Chapter II : The Oak Forest II

Chapter II : The Oak Forest

“ Hunted “

 While Errol led the group of humans through the Oak Forest, a lone figure unknowingly made its way towards them. During daybreak, when humans were just waking up, plants and animals were already on the prowl. Most of them were opportunistic, taking advantage of the time when larger creatures were still asleep. Dodder, which found it difficult to move around when the sun was at its apex, slowly slithered across oak trees to find unsuspecting prey. It flung itself from the branches of an oak branch right onto the thin body of the lone figure.

The forest fell silent as some animals watched the struggle between the dodder and its prey. It was a short battle where the tentacle plant tried to release as much of its toxins and acids to melt its supposed victim. However, the dodder was overconfident. With one strong pull, its target dragged the offending plant down to the ground where it laid helpless, unable to slither on loose soil. The lone figure trampled on the hungry dodder which would soon shrivel and die, or be food for other hungry plants or animals.

After that brief encounter with an overconfident dodder, the lone figure walked forward. Suddenly, it stopped and raised its heavy, green tentacles which twitched towards a specific direction. The creature’s mouth, if one could call it that, began to drool. It picked up the scent of its favorite prey. Few of those ever ventured into the oak forest, and this was an opportunity that the creature would not pass up. It was an opportunity to feed on humans.

With its arachnid-like legs that could stab its ends onto anything, for balance and stability, the lone creature ran forward. Its size was average, just around a regular human’s, but it was agile and could walk or run. Beautiful and adored before the Age of the Sun, this creature was now considered beautiful only from afar. And by “afar”, that means “preferably on the far side of the forest”. It ran at full speed towards its prey while it used its tentacles to clear its way and soon, it got close enough to the group of humans. The sunflower let out a screechy sound of utter madness; the hunter jumped and aimed for the human who was, ironically, named Hunter.

The young man heard the screech and he managed to turn just in time to see the creature. Beautiful yellow petals, a drooling, fanged mouth, sharp legs and two powerful tentacles, the Sunflower was truly a sight to behold.


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