Chapter V : Revelation V

Chapter V : Revelation

“ Dead or Damned “

Linnorm crushed most of the parasites, and their hosts, with just his sheer size and power. Those who got through his defense were taken care of by the humans who ran beside the snake. Puppy, whose wounded leg was almost completely healed, shook off unwanted passengers from time to time as the group made their way to Errol. The tardigrade, through some unknown ability, knew where the girl was and so, he led the way.

But at their destination, the vine dome was slowly giving away due to the weight of attacking hydnorae. They crawled here and there, occasionally stabbing an appendage through the thorns. Within the protected area, Hunter gasped his last few breaths. He tried to calm down so that he would not bleed out, but the wound was deep and fatal. If the long-haired woman’s hand remained a bit longer in his chest, she would have been able to grab the tamer’s heart itself.

Beside the blue-eyed boy, there sat a whimpering, shaking figure. Just a short while earlier, she took on dozens of enemies without breaking a sweat, but at the moment, she was vulnerable and devastated. However, Errol’s sadness was not caused just by the horror of holding a dying person in her arms; it was also caused by the conflict in her mind. She remembered her later days in Impact Cavern when the humans died one by one. Back then, she could do nothing; back then, she was absolutely helpless… but that was back then.

The Overlord felt inexplicably drawn to her General in the Age of the Sun. That was how she found him in the crowd; that was why she appointed him to his role. She could not make sense of what she felt at that time. Practical and completely logical, the Overlord did not understand human emotions. When she returned from Impact Cavern to share the good news about the Mechanism, her citadel was empty. Even the General, who had always been by her side, was gone. Due to blood loss, fatigue and, unbeknownst to her, a broken heart, the Overlord fell asleep for a very long time. When she woke up, her citadel was flooded and she found herself in the middle of the Overlord’s Sea.

As a historian, she was happy; much happier than she had been as the Overlord- though that may have been because she did not know what happiness was back in the Age of the Sun. In her travels, she met many humans until one day, she felt a familiar feeling. A human who looked like her General came into view and at first, she was surprised. Later on, the Overlord, then in the guise of an annoying brat, found out that he was the General’s grandson. Many moments passed and finally, that human died, but Errol kept watch over the General’s descendants. Every now and then, she would feel something familiar from one of them. In the recent moments, it was called blood compatibility by the historians; it was something that gardeners had with specific humans. Gardeners seemed to know whom they were compatible with even before their blood was tested, and there was always just one specific human who was compatible with one specific gardener. The humans had a strange term for it: soul mates.

The General’s descendants always lived in 27 therefore, the Overlord returned to that town every few moments. She remained enigmatic and distant, known merely as “that brat”, but Errol was content with watching humans from afar. She knew that her time with them was over, and that the current Age was theirs. As time passed by without affecting her, Errol noticed that sometimes, the blood compatibility skipped a generation; she did not have that familiar feeling when she first met Xing. But one day, when the sky was purple, she helped a child who was lost at the edge of town. Later on, she found out that he was Xing’s son, Yue Li.

Sand flew through the air as Puppy burst forth from the ground beside his master. He grunted loudly and that was Linnorm’s cue: the snake destroyed the houses around the dome and crushed the vine container itself so that it could kill the remaining hydnorae. It was skillful enough to avoid its allies and when the sand settled down, the old snake spat Thyme and Steel out of its mouth.

“ I can never get used to that… “ the guard grumbled while the farmer laughed at their circumstances.

The shell on the tardigrade’s back opened up and out jumped Rina. She was still unnerved by the amount of blood and gore around them, but what made her gasp in shock was Hunter’s state. The boy’s breathing was erratic and he could barely keep his eyes open. Beside him, there was Errol who held his hands tightly.

“ You can help him… you can do it, right? “ the historian’s pretty green eyes looked up at Linnorm.

She wished for a nod, but the snake looked away. Hunter’s wound was deep and even if it did close up, the human already lost so much blood. At that, Puppy nudged the Overlord as if he was telling her to do something. Errol leaned against the tardigrade’s head, and she sighed.

“ I can save him… “ her voice was a whisper and it sounded as if she was apologetic, “ But he will hate me. “

Hunter chuckled and coughed up more blood.

“ I’d never hate you, “ he assured her.

Errol sighed once more as a single thorny vine sprouted from the sand. It wrapped itself around her forearm until the thorns cut through her skin, spilling Black Blood onto Hunter’s wound and into his body.

“ So be it, “ she whispered and closed her eyes.


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