Allods Online PH: Herb and Alchemy Guide ( image-heavy! )

For older versions: Old Alchemy Guide for Patch 2.06

As of Patch 3.02 – Allods Online Philippines [League]

Update! Added link to “Highest Art of Alchemy” (amalgam concentrate materials) quest.

This guide was created through the effort of the players Dindeen (me) and Primo, and also with the help of Rebellion guildmates Hiraizumi, Naqada and Silentfury.

Major changes from 2.06 to 3.02:

  • Herbalism and Alchemy have been combined into one profession: Alchemy.
  • The Herbalism and Alchemy NPCs sell the same items.
  • The Dehydration agent can only be found in the Sparkling Essence herb which is an Astral-Allod-only drop.
  • Alchemy is much more difficult. Even at Alchemy Level 51, there is a high chance of failure when brewing potions.
  • To increase the chances of successful brewing, the Alchemist’s mortar must be upgraded by using the appropriate items (see NPC shop items list). To upgrade a mortar, right-click the appropriate item and click the mortar.
  • Alchemy can create amalgam. The required items can only be obtained from “The Highest Art of Alchemy” quest.

Best viewed on a separate tab or window

Catalyst Agent Icon List

(see names below)

From left to right: Tear Aspect, Aspect of Coupling, Crimson Aspect, Aquamarine Aspect, Azure Aspect

Herb Agent Icon List

Herb Agent and Location Chart

Note: The herb locations on this chart will be updated if I find other herbs in these maps.

Best viewed on a separate tab or window

Potion List

– Heal and Regeneration –

  • Concentration – energy regeneration
  • Healing – heals life (HP)
  • Last Chance – restores HP when it drops to a certain %
  • Magical Power – restores mana
  • Restoration – heals life and restores mana

– Stat Buffs –

  • Acrobat – expertise
  • Augur – perception
  • Barbarian – strength
  • Believer- conviction
  • Butcher – rage
  • Guardian – stamina
  • Hunter – endurance
  • Illusionist – agility
  • Marksman -finesse
  • Monk – wisdom
  • Sorcerer – faith
  • Stargazer – intelligence
  • Thinker – willpower
  • Trickster – luck

– Movespeed Buffs –

  • Courier – combat
  • Marathoner – non-combat
  • Speed – non-combat

– Buffs and Shields –

  • Antidote – dispel poison debuff
  • Astral Vision – see invisible targets
  • Destruction – increase damage of spells (adds astral damage)
  • Divine Protection – absorbs astral, holy and shadow
  • Elemental Protection – absorbs frost, fire, lightning
  • Invisibility – turn invisible ( unstable ! )
  • Magical Armor – absorbs physical damage
  • Purity – absorb poison, acid, disease
  • Stain Remover – quest item ( unstable if consumed! )
  • Transformation – transform to an animal

– Debuffs –

  • Barren Flowers – damage and Blind
  • Cursed Potion of Midas – turn living creatures to gold
  • Haze – damage and less movespeed
  • Hemlock – Unbearable Pain debuff
  • Liquid Flame – fire damage AOE
  • Negation – dispel one positive buff on target
  • Poison – inflicts damage over time
  • Poisonous Cloud – poison damage AOE
  • Stingroot – acid damage
  • Strangleroot – silence

– Amalgam Concentrate –

This is a unique potion that requires unique agents.

One Chromatite and four Iridescence Solutions

Potion Recipe List

– end –


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