The ancient Earth no longer exists. The planet was nearly reduced to a wasteland, but nature and mankind persevered. Animals and plants naturally evolved but their numbers still dwindled; humans survived and continued to outnumber animals. Religion, science, tradition- these were discontinued. Humans became more practical.

This is the age when humans learned to coexist with nature. No man or woman is inferior; every life, occupation, ability is important. Humans learned to value each day, or as they now call it, “a moment with sunlight”. They are curious about the past, but they are more concerned about the future.

This is the age when two-thirds of the planet is a vast desert. A forest occupies the surface which used to be the Pacific Ocean. There are no more oceans, just two separate seas around which humans have gathered in their Towns.

This is the age when wolves lived in volcanoes, when porcupines are  larger than cows, when sunflowers are greatly feared.

This is the age of The World.


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