Chapter IV : 144 VIII

Chapter IV : 144

“ Conclusion “

When Hunter opened his eyes, Rina’s face was the first thing that came into view. He almost yelled, for it seemed as if she had been staring at him for the longest time as she sat there by his side.

“ I figured it out! “ she excitedly screamed right at his face.

“ Okay but… can you back off a bit? “ the tamer asked his friend.

No matter how pretty the blonde was, waking up to someone’s face THAT close was still nightmare-ish, and in his half-asleep state, he wanted to make sure that he was not having a nightmare. However, it reminded him of how lucky he was; Hunter heard, from Rina of course, that in the Age of the Sun, people usually did not have dreams or nightmares. Only a few humans and the Overlord herself experienced the phenomenon called dreaming.

“ Look at this, and this, and this! “ Rina pointed at the writings in her history book which she shoved into Hunter’s hands, “ See? “

The tamer sat up and tried to make sense of what the historian showed to him, but her handwriting was horrible.

“ You know that I can’t… the way that you write… “ he sleepily said.

“ Oh, you! “ the emerald-eyed blonde grabbed her book.

Rina pointed out one of the excerpts from the Overlord’s diary.

“ She wrote that she liked how her hair shielded her from the sun, “ she began, “ Because it was the darkest color. That means, the Overlord had black hair, just like that woman! “

The girl hurriedly turned to another page and pointed at it too.

“ She disliked how her skin never got any darker, and that it made her stand out, “ Rina said, “ And it was the palest color, like someone who was ill and had not gotten out of their house for ages… just like that woman too! “

“ Where are you going with this? We already established that the woman is… “ Hunter yawned before he could continue.

“ That woman can also manipulate plants and even create them out of thin air. She’s definitely the one who has been keeping 144 like this but… “ Rina paused, “ … did you see any animals? “

The tamer was puzzled.

“ Huh? Animals? “ he asked, “ What does that have to do with the Overlord? “

“ I read Steel’s journal. He only wrote about the plants along the street. And I read your journal. The last entry was that line about Linnorm, “ Rina then took out a neat drawing of 27’s layout, “ All towns look like this, only with minor differences. But 144… “

“ … isn’t like this, “ Hunter finished her sentence, “ There are no markets, not patches, no library… just houses and the town hall. “

“ According to her diary, the Overlord was very fond of animals. She kept them close to her and preferred their company. Even if there was no vegetable patch here, the Overlord should have kept animals in farms. And that black rose… “ Rina took out the flower that the woman gave to her, “ … in her diary, the black rose never withers. “

The historian held up the withered blossom which Hunter took in his hand. Before he could speak though, a sharp pain pierced the back of his head.

“ OW! “ the tamer almost fell over; the inside of his skull felt as if it would explode, “ I think I overslept… my head hurts now. But… Rina, you’re saying that… “

“ That woman, she’s not the Overlord. I made a mistake… “ the historian admitted as she rubbed her friend’s back, “ I got your hopes up. “

“ If she’s not the Overlord, then who is she? To keep so many plants alive, I’ve never heard of a gardener who could do that, “ Hunter’s headache subsided as he spoke, “ And where are the others? “

Only then did the two notice that the room, no, the town hall was completely empty if not for their presence. Rina, both confused and afraid, took the tamer’s hand as they walked down the stairs and headed outside.


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