Allods Online PH : The Highest Art of Alchemy

As of Patch 3.02 – Allods Online Philippines [League]

Quest Name: The Highest Art of Alchemy

Required Alchemy Level: 51
Taken from: Alchemy NPC

What to do:

  1. Kill level 46 or higher mobs. Specific types are needed: Undead, Demon, Elemental and Beast.
  2. Use the extractor on the dead mob (press Z beside it).
  3. A bundle of energy will appear. Kill it. You cannot use the extractor until that bundle is killed.
  4. Once 24 of each kind of energy have been extracted, use the Flasks to turn them into Iridescence Solution.
  5. The quest will be completed once you create four Iridescence Solutions.

Mob Types and Suggested Maps:

  • Undead (Bundle of Deadly Energy) – Wandering Isle
  • Demon (Bundle of Elemental Energy) – Twilight Isle, Cradle
  • Elemental (Bundle of Elemental Energy) – Kingdom of Elements, Frontier Outpost, Cradle
  • Beast (Bundle of Living Energy) – Frontier Outpost

These are bound because they are quest items.

  • One (1) Chromatite
  • Four (4) Iridescence Solution

One Chromatite and four Iridescence Solutions can be used to create Amalgam Concentration, a trade-able potion which will yield three (3) Amalgams if combined with Caustic Solution from the Upgrading NPC.





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