Chapter IV : 144 V

Chapter IV : 144

“ The Search Ends “

Rina furiously wrote short passages and notes in her history book. The humans from 27 were invited into the town hall and they had been there for a while due to the historian’s insistence that she must write everything down. Unlike their town where travelers were invited into houses, 144’s town hall accommodated the town’s guests. 27’s town hall was wider than 144’s, but the latter had more floors. Steel busily checked their belongings when the group arrived at their room on the second floor. There were no beds, but they were given soft grass mats which were more comfortable than wooly jackets.

Two crystal windows allowed them to look out from their room. Once their bags were neatly tucked into one corner of the room, Thyme looked out the window and the first thing that he noticed was the group of people around the black-haired woman. It seemed as if she noticed him, for the woman looked up and smiled at the guard’s direction.

“ Is that really her? “ Thyme backed away from the window and sat down beside his fiancée.

The historian did not reply. She was still focused on writing down her notes; occasionally, she turned the pages and referred to older notes, but she never talked. Steel walked over to Hunter who had been examining Errol’s knife again.

“ How about you? Do you think it’s her? “ the farmer paused as he sat down beside the much younger human, “ The Overlord? “

When Rina walked up to the woman earlier, she neither denied nor confirmed that she was the Overlord. The black-haired lady merely smiled at the historian, and offered the single black rose to her. The blonde enthusiastically took the rose back then and she ran to the group. Rina spoke too fast at that point, and no one could understand what she was saying. Steel’s old friend Ochre then took them to the town’s Keeper, an aged little lady named Gabriela, who told the travelers about 144’s arrangement for humans from other towns. Apparently, each family already took in many travelers before; therefore their own houses were crowded.

“ Based on what we know about the Overlord, it seems to be her, “ Hunter replied.

There was some common knowledge about the being that helped the planet survive through the Age of the Sun. First of all, she was a she. The Overlord had always been referred to as female. Second, she had Black Blood. At that point, they had not seen the color of the woman’s blood yet, but there were other details that did match the Overlord’s description. Third, she could make plants grow anywhere. The presence of grass in the desert was proof of that. Normally, grass would become poisonous on inhospitable soil such as sand, but the grass which grew in 144 was soft and sweet-smelling. Fourth, she was able to make plants grow without any source such as saplings or seeds. The rose which blossomed in the woman’s empty hand was proof of that. And lastly, a piece of information that only historians, farmers and gardeners knew…

“ The black rose, “ the farmer remembered, “ Even in ancient Earth, black roses were mythical. But in the Overlord’s diary, she drew such a plant. It was tame and beautiful. I think that woman is the Overlord. “

“ You just answered your own question, “ Hunter pointed out.

“ I know. But I was asking about what you thought, “ Steel laughed and clapped his large hand against the tamer’s back.

For a moment, the room was quiet as Rina continued to write in her book.

“ So that’s it then. We found her, “ Thyme spoke up and broke the silence, “ What now? “


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