Chapter VI : Journey Home VII

Chapter VI : Journey Home

“ Before the Sun Rises  “

Complete silence filled the room with two prominent figures. The aurora’s ever-changing colors found its way into the wide-open window, but that didn’t break the lack of conversation. The boy sat on a thick wooly cow mat and, every now and then, he fluffed his pillow which was filled with soft, growling sheep wool. The girl fidgeted on the small bed; it wasn’t uncomfortable, but the setup made it difficult for her to relax. Perhaps his parents found it funny, but Hunter didn’t, and neither did Errol. The two were locked in the tamer’s bedroom by a giggling Huntress, and though Xing did not completely agree, he just shrugged it off and said “see you in the morning.”

Of all the words that could possibly describe the situation, there was only one which could sum it up. Hunter’s heart pounded in his chest; he was happy that he’s close to her, but he was worried that she might be angry. Errol’s head ached; she didn’t fully comprehend what she was feeling, and her usual coping mechanism of breaking stuff was obviously not a good idea at the moment. Therefore, as silence lingered longer than it should, there was only one word for the situation.

“ Awk- “

“ –ward. “

They said the same thing which surprised the other. Hunter looked at the Overlord, and Errol looked at the tamer. They laughed.

“ Your parents are… hum, “ she couldn’t find the proper word which wouldn’t offend him.

“ – weird? “ Hunter suggested as he fluffed his pillow for the last time.

“ Hmm… maybe, “ Errol relaxed and turned towards where the aurora flooded the floor. There was no sign of the sun’s light just yet.

“ What’s on your mind? “ the tamer asked. Sure, he could force synchronization and read her thoughts, but he respected her privacy just as she respected his.

“ The town, “ she stood up and peered through the window.

The streets were busy even though it was nighttime. While some people were asleep, half the town was awake to keep watch. The farmers and gardeners took turns to keep the wall of fire ablaze. Hunter stood up and stopped beside Errol; he also looked out the window. She saw humans that scurried about, fearful for their lives, helpless and broken. He saw people who hurriedly ran across town to assist their friends, hopeful for the future, weak by themselves but strong together. What she saw made Errol sad, and Hunter could do nothing but wonder how the Overlord saw the World through her dark eyes.

“ Sometimes you worry too much, “ the tamer said.

Errol looked at him, surprised.

“ Didn’t you say that it’s the age of humans? “ he pointed out as he looked down at the streets, “ Believe in us. “

The Overlord sighed. She learned a lot over the many moments that she spent in towns, but some concepts still eluded her understanding: love and hope. It didn’t matter. She had forever.

“ Are you going to the Citadel? “ the boy’s voice distracted Errol from her melancholic thoughts.

“ I should, “ was her short reply.

“ Yeah, you should, “ he was worried but Hunter knew that he no longer had a reason to go with her. Even though he had Black Blood, he was still inadept at using it if compared to her or any of her copies.

“ We’ll see, come morning, “ Errol sighed.

The black-haired girl suddenly felt warmth on her back and on her arms as Hunter put his arms around her. She quickly put her arms around her chest, a reflex that resulted from Rina’s skinship. But Hunter merely touched his own arms as he held the girl close, and he rested his chin on her head. He wasn’t sure if she’d hate him for that, but the tamer wasn’t good with words so he figured that he’d just show her how he felt. Moments passed and the pair just stood there, awash in the colors of the aurora.


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