Chapter IV : 144 I

Chapter IV : 144

“ Passers-by “

Puppy continued to run at full speed but he allowed the humans to get out of his back. The tardigrade did not feel comfortable with so many passengers under his shell. He was only used to Errol, who occasionally went to sleep in his back but even then, Puppy felt uncomfortable. As for the humans, they looked at the direction where they came from yet there was nothing but an endless expanse of sand. When they looked forward, there was nothing but sand as well. Their journey continued even as the sun began to set once again to make way for a moment without sunlight, an occurrence which humans referred to as “night”.

“ Hunter, “ his blonde friend tugged at the tamer’s sleeve, “ Are you still angry at Thyme? “

There came no reply. The brown-haired boy busied himself with a thorough examination of Errol’s knife. There was no sound aside from the wind that brushed against their ears.

“ Honestly I… “ the seasoned farmed broke the silence, “ I was completely unprepared for this. “

The younger humans looked up at his sullen face as they all sat on the tardigrade’s closed shell.

“ I didn’t think that we would end up in the desert, “ Steel continued, “ And I have not seen a single drop of Black Blood ever since we came out of the forest. “

Rina blinked just then, as if the farmer brought up a very interesting topic.

“ But… I don’t think that Errol was misleading us, “ the farmer pointed out, “ I think he definitely knew where we should be going. We should have trusted him. “

“ Trust huh… “ Thyme muttered, “ What will we do now? Our guide’s dead. “

His fiancée gasped. It was as if no one wanted to say it out loud. No one wanted to bring up that topic, but the guard said it so easily and that almost earned him another punch to the face. But suddenly-

“ A town! “ Rina pointed to bright lights in the distance.

It seemed to be a lively place that was much bigger than 135. The historian hurriedly pulled out her map and looked up at the stars which had just begun to appear in the sky.

“ It’s the last town- “ she excitedly said, “ 144! “

The humans waited for Puppy to slow down or to change his direction, but the tardigrade kept moving forward.

“ Aren’t we supposed to go there? “ the girl was the only one who dared to speak to the tardigrade, “ Puppy, is Linnorm a place or a person? “

The grey extremophile merely grunted. He seemed to know exactly what he should be doing, therefore, not even the defiant guard attempted to question Puppy’s actions. The sun continued to set in the east and soon, its bright face disappeared completely below the horizon.


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