Chapter V : Revelation II

Chapter V : Revelation

“ Reintroductions“

Deafening silence fell over Town #144 as the unnamed woman stood there, her right hand still on the brown-haired tamer’s neck. Beside the town hall, close to where Thyme and Steel stood, a familiar grey rock dragged itself into view. The rock’s passenger stood on the creature’s back, and they both stared with worried eyes at the scene before them. The farmer and the guard wished that they could turn around to look at that direction; however, the hydnorae which controlled their movement did not allow them to move any part of their body and even speaking was nearly impossible.

“ As I thought, “ the beautiful but cold long-haired woman broke the silence, “ Your pets’ filth made things difficult for my little babies. “

She let go of Hunter’s neck and turned him around so that he faced Rina; his back pressed against his captor’s soft body. The woman then put her arms around the boy’s torso to make sure that he didn’t fall over. Still barely conscious from nearly being asphyxiated, Hunter couldn’t make sense of what was happening. He thought that he was already dead, for he could see a dead person just a short distance away from him.

The familiar black hair swayed every now and then as warm breeze blew through the town. But the large brown which used to hide most of that black hair was no longer present. Instead, goggles kept the shiny black strands in place. With nothing over them, the figure’s black eyes could be clearly seen, and they had subtle fierceness behind them. Though of short stature, the lack of a cloak revealed that the little one’s body wasn’t exactly child-like. Beyond the tattered shirt and the ripped pants, Rina thought that she saw a few curves here and there. However, some of the exposed parts had thick, tight bandages; even the arms which lacked any sleeves or gloves were tightly wrapped by white strips of cloth.

“ Stay still, “ said the one who was thought to be dead.

“ Tch~ you think I’d listen to you?! “ Hunter’s captor exclaimed as she slowly backed away with the tamer in tow.

However, Rina knew that those words weren’t for the long-haired woman; those words, Stay still, were for her. The hydnora inched closer towards her and she was sure that if she tried to run away, it would leap onto her head. The presence of the snap dragon, which seemed to be the parasite’s host before it transferred to humans, was equally intimidating. The small, parasitic plant leaned back and as it did so, the grey rock grunted; when the hydnora jumped towards the blonde girl, the tardigrade spat out a sizable ball of saliva and it hit the parasite midair. At that, Rina ran towards the grey rock and embraced its cheerfully grunting head.

“ Puppy!  “ she kissed the creature’s forehead, then the girl looked up at its passenger, “ We thought you were… “

The black-haired figure smiled at her warmly.

“ It’s good to see you again, Errol, “ Rina smiled back.


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