Chapter VI : Journey Home I

Chapter VI : Journey Home


Vine clashed against vine for Six wasted no moment. She immediately dashed towards Hunter and Errol right when they began to call forth their own weapons. Unsurprisingly, by the time that Six’s fist was in front of Errol’s and Hunter’s face, dark vines managed to stop them, though just barely. It was the first time that Errol had used such a method, and she wasn’t even sure if it worked. It was, after all, the very first time that she transferred her Black Blood to a compatible human. Six backed away when it was apparent that Errol’s shield could take on the force of her attack.

Hunter didn’t say a word, but his heart almost jumped out of his chest. It was due to both excitement and happiness. He’d never been the fighter type, which is why he never aspired to be a guard; but there he was, at par with the Overlord’s doppelgangers. Aside from the capability to actually fight, he also fought by Errol’s side. The tamer’s face turned bright red at this thought, and he barely avoided a cheap slide attack to his left leg.

“ Don’t think about… stuff! “ Errol said.

She was flustered as well. The Overlord had always been used to one-way control such as when she tamed plants, but synchronizing with Hunter was different. He now had Black Blood, which meant that if he willed it, he could control Errol instead. At the moment, his emotions were unchecked and it distracted the Overlord. However, fighting side by side with him was essential for Six’s attacks were…

“ Tch! “ Errol rolled to her left side, and Hunter to his.

It was another narrow dodge. Six decided to throw quick slashes and punches; she knew that Errol could not keep her shield up indefinitely for it would obstruct her view, but at the same time, she acted suspiciously sluggish. Six grinned. Hunter clearly dragged  the Overlord down. The copies had nothing to worry about after all.

“ Seven said… “

“ … that Six could beat Errol. “

“ Seven said… “

“ … Errol is strong. But Errol fights alone. “

Those words struck a chord with Hunter. Alone. What did Errol say earlier? Just leave it to me. He was there but he was… just… there. Errol still fought by herself. He didn’t know what to do; he didn’t know Six. He knew nothing. But that didn’t mean that he should continue doing nothing.

Six moved in again. It was a direct attack like before: Hunter’s attacker had vine scythes around her hands, and Errol’s attacker had vine wrappings around her hands. As the scythes and the fists got closer, Errol got ready to duck… but she couldn’t move. What? She wanted to yell at Hunter, but the boy’s will was stronger. He didn’t even allow her to speak. The attack was almost instantaneous, but to Hunter and Errol’s eyes, time flowed slowly. At the last moment, the boy released his hold over his partner and they were able to dodge the attack; but that hold was removed only for a split second. Hunter resumed control and, using the momentum from the sudden dodge, he put one foot back as the opposite arm formed a fist.


The attack connected to Six’s side and the loud sound was that of a broken rib. Hunter didn’t know that he could be that strong, and Errol didn’t know that he could be that decisive. The Overlord shot a glance over her shoulder when the boy lost his control over her. Six dashed backwards and almost fell over as she grabbed her side.

“ Strong… “

“ Really strong! “

“ And so sudden… “

“ … but how? “

As Six circled cautiously and moved in closer, Errol and Hunter looked at one another for a while, and then they finally nodded. The vines which lingered close to their feet moved up their legs and soon covered their limbs.  No words were spoken, but the pair knew what to. Let’s do this together. That was what they wanted to say.


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