Chapter III : The Desert Beyond VI

Chapter III : The Desert Beyond

“ Blue Blood “

“ How the heck is it doing that?! “ Thyme yelled as he looked back at the acacia.

Puppy ran at top speed, but the tree seemed to be getting closer.

“ It bends its trunk- “ Steel began to explain.

The tree did just that while the farmer spoke and once its branches almost reached the ground, the trunk straightened up. The force of that maneuver resulted in a very powerful leap which allowed the ten-meter high tree to quickly cover short distances. They had a head start when the acacia was still held back by the narrowness of the town’s streets, but now that they were in the open desert, the tree seemed to be getting close- and fast.

“ We’re too heavy… “ the farmer pointed out as he looked down at Puppy who was focused on moving forward, “ I’m sure that he can go faster if you guys lost extra baggage. “

“ Eh? But what about our food and water? “ Rina asked, oblivious to what Steel meant.

Errol grabbed the farmer’s hand and held it down firmly.

“ I told you already, “ the guide said, “ You will complete this journey. “

Steel looked at the historian. His eyes lit up as held tightly onto Puppy’s shell.

“ KYAA~! “ the blonde girl screamed when she almost fell off the tardigrade.

Puppy swerved suddenly to the right side. The humans didn’t notice that the acacia was now right behind them, and it just narrowly missed their group due to the tardigrade’s quick reaction. Thyme put an arm around the girl and held her down as he grasped the divisions of their mount’s armor. A swerve to the left followed, but it was not as sudden as the first one and they also managed to avoid the bloody thorn tree’s grasp.

The acacia prepared to jump again and Errol was almost sure that the tardigrade could dodge once more, but then, they were almost propelled forward by a sudden halt. A hollow, deafening cry echoed through the desert as Puppy screamed due to an unfamiliar sensation. One of the acacia’s thorns pierced his left hind leg and his dark blue blood spilled onto the sand.

“ He’s hit! “ Thyme looked at the wound, “ We have to do something! “

“ Just hold on, “ Errol said and the humans complied without any complaints, “ Forward! “

The tardigrade grunted and ripped his leg from the acacia’s thorn. He then began to run forward as if nothing happened.

“ He’s bleeding! “ Rina cried as she held tightly onto the creature’s shell, “ Oh, Puppy… “


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