I flipped through the previous entries, I felt as if I was reminiscing the past with an old friend. In the Age of the Sun, I was loathed, but my existence was necessary. Now, it is the Age of the World, and I thought that my existence is no longer necessary. Recent events proved me wrong though; even just as Errol, the overenthusiastic brat, humans looked forward to my guidance. Truth be told, I feel…

… happy.

However, at the same time, I feel afraid. If they find out that I am the Overlord, what will they do? Will they drive me away? Will they hate me? Will they be angry because I kept it a secret? The ‘me’ who lived back then in the Age of the Sun- I feel as if I am no longer that person. I can remember her and she is a part of me, but I no longer want to be her. I have never truly envied humans because I think that they are too weak for their own good, but there are times when I wish that my life can be as simple as theirs. My role as the Overlord was truly daunting, and that was the reason why I did not announce my return after I left my tower.

I am currently surrounded by some interesting humans. There is a blonde girl who insists that she must see the contents of my history book, but I did not allow her to do so. She doesn’t know that half of the book is actually a compartment where you, my frail friend, are resting. Although some other humans find her annoying, I like her quite a bit. I am, after all, a lot like her when it comes to pursuing knowledge. Her fiancé gets to my nerves though. Sometimes, I feel the urge to break his neck; but that urge quickly passes and I will never actually do it. I also traveled with a farmer but I do not know where he is now. Last I heard, he stayed behind at 27 to make sure that the wayward plants can not follow us. Then, there is that person… I feel strange towards him. It is not a bad feeling, but it is not pleasant either. I cannot explain it at all.

At the moment, we are almost at the river. It remains unnamed because humans don’t really care about it. However, since Seven and Eight took over the Overlord’s Sea and nearby lakes, the river is the only useful water source that is close to us. Refilling crystal jars are not enough to quench the thirst of a town full of humans and animals. Amidst all of my worries, Diary, I remembered you. As the Overlord, I took solace in speaking to you. And now, as Errol, I once again take solace in burying my thoughts within your pages.

I must cut my entry short. I can hear the sounds of the river.

I shall confide in you again, Diary.


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